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Best in UKISS Makeup: Mascara, Primer, Powder, and More!


UKiss is a Chinese beauty brand, also known as 悠珂思 in Chinese. It’s registered under Nanjing Xiayue Trading Co., Ltd.

Some popular products include their eyelash primer, cost-effective lip tint, and finely textured loose powder with good results.💪


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For girls who struggle with applying false eyelashes, this one’s for you! Perfect for daily use, it stays intact all day long!

Some girls mentioned that it doesn’t curl after applying. The trick is to use an eyelash curler first, then apply the primer for a lasting effect!

After using the primer, apply another coat of mascara for even better results.

This not only enhances the effect but also helps combat any discoloration caused by airborne dust.


This mascara works best when paired with an eyelash primer. When applied alone, the formula doesn’t hold my lashes up well, and I notice them starting to droop within an hour.

Additionally, the formula doesn’t provide much length or volume.

In person, it feels smaller than what is seen in the pictures.


The UKISS Little Jelly Loose Powder is a must-have for oil control and a radiant complexion, perfect for your everyday work makeup. The powder has an incredibly fine texture, making it ideal for daily use.

For those with oily skin, go for the Little Blue Jelly, and if you have dry skin, the Little Pink Jelly is the way to go.

The C02 Ice-Blue and W03 Micro-Glow are two uniquely colored options! Both have a perfect low-saturation effect, just right!

These powders not only control oil but also have special tint options. They’re perfectly balanced with low saturation, helping neutralize any yellow undertones, giving your complexion a translucent and noticeably brightened effect.

As someone with warm-toned skin, I absolutely love them!

Other Popular Powder Among Chinese Girls😍
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  1. Doesn’t transfer to the mask once it’s dry.
  2. Not too picky about the condition of your lips.
  3. Good for color correction; I may not always use it when wearing makeup, but it has its place in my bare-faced routine (especially W03, love it).


  1. The color difference might not be very noticeable on the hand, but after some time on the lips, there’s a slight oxidation. Personally, I think the color post-oxidation is still acceptable.
  2. Doesn’t live up to the exaggerated claims; there’s a slight, but not as much, cupping when lips touch water. It’s less than other lip glosses, but not completely absent.


The Ukiss little pink bottle is quite tempting, full of girlish charm. The spray nozzle design is also excellent, delivering a true “mist” without worrying about ruining your makeup.

However, after using it, I didn’t notice much difference; the experience may vary based on individual skin types.

Check out the complete product line review on the ChinaBoss YouTube channel! 👀

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