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Why Does John Cena Speak Chinese?

A short video of John Cena talking about ice cream(冰激凌) in Chinese went viral, with millions of views. 😎

Everytime I scroll through Tiktok, there will be new content related to his ice cream short video.

This isn’t the first time that the internet has seen John Cena speak Mandarin.

Cena has spoken Mandarin in a WWE press conference and even ‘insulted’ Piers Morgan in Mandarin, on Good Morning Britain.

You may wonder…

Why John Cena Speaks Such Good Chinese?

John Cena revealed in an interview that during his career as a professional wrestler, WWE had attempted to break into the Chinese market, and this had sparked an intense fascination with the language for him.

“It’s a very slow process, but I do weekly videos on WeChat and it’s just winning people over one by one” .

-John Cena

To further his understanding of Mandarin, he had hired a private tutor who would come over for two hours at a time to help him learn.

His motivation for learning was to help make WWE a truly global company.

“I started wanting to learn Mandarin to get our global company to be a true global company.”

-John Cena

What is His Learning Method?

John Cena discussed his learning process of Mandarin, revealing that he had a bag with two stacks of flashcards containing Mandarin words and phrases.

He mentioned that it used to take him an hour and a half to go through the cards but now he’s able to do it in only half an hour.

He practices his language skills whenever he has the time and then takes some time off to relax.

“So, on the days when I want to just cruise through Instagram, I have to tell myself that would be fun, but do it after half an hour’s worth of cards”.

-John Cena

What is His Chinese Name?

His Chinese name is Zhao Xina in Chinese-赵喜娜 (This is a super cheerful name for Chinese.)

He mentioned his own Chinese name in this video.

And you may ask…

What is He Apologizing for?

John Cena apologized because he referred to Taiwan as a “country” while doing promotional work for Fast and Furious 9, where he stars as Vin Diesel’s brother.

His quick apology to the people of China after mistakenly referring to Taiwan as a country was a smart move.

His 68-second clip, delivered entirely in Mandarin, showed how seriously he takes his relationship with his fans.

His apology ensured The Fate of the Furious earned a massive $392 million in the Chinese box office.

His thoughtfulness and ability to act quickly showed why he is The Champ!

Funny Memes About 赵喜娜

Final Words:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can John Cena speak Chinese fluently?

Yes, he can. But at third grader level. He needs more pratice if he wants to speak like a native speaker.

Why is Cena fluent in Chinese?

He is fluent in Chinese because he wants to break the barrier between himself and the audience living in China.

What is Bing chilling in Chinese?

The Bing Chiling in Chinese is 冰激凌 meaning ice cream.

Did John Cena apologize in Mandarin?

He he apologized in Mandarin.

What did Cena say about China?

He said “I’m really sorry. You have to understand that I love and respect China.”

What celebrities can speak Chinese?

Mark Zuckerberg
The founder of Facebook has had the opportunity to show off his Mandarin on many occasions. He even gave a 20-minute long speech entirely in Mandarin, at Tsinghua University in Beijing in 2015! He has been studying Chinese for almost 10 years, with his wife also being native Chinese speaker.

During Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States, Trump’s granddaughter Arabella sang Chinese songs and recited the “San Zi Jing” and Tang poetry.

The eldest daughter of financial tycoon Jim Rogers, Hilton Augusta Parker Rogers is even a Chinese tutor, charging $25 an hour.

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