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Out of Office Makeup Must-Haves

Out of Office Makeup Brand

OUT OF OFFICE (OOO) is a cosmetics brand under Shanghai O Ye Cosmetics Co., Ltd., established in 2019 in Shanghai. Chinese name: 哦野.

Understanding the makeup needs of consumers, the brand develops makeup products suitable for various life situations, making makeup easy and accessible.

OOO aims to provide beauty solutions, helping consumers discover their personalized approach to makeup.

Star products include liquid eyeshadow, highlighter, and lip liners.

Out of Office Contour

Lots Chinese beauty bloggers use this contour to create the Mailard Makeup Look this winter.🔥

The Out of Office liquid highlighter and contour sticks come in a sleek, rainbow-plated design that looks and feels classy, revealing different colors under various lights.

The texture is quite hydrating, preventing any dryness, and my go-to application is to dab it on my hand and then use a brush to apply on my face, ensuring a controlled amount for a natural nose shadow.

The contour stick has a cool-toned, non-reddish shade, creating a natural shadow for nose contour or under the jawline. The highlighter adds a glossy finish, brightening the nose bridge and face subtly without looking too white, giving a lifted effect.

Personally, it seamlessly blends with foundation, avoiding any cakey or peeling issues, and even after long wear, it stays put and resists oiliness, maintaining its position without smudging.

The refractive factors inside also help control excessive shine for oily skin.

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Out of Office Concealer

I recently discovered the Out of Office Dual-Ended Concealer, and it’s a game-changer! It’s hydrating, doesn’t settle into fine lines, provides excellent coverage, and stays bright without darkening throughout the day.

With just one stick, it effortlessly tackles all my concealing needs, and it’s super convenient for on-the-go touch-ups.

Here’s how I use it:

1️⃣ Apply the orange shade on dark circles and blend it out with the rounded tip.

2️⃣ Use the beige shade to precisely brighten the tear trough area, blending it out in a small, targeted application.

Out of Office Eyeshadow

Out of Office Liquid Eyeshadow Eiffel Tower

It’s been years since I bought liquid eyeshadows, and I didn’t expect them to have evolved so much. I picked up four popular shades from the Out of Office brand, and surprisingly, none of them disappointed.

The colors are all in the low-saturation Mauve range, giving a versatile and easy-to-match look.

Shade “Eiffel Tower” is a beautifully pure shade with subtle shimmer, painting on incredibly gently. It’s perfect for a subtle everyday makeup look.

For my everyday makeup, I often go for a combination of Bond Street for a widespread blend and Mogao to deepen the outer corners.

I’m not a professional beauty blogger, but I thought I’d share some swatches for reference. They might not be super fancy, but at least they’re real, right?

Out of Office Lip Liner Review

Out of Office Lip Liner Swatches

Out of Office Dual-ended Lip Sculpting Pen

Using lip liner can shape your lips beautifully, but it can be a hassle to touch up after eating when you have to carry a bunch of products.

The new Dual-ended Lip Sculpting Pen from OUTOFOFFICE is the perfect solution to this problem.

It’s super versatile, allowing you to outline your lips and fill in color with ease, making it a breeze to achieve that cute, pouty lip look.

I got the LP706 Burgundy Rose shade this time, perfect for pairing with winter coats and giving a radiant complexion.

New Product-Out of Office Liquid Blush

RM01 Tender Pink: A creamy nude pink perfect for cool-toned fair skin, adding a radiant fullness to the face.

RM02 Soft Apricot: A gentle and versatile creamy apricot shade that complements all skin tones.

RM03 Pop Purple: A vibrant Korean-inspired expanding cheek purple that brightens up the complexion.

RB04 Sparkling Peach Powder: A peachy beige that seamlessly blends into the skin, creating a radiant and sweet finish.

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