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Joocyee Brand: Beauty that Inspires

Joocyee is a brand under Shanghai Ju Yi Cosmetics Company, established in Shanghai in 2019 and registered as a trademark on July 21, 2021.

The brand aims to merge traditional and modern, Eastern and Western aesthetics, incorporating diverse contemporary styles while adhering to Eastern beauty standards.

This philosophy is inspired by a unique observation of many Chinese women today—a gentle yet powerful attitude that combines restraint with expression.

Joocyee seeks to redefine Chinese women’s skin tones, textures, and facial structures by observing each individual’s unique features from a design-thinking perspective.

By understanding consumer needs and providing precise solutions, the brand aims to offer personalized makeup solutions that suit Chinese women.

This product is widely favored by many Chinese beauty bloggers for creating trendy makeup looks seen on platforms like Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok). 
It's highly popular due to its affordable price and exquisite packaging, which adds a touch of elegance.💓

Brand Core Values

  1. Modern: Embracing an Eastern perspective with modern expressions.
  2. Romance: Sensual and romantic, with delicate interpretations.
  3. Tailored: Professional and practical, offering customized solutions for the skin.

Inspiration Archive Series

Approaching from a designer’s perspective, exploring the beauty of life, natural materials, and contemporary styles.

Representative product series

  1. Amber Series: Preserving the beauty of the wild.
  2. Shell Series: Collecting the natural iridescence.
  3. Silk Series: Capturing the floating green.
  4. Floating Wave Series: Colors undulating like waves.
  5. Summer Zen Series: Dreaming of an endless summer.
  6. Ink Dyeing Series: Dyeing everything with enchanting colors.
  7. Floating Gold Series: Welcome back to the 1990s.
  8. Rose Poetry Series: Roses supreme, romance in the ordinary.
  9. Cat Eye Collaboration Series: Inverting the protagonist, soon to debut.
  10. Orchid Night Series: The heart is like an orchid, silent and profound.

Research and Customization Series

Approaching from a designer’s mindset, exploring the makeup philosophy that best suits Chinese women.

Representative product series

  1. Native Nude Series: Embracing the beauty of nature, returning to natural skin tones.
  2. Lip Family: A collection of lip products with diverse options.
  3. Native Nude Cushion: Makeup with effects, yet feels natural.

Basic Series

Addressing the fundamental functional demands of makeup, creating practical cosmetics that suit Chinese women’s makeup habits.

Representative Product Series

  1. Cleansing Oil: Balancing skin sensation and effective makeup removal.
  2. Eyebrow Pencil: Dual-ended for easy application.
  3. Lip Balm Gel: Moisturizing without peeling, providing long-lasting care.
  4. Lip Makeup Remover Wipes: Effortlessly removing makeup, bidding farewell to stained lips.


Drawing inspiration from the scattered shells on the beach, JOOCYEE presents the Spiral Shell Glazed Lip Gloss. This unique lip gloss utilizes innovative film-forming color lock technology, ensuring a long-lasting and flawless mirror gloss appearance for up to 8 hours.

The JOOCYEE Spiral Shell Glazed Lip Gloss stands out with its highly pigmented formula that provides vibrant color while keeping the lips hydrated. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and boasting a water content of 40%, it effectively nourishes and moisturizes the lips, leaving them feeling light and supple.


The Tip Concealer is available in three shades: Fair, Natural, and Ash Brown. It features a hydrating texture that is specifically designed to target fine lines and under-eye creases, ensuring a smooth and seamless application. This concealer is particularly suitable for concealing tear troughs and comes with an ultra-fine tip for precise application.


Create a variety of eye shadow looks with this versatile palette. Each shadow has a smooth texture and intense color payoff, making application effortless and blending seamless. The long-lasting formula ensures your eye makeup stays vibrant throughout the day.

The palette comes with a practical large mirror, allowing for easy application wherever you are. With eight colors to choose from, including matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes, this palette has everything you need for both natural and bold eye looks. Let your creativity shine and enjoy the perfect eye shadow palette for any occasion.


Introducing the Joo-cyee Dazzling Highlight & Contouring Palette! This palette features two versatile shades of face shadow powder, perfect for effortlessly sculpting and defining your favorite features. From the eyes to the nose and cheekbones, this palette has everything you need to expertly enhance your natural beauty.

The soft and creamy powder has a lightweight and elastic texture, making it a breeze to blend onto your skin. Its easy-to-carry design allows for on-the-go touch-ups whenever you desire. For optimal application, I recommend using your fingertips to apply the product, ensuring complete coverage and a flawless finish.

Not only does this palette help create the desired contouring effect, but it also conceals uneven skin tone and corrects any color imperfections. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a radiant complexion with the Joo-cyee Dazzling Highlight & Contouring Palette. Unleash your inner artist and achieve a stunningly sculpted look!

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