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20 Hilarious Fake Chinese Brands Knockoffs

It is not uncommon to find a fake Rolex watch selling for $10 or a knockoff Nike shirt for $5 while walking through Beijing or Shanghai.

However, what many people do not know is that sometimes these Chinese fakes are actually better than the original.

While other times they are so bad that they can only be classified as a failure.

You might not be aware of how big the problem with Chinese counterfeit is…but it’s HUGE.

According to, between 15 and 20 % of all experted goods from China are knock-offs!


And here you got some good (and funny) examples:


In the world of counterfeiting, Chinese entrepreneurs have shown some creativity in making counterfeit brands by simply changing the spelling of brands or changing the shape of logos.

Change the Spelling:

Without a doubt, Adidas is No. 1 for the most faked brand in China. Why is that? I have no clue.

Change the Shape of Logos:

Of course, If I put one more line on the logo, no one will ever tell it is fake.

if you visit the fake markets in China someday, you will have this conversation often. “You want real Converse shoe? I give you good price.

Just for you” (typing price number on calculator). Watch this video down below and you will understand what I mean.

Not just sports brands they love, they are also delicated to ripping off world famous food and drink brands.

Food and Drinks:

It is absolutely not ok to have Chinese Chairman’s photo printed as a logo for a restaurant but former Amercian president should be alright…

You might find it difficult to find these knockoff stores these days as China is closing a lot of them simply because they are embarrassing.


You will not see Starbucks knockoffs in first tier cities in China as they get the real ones almost everywhere on the street.

If you ask me if Chinese really like coffee? I will say young Chinese like to catch up with the coffee culture worldwide and the instagrammbal cafe photos for their ‘Red Book’ (Chinese Instagram).

As for the older ones, 9 out of 10 will say they don’t like it at all.

But you will certainly still find these knockoffs in small cities and towns. Let’s have a laugh together.

Last but not least, the fashion clothes brands! When you want the big names but can not afford them. Let’s fake them real hard.

Fashion Brands:

Not gonna lie. when I grew up, I was first introduced into Crocodile as the cool brand from France so for a while I have hard time to tell who is the original one between Lacoste and Crocodile.

For a very long time, I see these fake Calvin Klein underwear everywhere in the street stores and in the online shops from TaoBao(Chinese Amazon) . One day, they are gone.

But if you really dig deep, you still can get them somewhere. I promise.


You will see so many fake apple stores everywhere in China.

Still Many Fake Markets In China Today?

The answer is no. The room for these fake products are getting smaller.

Taobao( Chinese go to online shopping app) decided to live up to the international standard to protect the interllectual property and started to remove all the fake brands on their platform. This move brings lots of challenge to the fake market.

Also, the rising of Chinese middle class can afford the real ones and the changing of buying preference is shifting from going after big brands into unique design and good quality.

Are These Factories Out Of Business?

No, they start building up their unique brands in TaoBao, hire young fashion designers tailor for the young modern Chinese.

One of the super successful stories must be the rising of SHEIN.


SHEIN is an online fashion retailer that offers affordable and trendy clothing for women of all ages.

The company is based in China but ships to over 200 countries around the world.

SHEIN offers a wide variety of clothing items, including dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and swimwear.

The company also offers a variety of shoes, accessories, and beauty products.

Do You Have An Interest In Chinese Mindset?

….I guess you have….since you have read this article all the way to the bottom! 🙂

Luckily, I am quite an expert in China and Chinese mindset.

Therefore, I got this article to recommend to you:

If you want to read about who is Mr. Cha bu duo. I recommend the article about the Cha bu duo mindset. The article is both funny and informative – and I can almost guarantee you will have a good time!

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Does China sell fake products?

Yes, China still sells fake products and it is still the top global source of counterfeit products.

Where can I buy fake Chinese products?

You can buy fake Chinese products or cheap replica products from AliExpress. com.

Here is a long list of other websites you can check:

Are Fakes legal in China?

No, fakes are illegal in China. Counterfeiting is a crime under Articles 213 to 215 of Criminal Law.

What is the most counterfeit brand?

Apple is the most counterfeited tech brand in the world.

Are Chinese fakes good?

Chinese fakes are often of nearly genuine quality.

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