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Hexze-My Honest Opinions and Pro Tips

Hexze Makeup

Hexze, also known as Han Xizhen(韩熙贞), is a brand registered by Guangzhou Antai Electronics Co., Ltd. in March 2012 with the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Hexze is known for its affordable prices and is considered a popular choice among the general public.

The brand sources its raw materials from South Korea and collaborates with Korean makeup artists. The design and development of Hexze products are supervised by professional designers and makeup artists, ensuring the products’ fashionability and professionalism.

With years of experience in brand management, Hexze’s makeup products have stood out in the industry, frequently topping the charts on popular beauty platforms such as Taobao.

The brand is especially loved and supported by students and young professionals who appreciate its quality and style.

Wang Ni, the founder of Hexze. She’s the creative force behind the brand!

Hexze Cushion Foundation Review

💖The coverage is decent, perfect for those with minimal imperfections on their face.

💖 The finish is a creamy glow, and I opted for the shade 01 Brightening, which I find just right—no fake whiteness here. It suits those who aren’t too fair.

💖 It holds up well throughout hours of fun and adventure. After several hours, my makeup still looked beautiful, with no noticeable dullness or patchiness.

💖 No breakouts or cakiness to worry about. It feels great on the skin.

Pro Tip:

Ideal for those with few blemishes; it’s not a heavy-duty concealer.

Chinese makeup brands are making amazing cushion foundations that are getting super popular. 
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Hexze Lipstick

The balm is adorned with the phrase “I love you 3000 times” in 7 different languages 💓

#N66 A chestnut date-red-brown that’s a must-have for warm-toned beauties in autumn and winter! Every sister should grab one!

#N95 A deeper brown than N66! Either of these shades will make you look stunning.

#N99 A vibrant sweet persimmon color 🍅, bringing a lively and energetic feel.

#V520 Longing to See You – I’m head over heels for this one! It’s like a sweet and non-picky Thai peach milk tea. A definite choice for a sweet, girl-next-door look!

It even has a delightful chocolate cake flavor~ The texture is moisturizing, and it glides on smoothly without feeling dry at all! 😘

Hexze Lazy Toning Cream

As a dry and warm-toned individual who used to swear by Lancôme’s long-lasting foundation, I recently decided to cut down on expenses. Enter this affordable find!

Applying it does create a noticeable difference compared to foundation; it doesn’t have the same staying power.

However, it’s incredibly convenient to use and blends like a dream. The trick is to apply small amounts multiple times, ensuring your skin is well-hydrated beforehand. Direct application might feel a bit heavy.

I went for the hydrating version, and it truly lives up to its name. It gives a natural finish, not that overly bright, fake look. I haven’t experienced any sensitivity or breakouts.

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