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Funny Elves Makeup Review-Foundation and Powder

Funny Elves Cosmetics

Established in 2017, FUNNY ELVES(Chinese name:方里)is a brand with a focus on expert base makeup tailored for the 20-30-year-old Asian female demographic.

Founded in 2019 in collaboration with the former CTO of Estée Lauder, the “Fangli Bionic Lab” specializes in base makeup product research, boasting core technologies like bionic, two-way lock, and photosensitive technologies. Differentiating itself through a dedicated focus on base makeup, the brand aims for a naturally flawless look across its product line.

Additionally, it has developed a real skin texture database and published the “Asian Skin Texture White Paper,” analyzing the diverse base makeup needs of Eurasian populations.

Funny Elves Powder

I’m seriously amazed by the texture of the Funny Elves compact powder—such a gem in domestic beauty products! The sleek mirrored packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comes with a velvet pouch, adding a touch of ceremony.

The makeup effect is stunning, earning applause even from oily skin enthusiasts. The powdery texture is delightful, creating a soft, fuzzy finish on the skin with a one-click soft focus that’s truly impressive.

It works well for both setting and touch-ups, and the colors blend seamlessly with the natural skin tone, making it look way beyond its affordable price of just 10USD+. It’s definitely a budget-friendly beauty powerhouse!

Funny Elves Foundation

If you’re a foundation enthusiast, you might want to explore some noteworthy brands making waves in the Chinese market.

Dive into Uodo, Tom Mark, Kato Kato, and the high-end Chinese brand Maogeping to discover more about their exceptional offerings.

It comes in two variants—one designed for dry and combination skin, and the other tailored for oily skin. It’s an absolute gem for us with oily skin!

Despite being long-lasting, it maintains a refreshing and hydrated feel, delivering a silky and snug finish.

The most remarkable aspect is its natural and enduring makeup look without any dullness—thumbs up!

In the high temperatures of Guangdong, even after wearing it for 7-8 hours, there’s just a minimal 0.5-degree darkening. Truly, it’s a foundation that gets more beautiful as time goes on! 😝

Funny Elves Concealer

It really isn’t effective; it can cover under the eyes, but the shade below lacks coverage and is too dewy, not adhering well to the face—definitely not suitable for oily skin.

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