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Toorune Lipstick: Shades To Slay Every Occasion

Toorune is a niche beauty brand in China that many people consider as an affordable alternative to popular lipsticks like MAC and YSL.

Its lipstick product line has also gained popularity in the United States due to its attractive pricing, exquisite packaging, and impressive performance.

With such affordable prices, stylish packaging, and good product quality, it’s perfect for creating a Chinese-style makeup look. I couldn’t resist trying it out, and I purchased the most searched colors and models.

In the following, I’ll share my experience and provide links to my purchases. Additionally, I’ll recommend other popular Chinese brands with similar price points that excel in lip products. (PINK BEAR, FLORTTE, JUDYDOLL)

I bought all my items from Chic Decent, which is where I source most of my C-beauty review products. I highly recommend it 👍

Toorune Brand

The Toorune 肽润 brand was founded on May 5, 2011, and is owned by Guangzhou Levo Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Toorune Review

When I found myself a bit overwhelmed by the concepts of lip tint, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm, I did some research and organized the information into the table below to help you choose the most suitable type and shade for yourself.

AspectLipstickLip TintLip GlossLip Balm
PurposeAdd ColorNatural TintAdd ShineMoisturize/Protect
TextureOpaqueSheer & LightweightThick & GlossyEmollient & Soothing
IngredientsPigments, Waxes, OilsWater-Based, Less WaxOils, PolymersBeeswax, Shea Butter, Oils
FinishMatte, Satin, GlossyMatte or SatinHigh-Shine, GlossyNatural or Matte
Color IntensityIntenseSheerSheer to PigmentedTransparent or Tinted
LongevityLong-LastingLong-Lasting StainModerateShort-Lasting, Reapplication Needed
Primary UseAdd Vibrant ColorProvide a TintAdd Gloss & ShineHydrate & Protect Lips

Toorune Lipstick

The TOORUNE MAGIC GARDEN LIPSTICK is impressive when it comes to color payoff, surpassing the texture of regular lipsticks. It bears a resemblance to MAC’s Sheen Supreme series. If you have any dry or flaky skin on your lips, it’s a good idea to apply some lip balm first for smoother application.

What sets TOORUNE apart is its adorable zoo-themed packaging design, and the use of eco-friendly paper packaging is a big plus for me.

Personally, I’m a fan of the shade R05; it really stands out and complements my look. However, if you’re particularly concerned about color intensity, R04 might be a more suitable choice as it offers even better pigmentation.

Toorune Lip Gloss 663


This lip product gives my lips a beautiful glossy finish when first applied, and after a few seconds, it transforms into a more natural, semi-matte look. It sets quickly and doesn’t easily smudge or fade throughout the day.

I particularly love the shade 663, as it has a subtle hint of brown that complements the warm tones of early autumn and the trendy Meralde color scheme of this year. It has a delicate peachy scent, which is just the kind of fragrance I prefer.

Even after 5 minutes, my lips still maintain a slight hydrated feeling, which adds to the overall comfort.

Toorune Lip Gloss W06

This lip gloss is incredibly versatile and complements all lip colors, making it perfect for everyday makeup. It’s compact and fits easily in your purse without taking up much space. The adorable packaging is an absolute delight, and it even comes with a silicone applicator, which is a charming bonus.

Using it feels like a trip down memory lane to my youthful days, and it’s super hydrating for the lips, leaving them with a glossy, mirror-like finish. I’ve even experimented with using it as a cheek blush, and the results were surprisingly fantastic. If you’re curious about how to achieve that, I have a tutorial you can check out. (CLICK HERE)

Toorune Magic Garden Reflecting Lipgloss 991

This series has the most adorable packaging, and the little animal logo on the back is the icing on the cake.

  • Shade 991 has a refreshing scent, almost like clear water, which I adore. It works best on lighter lips as it might not cover the color of deeper lips completely, giving a very natural look.
  • Shade 992 leans toward a slightly purple-pink, making it perfect for fair-skinned individuals.
  • As for shade 993, it has a touch of brown, making it ideal for the autumn and winter color palettes. You can close your eyes and go for it.
  • Shade 994 is a rosy red color that’s quite versatile and doesn’t clash with different makeup looks. In fact, it looks even better with a natural, no-makeup makeup style.
  • Shade 995, I believe, has more of a brownish tone, and it’s a great alternative to YSL 205.
  • These lip colors sound like a delightful collection, and it’s wonderful to hear about your experiences with each one!

Toorune Lip Balm 204

The lip balm, shade 204, looks even better in real life compared to the pictures. It suits deeper lip tones well and is perfect for students going for a natural look when heading to school. It’s great for the dry, chilly months of winter and autumn or for those moments when your lips feel like a desert.

Removing it is a breeze – just use a wet tissue. The packaging is incredibly eye-catching, and given the price, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

My blog features the most comprehensive introductions and reviews of Chinese beauty products, covering everything from high-end brands to niche small brands.

You can easily find your favorite brands by searching ON THIS PAGE. If there’s a brand you love that I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment, and I’ll promptly include it.✌

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