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Hyntoor Lipstick: Must-Have Colors Revealed

Hyntoor Brand

Ever heard of Hyntoor? It’s this awesome makeup brand from China that started in 2019. Guess what’s their star player? Lipstick!

Especially loved by cool young folks. They’ve got lip mud and lip glaze that everyone’s talking about—perfect for students and newbies at work.

Hyntoor Lipstick Review

The Macaron Lip Mud is the star of Hyntoor’s lineup! These lip muds take their colors from the macaron palette.

Among the myriad of colors in the Macaron Lip Mud lineup, today, let’s focus on the newly released and highly popular pink series.

Hyntoor Lipstick 101

101 is a sweet honey apricot pink for the outgoing beauties.

Hyntoor Lipstick 102

102 is a milk lychee pink for those with a classy vibe.

Personally, I love both colors! Hyntoor keeps it pocket-friendly, so why not grab both at once?

(This series can be only found on Aliexpress so far.)

Other Top Chinese Lipstick Brands

Chinese BrandWhy You Can’t Miss It
Flower Knows🌺 Impossible to say No to their uniquely captivating and eye-catching packaging.
Colorkey🎨 Simply Good: A straightforward choice for excellent lip products. Easily accessible on Amazon for your beauty needs.
Into You💄 Lip Mud Pioneer: Known as the originator of lip mud, offering a classic and timeless option for lip enthusiasts.

Hyntoor Lipstick Swatches/Shades

Hyntoor Lipstick Airy Beige

Airy Beige belongs to the Zero Makeup Look Glossy Lip Glaze series—no cup stains, non-sticky, with a noticeable glossy finish.

It highlights the natural, nude makeup look, allowing you to effortlessly be your authentic and simple beautiful self.

You can find this color along with other colors and many more lipstick series from Hyntoor on Chic Decent.

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