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ColorKey Lipstick Review: A Must-Read for Lipstick Lovers
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ColorKey Lipstick Review: A Must-Read for Lipstick Lovers

If you share my passion for lipsticks, you’ve come to the perfect place. Colorkey has gained immense popularity online and offers a wide range of lipstick products. In this article, I’ve taken it upon myself to try out some of their most popular options and provide you with my honest reviews 💪✨

Colorkey Brand

Colorkey, a dynamic force in China’s beauty industry, burst onto the scene in 2018 with a mission to make beauty accessible to all.

Specializing in lip gloss, Colorkey quickly became a sensation, achieving remarkable success within its first year, amassing over 200 million RMB in revenue.

Notably, during the 2019 Double Eleven shopping event, it sold a staggering 700,000 lip glosses, securing the coveted number one spot in Tmall’s lipstick category.

What sets Colorkey apart is its commitment to affordability, offering a wide range of colors tailored to Chinese consumers, particularly those born after 1995. The brand’s youthful appeal is further reinforced by its partnerships with young celebrity ambassadors and innovative marketing campaigns, such as limited edition sets, adding a touch of excitement to the world of beauty.

Colorkey represents the evolving landscape of Chinese beauty brands, making quality cosmetics accessible to everyone while staying ahead through innovation and cultural relevance.

COLORKEY Lip Gloss Mirror Series

I absolutely love the COLORKEY Lip Plumping Lip Gloss with Moisturizing Formula and High Refractive Index! It’s like a magic wand for my lips. This gloss not only enhances my lip contour but also provides a stunning shine that makes my lips look fuller and healthier.

The Quick Film Forming Technology in this lip gloss is a game-changer! I’ve never experienced such rapid and long-lasting color lock before. With just a few swipes, I can achieve a fuller-looking pout that stays put all day. It’s so easy to apply, and the results are simply amazing.

COLORKEY’s Hydrating Lip Gloss with Macadamia Nut Oil and Geranium Flower Oil has become a staple in my makeup collection. Not only does it provide a beautiful shine, but it also nourishes and hydrates my lips, leaving them feeling soft, smooth, and rosy.

The addition of these natural oils makes all the difference, and I can confidently say that my lips have never looked better. Plus, the Emulsion Water-oil Balance Technology ensures that it’s not sticky on the lips, making it a pleasure to wear. Kudos to COLORKEY for creating such a fantastic product!

This glossy lip plumper is now my go-to product for achieving luscious lips with minimal effort. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and effective lip enhancement solution 👍

(This lipstick is an absolute must-have for achieving the trendy Douyin makeup look, which beautifully enhances your lips for that fuller, irresistible allure. TikTok also made me buy this Derol lipstick, and let me tell you, it truly delivers on the promise of plumper If you’re curious to hear more about my experience with it, you can find my detailed review right here.)

Keep In Mind

One important thing to keep in mind about this product is that a little goes a long way.

You don’t need to apply a thick layer to achieve the desired effect. Start with a small amount and build up if necessary. This not only helps you make the most out of your lip gloss but also ensures a more natural and comfortable feel on your lips.

(Chic Decent is the site to find all C Beauty products, I personally test bought products with no problems and I wrote a review about this site. READ HERE 💪)

COLORKEY Airy Velvet Lip Gloss Lightweight Matte Liquid

I’ve always had trouble with matte tints making my lips look rough, but COLORKEY’s Velvet Matte Lip Gloss is a game-changer. It not only provides an advanced matte makeup effect but also conceals lip wrinkles beautifully. My lips appear smoother, and the color payoff is impressive.

Plus, the unique soft lip brush makes application precise and easy. I can confidently enjoy an elegant and long-lasting matte finish with this lipstick.

The highly pigmented technology and micron-level color factor ensure rich and vibrant colors, while the formula is remarkably moisturizing and non-drying. I love how my lips feel nourished and look stunningly matte at the same time. The best part is that it doesn’t smudge or wear off easily, making it perfect for all-day wear.

Keep In Mind

While this lipstick offers long-lasting wear, it’s advisable to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application, especially if you have dry or chapped lips. This prep will help achieve an even smoother and more comfortable matte finish with COLORKEY’s Velvet Matte Lip Stick. Enjoy the gorgeous results!

COLORKEY Moist Velvet Lip Lacquer Matte Silk Satin Lip Gloss

The innovative Two-phase Emulsification System combines the best of both worlds, blending the smoothness of oil with the refreshing coolness of water. Not only does it provide intense hydration for my lips, but the oil-soluble pigment also ensures that my makeup stays flawless all day long.

The combination of Cross Polymer and Powder, along with the soft-touch technology, creates a highly pigmented liquid lipstick that’s truly exceptional. The unique soft lip brush ensures precise application, making it effortless to achieve that flawless look.

The cross polymer and spherical powder in this lipstick work together seamlessly to provide a high-quality matte makeup experience. The texture is velvety and luxurious, and I appreciate that it doesn’t easily wear off. This lipstick has quickly become my go-to choice for a matte finish that lasts all day without the need for constant touch-ups.

Colorkey currently has 4 popular collaboration collections, namely: Colorkey Pokemon, Colorkey Hello Kitty, Colorkey Cinnamoroll, and Barbie.

While I personally haven’t tried them, but I know you can not find them through amazon. I recommend purchasing these products from safer websites like Aliexpress (I bought stuff from there with no problems.) instead of some shopify stores. Here are the four options:

Collaboration CollectionRecommended Website
Colorkey Pokemon
colorkey pokemon
Check the price
Colorkey Hello Kitty
Check the price
Colorkey Cinnamoroll
Colorkey Cinnamoroll
Check the price
Colorkey Barbie
colorkey barbie
Check the price

In addition to Colorkey’s lipsticks, I’d like to highlight their eyeliners as well. Initially, I purchased them to reach the minimum order for free shipping, but they turned out to be an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

COLORKEY Soft Matte Water Tint

I’m absolutely thrilled with the [COLORKEY Soft Matte Water Tint]. It’s become my go-to lip product.

The matte finish is stunning, and it feels incredibly moisturizing. Unlike some other matte lip products, it’s completely non-sticky. Plus, the color lasts all day, even after eating and drinking.

It’s quick-drying, so there’s no smudging or feathering. And the best part? The color stays true even after blotting with a tissue. This lip tint strikes the perfect balance between moisture and long-lasting color.

The application is a breeze, and the color is soft yet rich, giving my lips a beautiful, natural look. But what sets it apart is the fact that it’s packed with natural botanical ingredients that not only keep my lips moisturized but also help reduce vertical wrinkles. It’s a win-win!

COLORKEY Velvety Mousse Fluffy Lip Mud

My experience with the COLORKEY Velvety Mousse Lip Mud has been nothing short of amazing. The texture of this lip product is like no other I’ve tried before. It’s not a typical liquid, but more like a semi-solid “mud” that feels incredibly smooth and lightweight.

When applied, it creates this soft, misty effect on my lips, giving them a beautifully matte and plump appearance. What’s even better is that it doesn’t dry out my lips, and it stays put for hours without any annoying cup-sticking issues.

I opted for one of the warm sunset shades, and it effortlessly delivers a romantic and free-spirited makeup look. The matte finish it offers doesn’t just hide lip wrinkles but also adds dimension to my lips. It’s impressively long-lasting, and I don’t have to worry about it transferring onto cups. Plus, the included Microbow 10° Fluffy Lip Brush makes application a breeze.

(If you’re a lip mud enthusiast, I highly recommend checking outINTO YOU,” which happens to be the hottest lip mud in mainland China at the moment. I’ve had a positive experience with it myself ✌😊)

COLORKEY Floating Color 24 Hours Longwear Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I’m totally in love with COLORKEY’s Floating Color Longwear Liquid Eyeliner! It’s super durable, doesn’t smudge, and stays put for a whole 24 hours. This eyeliner is like magic; it’s sweat-proof and oil-proof, which means my makeup always looks fresh and fabulous.

The pentagonal design of this eyeliner makes it a breeze to hold and use. Even for someone like me who’s not an expert, the ultra-precise tip brush glides smoothly. I can create a fine and natural line or go bold and dramatic – it’s all up to me. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this eyeliner delivers a perfectly defined finish every time.

I have sensitive eyes, so finding an eyeliner that’s gentle is essential. COLORKEY’s eyeliner not only passed the contact lens safety test but is also incredibly easy to remove with a gentle eye and lip cleanser. It takes just a few seconds to wipe away, and there’s no stress involved. It’s perfect for those of us with sensitive eyes who still want to enjoy gorgeous eye makeup.

Keep In Mind

While this eyeliner is long-lasting, it’s essential to use a good eye and lip cleanser when removing it. This ensures a gentle and stress-free makeup removal process, leaving your eyes feeling comfortable and refreshed.

What Is Colorkey Official Site?

No official website yet but there is official instagram account to look at!


Where is Colorkey from?

It is from China and very popular among young Chinese.

What is colorkey?

Colorkey is a Chinese makeup brand.

Where can I buy Colorkey?

You can find it on Amazon and Aliexpress.

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