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Douyin Trendy Makeup for Christmas This Year

I’ve curated the top three Christmas makeup trends from the Chinese Douyin app, and I’ll be sharing detailed tutorials in the article.

Wishing these ideas add a dash of fun and inspiration to your festive makeup this year, helping you impress your friends or family a little!😜

Frostbite Look-冻伤妆

Christmas frostbite makeup journey was a delightful surprise for someone like me, with a pretty average appearance.

It’s amazing how this transformative look can elevate even the most ordinary features. The frosty ambiance, paired with a hint of exotic charm, truly takes the holiday spirit to a whole new level.

Let me share my personal tutorial, so we can master this enchanting makeup together!

Base Makeup:

To kick things off, I recommend opting for a light and airy cushion foundation for that fresh, non-greasy glow. Setting the makeup with loose powder is key, especially in areas prone to oiliness.

I prefer keeping it subtle, steering clear of any excessive shine. Use the remaining powder to delicately pat the cheeks and around the nose, achieving a lightweight, matte finish that works wonders for those of us with oily skin.

Eyes Makeup:

For the eyes, I embraced the Christmas theme with an icy blue eyeshadow. Generously apply it across the eyelids and add a touch of brown eyeshadow below the eyes for that illusion of larger peepers.

A dab of light blue pearl eyeshadow in the center of the eyelids enhances the festive vibe. I even played with double eyelid tape for a European-inspired double eyelid effect, shaping the eyebrows with a subtle curve for a charming and innocent look.


When it came to contouring, I drew a ‘C’ shape at the outer corners of my eyes, extending it downward toward the lower eyebrows. Focusing on the front outer corners, I moved up to the upper eyelids to create a deep and captivating eye socket.

A defined nose was achieved by slightly narrowing the bridge and lifting the tip. Light blue eyeshadow added brightness to the nose bridge, creating a captivating depth in the eye sockets.

Cheeks and Lips:

I opted for a sweet raspberry-colored blush, applying it to the center of my cheeks to keep the focus central.

Light blue eyeshadow served as the perfect highlight for the nose tip. As for the lips, I went for a glossy and sparkling lip gloss, giving my lips a radiant and shiny finish.

Completing this frozen Christmas makeup left me with a look that’s translucent, matte, and sophisticated.

It’s amazing how a bit of creativity can transform your overall appearance!

Mulled Wine Makeup Tutorial—热红酒妆

Step 1: Eye Base and Transition: First, put on a neutral eye base and spread it to the lower eyelids. Make your eyes pop by using a warm, orange eyeshadow to deepen the crease.

Step 2: Tipsy Eyeshadow: Get into the festive spirit with a reddish-orange eyeshadow. Put it on generously, focusing more on the outer corners to add depth.

Step 3: Eyeliner Drama: Time for some eyeliner fun! Draw a smooth lower eyeliner just below your eyeball, creating a subtle arc. Use a brown eyeliner pencil to define the inner corner and extend it a bit.

Switch to a black eyeliner pencil for a crisp outer eyeliner, stopping at the double eyelid crease. Add a small triangle at the outer corner and sprinkle some glitter for that holiday sparkle.

Step 4: Luscious Lashes: Boost your look with false eyelashes—the 21st century’s cool invention. Carefully apply them for a stunning finish.

Step 5: Cheeky Blush: Create a W-shaped blush from your nose to your cheekbones. Layer a peachy-pink shade on top for a lovely pink-orange hue.

Step 6: Defined Features: Give your nose and chin some definition for extra dimension.

Step 7: Pouty Lips: Use the same color to draw a pouty lip shape. Start with a light base and deepen the color, going for a slightly orange-red shade.

Step 8: Festive Face Decor: Spruce things up with small decorations on your face, like rhinestones, for that extra holiday touch.

Step 9: Detailed Eyeliner: Outline the black eyeliner with a white eyeliner pencil for a detailed and intricate look.

Little Deer Makeup Tutorial-小鹿妆

Prep the Base: My go-to trick is starting with a touch of lipstick as a base—it’s casual and super easy. This simple step sets the stage for a flawless and rosy complexion, a must for any charming look.

Create a Rosy Glow: To achieve that lovely white-to-rosy effect, I lightly set my makeup. I take the chance to contour a bit and shape my eyebrows for that extra definition. It’s amazing how these small details can elevate the overall vibe.

Lively Eyes: Defining my eyes with a short deer eyeliner is a game-changer. It’s such a simple step but adds a playful and animated touch to my entire look. Trust me; it’s worth it!

Cuteness Overload: For an extra dose of cuteness, I extend my lower lashes and eyeshadow downwards a bit. It’s like a magical transformation into an enchanting and elf-like creature. Who wouldn’t want that?

Devilish Details: I love opting for a single-cluster devilish eyelash style. Starting with five long lower lashes, I add petal-like details and fill in the gaps with shorter lashes. A touch of brightness completes the look—it’s all about the details.

Deer Antlers Magic: Using a cotton swab dipped in dark brown eyeshadow, I draw graceful deer antlers. Remembering to mark the starting and ending points, connecting them with curved lines for that elegant touch. It’s like adding a touch of magic to the whole look.

Fix Any Mistakes: Of course, we all make mistakes. If my hand happens to shake during the process, no worries. A cotton swab dipped in moisturizer easily erases any slips. Crisis averted!

Spotless Finish: To wrap it all up, I start by applying blush to create a base for any spots. A cotton swab dipped in concealer covers up any blemishes for that flawless finish. And there you have it—my secret to a spotless and charming look!

Last But Not Least:

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🎄🎅🎁✨ Merry Christmas Everyone!

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