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Shedella Makeup Review-The Ultimate Guide

Shedella Makeup Brand

Shedella, also known as 诗蒂娅 in Chinese, is part of Zhejiang Yiwu Limei Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Products are certified by the European EEC and the U.S. FDA, and hold ISO22716 certification.

Products meet SGS and French International Inspection Bureau standards.

They source raw materials from reputable suppliers like Kahl, Suncamical, Cognis, and more.

Before mass production, all ingredients undergo microbiological and heavy metal testing.

Where To Buy Shedella

I love getting my Shedella makeup from Chic Decent. It’s my go-to place, and I even throw in some other C-beauty items with my order.

The whole experience has been pretty awesome so far! 😊

Shedella Eyeshadow Reivew

Shedella Cactus Makeup Palette

The texture is a tiny bit dry and there’s some fallout, but for the price of a cup of bubble tea, I can totally accept it.

The shimmer shades are okay, but the standout is the beautiful red with fine sparkles!

It blends really well, so you can go heavy-handed without worry. Surprisingly, the green is perfect for everyday wear—I even used the darkest shade for a subtle eyeliner look!

Pro tip: Apply with a light hand for best results.

Shedella 601

Just got my hands on Shedella’s Palette 601! It’s this gorgeous blue-purple palette, and guess what?

It’s under 9 bucks! The shimmer is next level sparkly, and the powder blends like a dream. Perfect for makeup newbies looking to play with colors!

Pro tip: Start with a light touch for that flawless finish.

My other recommended palettes with unique design and good quality:✨✨✨

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Shedella Blush

Shades 01-04 bring an expansive burst of color, and I’m absolutely smitten with the blue blush—it’s my on-the-go essential now!

Moving on to 05-09, these hues contract beautifully, especially the subtly tipsy peachy-purple. And here’s the best part: each blush packs a generous 3.4g of product!

08, a gradient blush with a hint of cocoa, imparts a sophisticated vibe—blend it for a chic adzuki bean powder finish.

🍂 Pro tip: Match it with a cinnamon adzuki lip look for a flawless ensemble during the cozy fall and winter seasons.

C-beauty enthusiasts! Swing by my YouTube channel for the freshest product reviews and the hottest Chinese makeup trends.

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