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Thyra Makeup Review on Lip Oil, Eyeshadow and Highlighter

Thyra Makeup

Thyra(昙雅), a Chinese beauty brand, specializes in the professional production and sale of lip balms, three-color eyeshadows, transparent lip glosses, and more, with their lip oils being the most popular among their offerings.

Thyra Lip Oil

Just snagged all four shades of Tamya’s latest lip oils, and let me tell you, they’re a game-changer!

First up, C01 is this peachy dream with a subtle fruity kick. The lip oil texture is so hydrating, giving off a juicy, glossy finish that’s perfect for a fresh look.

Now, onto C02, it’s become my absolute favorite with its playful milk tea hue. Just swipe it on, blend the edges for that laid-back vibe, and you’re good to go.

C03 is a sweet strawberry delight, and wearing it alone gives off this beautiful summer vibe.

Lastly, C04, with its shimmer, is a richer shade than the milky tea one, and the water-shine effect is on point.

Pro tip: These lip oils are not super long-lasting, but the versatility is worth it.

My top pick? Definitely C02 for that effortlessly chic look. Whether you go for a single layer or stack them up, it’s all about personal choice! Enjoy experimenting!

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Thyra Highlighter

This highlighter is compact and portable, super radiant.

The first time I applied it, I was amazed—it has this color-shifting effect, appearing blue-purple from one angle and green-yellow from another.

It’s a great value for money and perfect for beginners.

Thyra Mini Y2K Tri-Color Eyeshadow

Adorable alert! Mini versions of things are just irresistibly cute! Tamya’s eyeshadow collection in mini size is truly outstanding. They look like cookies.

I swatched the first six shades 🥰, and my top picks are 01 and 02, perfect for reducing puffy eyes. The matte texture is incredibly fine, the pigmentation is on point, and the blendability is impressive.

You can effortlessly blend it with your fingertips 👌🏻. The shimmer shades have this soft, creamy texture, delivering a super sparkly and finely detailed finish.

Pro tip: 01 and 02 work wonders for those tired eyes, giving them an instant boost!

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