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Amortals Beauty: All You Need To Know

Amortals Brand:

Established in 2014, Amortals (Chinese name:尔木萄)is an independent designer brand committed to crafting products with a ‘start from the heart’ philosophy, blending light luxury with understated elegance.

From skincare tools to innovative beauty blenders, Amortals has evolved into a benchmark brand in the beauty industry. With a shift to domestic production in 2016, it ventured into cosmetics in 2019, earning accolades in the 2020 Beauty and Art Awards.

Every Amortals product is meticulously developed, ensuring users experience a touch of happiness in their daily lives, embracing Chinese aesthetics and the essence of beauty.

Amortals Korea:

Amortals, initially registered by a Chinese founder in South Korea, eventually returned to the Chinese market. Therefore, it is more accurately classified as a Chinese beauty brand.

Where To Buy Amortals:

Place to BuyDescription
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Amortals Puff:

It is larger, thicker, and softer than ordinary puffs, featuring a 4mm thick material for denser air coverage, preventing powder absorption.

The water drop 💧 tip design ensures thorough coverage on both sides of the nose. Holding it feels softer and more elastic than a marshmallow.

This puff can be used dry, providing better coverage and adherence during makeup application. It even allows foundation to seamlessly blend into your skin pores.

Paired with Amortals setting spray, the entire base makeup becomes smooth, refined, and long-lasting without smudging throughout the day!

Since using it, all other puffs have been left unused. Even previously difficult-to-use foundations have become favorites.

No wonder Amortals’ puff is praised across the internet—it’s not without reason!

Pro Tip:

📣 For dry skin, you can moisten the puff with setting spray before applying makeup for a more adherent and long-lasting finish!

Amortals Concealer:

The three colors cover a wide range, making it beginner-friendly 👍

The application is quite simple too. This concealer palette comes in three colors: yellow, orange, and deep skin tone.

Start by using the orange shade to conceal dark circles, then brighten the tear troughs with the yellow shade. Nobody can tell you have dark circles.

The texture is also incredibly moisturizing. As someone with very dry skin, I can confidently say it doesn’t settle into fine lines at all.

Amortals Makeup Remover:

The makeup remover is a bit weak; each time I remove my makeup, it feels like I’ve removed nothing at all.

I usually wear very light makeup, just using it to remove sunscreen and cushion foundation, occasionally needing to remove eyebrow makeup.

However, the makeup remover’s effectiveness feels lacking. Even though the cotton pad appears relatively clean after using it.

I think this is one product I won’t be repurchasing.

Amortals Cleanser:

Their cleansing solution is also worth praising. Remember the cleaning steps!

Take out the soft puff, dampen it, squeeze some cleaning solution, press and rub with your hands, then rinse thoroughly and air-dry.

A brand new puff is born! Still as soft and plush—doesn’t compromise the feel. The beauty blender and makeup brush follow a similar process.

Amortals Powder:

This loose powder is truly a delight! The texture is so fine that it feels like you’re wearing almost no makeup—natural, adherent, and not mask-like.

When applied, it gives a face that’s free of any powdery sensation. If you’re into a natural makeup look, this is a definite go-to.

However, if you prefer a stronger makeup presence, this might not be the best recommendation for you~

Another well-received powder in China is Florasis Powder.(READ MY EXPERIENCE HERE🧐)

Amortals Blush:

The carved design on both the case and the blush itself looks fantastic! The texture is very fine, and whether it’s the packaging design, details, or color coordination, everything is just so captivating ❤️❤️❤️.

101 is a vibrant orange, reminiscent of Nars Taj Mahal but without shimmer.

102 is a coral with golden flecks. It’s incredibly beautiful, with a touch of golden shimmer in the pink that adds a subtle radiance to the complexion.

103 is a plum shade, uniquely tempting! It’s perfect for achieving that cool and sophisticated European and American makeup look.

104 is a cinnamon powder, very versatile and sexy! Plus, it’s quite affordable!

Another popular blush is Girlcult. Check out my detailed review HERE.

Don’t forget to check my YouTube and TikTok channels, where I share the latest and most popular Chinese makeup products, brands, and trends. 💓

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