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DIJIA Beauty: Lip Gloss, Lipstick, and Eyeliner for a Glamorous Look


DIJIA(缔葭), a brand under Hangzhou Fangrong Information Technology Co., Ltd., focuses on cosmetic products such as sleeping silkworm pens (colored eyeliner pens), mascara primer (colored mascara), blush, and lip gloss.

Brand Philosophy: In the early stages of development, DIJIA established a product design philosophy of “modern abstract illustration style X urban elements X versatile colors.” The iconic abstract illustration covers of the products integrate urban elements with modern and fashionable aesthetics.

Product Positioning: Targeting the main consumer groups of post-90s and post-95s, the brand promotes and covers platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, Kuaishou, and Douyin. Currently, the primary sales channels are Tmall, Taobao C stores, and WowColor makeup collection stores, with plans to expand to more online and offline channels in the future.

DIJIA Beauty Lip Gloss

DIJIA Bo Bo Moisturizing Lip Oil

The brush has a silicone head. Layering the lipstick looks really beautiful, especially when I layer lip mud. It instantly makes fine lines disappear and blends seamlessly.

It feels like it’s not just sitting on top but actually merging with the lip mud. This might be similar to mixing foundation with essential oils.

In any case, whether applied alone or layered, it performs well as a lip oil, and it offers good value for money.

When layering, the silicone brush may pick up some lipstick, but if you mind, you can easily clean it by pressing a tissue against the silicone head. It becomes clean in an instant.

A little reminder⭐ is that it’s just a lip oil, solely a lip oil!! Expecting it not to transfer or fade is not realistic.

Suitable for those looking for an affordable lip oil.

DIJIA Beauty Lipstick

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DIJIA Matte Lip Glaze

F01 Shade: A nude makeup sensation with a peachy-pink undertone. The deep hue is perfect for correcting and concealing, especially in the colder months. The creamy and silky texture sets lightly after application.

S01 Almond Powder: Delicately thin and doesn’t emphasize lip lines. Universally flattering, it neutralizes and brightens dark or dull lip tones. Ideal for a natural look.

S02 Cinnamon Latte: A thin layer of this soft latte shade, with low saturation, is perfect for the working professional’s daily makeup routine. It subtly enhances complexion, suitable for everyday wear.

S03 Ideal for olive-toned skin, this low-saturation, ashy rose shade gives off a cool and sophisticated vibe, reminiscent of a subtle grayish-pink smokey eye.

S04 Vintage Wine: A retro burgundy shade that exudes a rich and affluent aura. Layering it creates a pale and aristocratic appeal, perfect for a luxurious touch.

DIJIA Beauty Eyeliner

Ultra-fine tip, ideal for drawing lower lashes, creating a subtle sleeping silkworm effect, and achieving the trendy eyeliner look popular on platforms like Douyin.

W003 A natural black shade perfect for eyeliner application, offering a smooth and effortless experience.

W004 A naturally brown hue that is well-suited for defining lower lashes.

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