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Girlcult:Unveiling a Hot Makeup Brand

What drew me to this makeup brand right from the start was its name. It’s incredibly memorable and far from mainstream, with a subtle punk edge that sets it apart.

In my opinion, it’s the polar opposite of another popular Chinese makeup brand, Flower Knows😜

girlcult makeup brand

Girlcult is a cutting-edge Chinese makeup brand founded in July 2018, Chinese name is 构奇, targeting the post-90s and post-95s demographic. Unlike many domestic beauty brands that follow a ‘daily practical and fresh’ approach, Girlcult’s brand philosophy is ‘quirky and unconventional‘: their products feature bold and unconventional color choices, and their concepts are whimsical.

Just as the meaning of ‘cult’ (cult, heresy, fanaticism) in the name implies, Girlcult promotes avant-garde, unconventional, and sometimes eccentric aesthetics, encouraging girls to be bold, adventurous, and true to themselves.

Consequently, Girlcult is embraced by many independent and individualistic Gen Z young people who appreciate personalized brands. Girlcult’s product expression and products themselves are highly distinctive.

Currently, Girlcult’s product lineup primarily includes blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, lipstick, and contouring products.

girlcult blush


There are multiple dopamine colors to choose from, with a 2:1 ratio of essence to powder. It won’t look abrupt on fair skin; instead, it brightens the complexion.

For those with yellow or dark skin, shade 10, Peach, is particularly suitable. It adheres well without feeling powdery, making it perfect for creating a TikTok-worthy makeup look.

(Is Chic Decent site legit? I test buy for you and read my full review HERE!)

girlcult highlighter Contour


This is one of Girlcult’s star products. I use it for three key purposes:

  1. Concealing Facial Depressions: I apply the matte white shade to fill in hollow areas like the tear troughs, smile lines, and brow bone.
  2. Brightening the Face: To enhance my facial features, I lightly sweep the champagne gold shimmer across my cheekbones, brow bone, nose bridge, inner corners of my eyes, and chin.
  3. Setting and Mattifying: Using a powder puff, I gently press the matte white shade onto the sides of my nose and areas prone to makeup smudging, such as the T-zone and forehead.

You’re bound to fall in love with this product, just like I did.💓

girlcult eyeshadow palette

Girlcult Cyber Chatty Four-Color Eyeshadow Palette/Dream land

I must say, I absolutely adore these palettes. Let’s dive into the details:

First off, the packaging is beyond cute and aesthetically pleasing, which is an instant win for me.

The matte shades are like a dream – soft, creamy, and incredibly easy to apply. It’s a breeze to create those everyday looks with them.

Now, when it comes to the shimmery shades, they do have varying textures. Some are super smooth, while others are a tad drier, but they all bring some shimmer and sparkle to the table.

What really caught my eye were those special shades in the palettes. They have these unique shifts and colors that add a whole new level of creativity to your makeup game. It’s like having a hidden treasure chest of beauty in one palette.

Aliexpress is a safe platform for purchasing, as numerous people have shared their positive experiences of receiving their palettes through Reddit.

girlcult lipstick/lip balm/lip gloss


I have to say, I was quite impressed with these lip glosses from the moment I got my hands on them. First off, the packaging is absolutely charming, and the nostalgic scent was a delightful surprise that instantly won me over.

When it comes to the texture, these lip glosses are a dream to apply. They’re creamy and glide on effortlessly, which makes the whole application process a breeze.

What I loved even more was the subtle shimmer in some of the shades. It added a lovely touch of radiance to my lips, perfect for those days when I wanted a little extra sparkle.

One thing worth mentioning is that these lip glosses have some serious staying power. They leave a beautiful stain on the lips, ensuring that my pout looked vibrant and fresh for hours.

Overall, I’d highly recommend these lip glosses. They’re perfect for achieving a natural, glowy makeup look, but they’re also versatile enough to play around with and create more extravagant styles when the mood strikes.

If you’re a devoted enthusiast of Chinese beauty products, I invite you to explore my blog, where I’ve curated a comprehensive collection of nearly all the renowned brands you’re familiar with.

Chinese makeup packaging transcends the ordinary, boasting a plethora of unique and innovative designs. I’m confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy embarking on this exciting journey of exploration along with me ✌✌✌

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