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Best Gift For Chinese Boss

Attention all business owners and professionals!

Are you looking to strengthen your relationships with your clients, colleagues, and partners?

Well, we’ve got just the solution for you!

No, it’s not a secret handshake or a fancy dinner at a high-end restaurant.

It’s something much simpler, and much more affordable: TEA! 🍵

That’s right, a simple cup of tea can go a long way in building and maintaining strong business relationships.

So why not take your business relationships to the next level with these perfect tea gifts?

Trust us, your recipients will be saying ‘tea-rific‘ in no time!”

What is our selection criteria?

30USD-80USDChinese-styleWell-known type in China, and a popular choice for Chinese gift-givingSimple in a luxurious way

1.TAETEA Golden Needle White Lotus Pu-erh Tea Cake-普洱茶饼-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

TAETEA is the first brand of Pu’er tea in China, and also selected as the “China Time-honored Brand”.

  • “You won’t be disappointed with the bold and aromatic flavors of Authentic Yunnan Puerh tea. Its floating lotus fragrance is a standout.”
  • “If you’re a fan of refined, high-quality teas, then you have to try Aged Flavor. The taste is sweet, mellow, smooth, and delicate, and the tea has a beautiful red and light agate color.”
  • “Golden Needle is a must-try for tea lovers. The buds are tight and golden, and the flavor is delicate and refined.”
  • “Pu-erh tea is a great alternative to coffee, with a rich and full-bodied flavor that’s sure to satisfy. Plus, it pairs well with rich desserts.”

We wrote an article introducing tea cakes on how to brew it at home properly.

The whole brewing process is like meditation.

It’s perfect for Business people to take some time out from the hectic business world to relax and unwind.

Why do I pick this one?

We bought this tea cake and tested it out. Here is what we think:

  • TAETEA Golden Needle White Lotus Pu-erh Tea Cake is a high-quality, luxurious tea made from premium ingredients.
  • It is a rare and special tea, with a deep and complex flavor that can be appreciated by even the most discerning tea connoisseur.
  • This tea cake is also aesthetically pleasing, with its golden and white color combination imprinted on the packaging, making it an elegant and thoughtful gift.
  • Golden color is Chinese imperial color which shows gift givers great respect towards gift receivers.
  • Pu er tea is good to drink in winter for people who wants to lose weight.

Keep in mind:

Compressed Chinese tea cake can be difficult to break apart and brew properly, especially if you are unfamiliar with the proper techniques.

2. Flamed Porcelain Tea Set-火焰陶瓷茶具-⭐⭐⭐⭐

The high temperature of the kiln caused the glaze and other metal materials to become oxidized and blend together, resulting in unique and flamed look.

  • “This tea set includes everything you need for a perfect tea experience – a large capacity teapot, four teacups, a saucer, a tea filter, a tea towel, a tea clip, and even a travel bag.
  • “The teapot has a convenient handle to prevent hot hands, and the whole set is perfect for travel or picnics.”
  • “I love that the outer packaging is small and compact, yet still protects the delicate tea set from damage during transportation.
  • “It’s a great value for all the pieces included.”

Why do I pick this one?

We can use this set of teaware to brew the Pu’er tea cake mentioned above.

  • The teaware, teacup and teapot are all beautifully designed with Chinese motifs, especially the Chinese landscape painting on the tea bag, very eye-catching.
  • Due to its unique craftsmanship, the texture of each set is unique and will not be repeated with others.
  • It is convenient for storage and easy to carry.

Keep in mind:

Flamed Porcelain Tea Set is delicate and can easily break or chip if not handled with care.

3. Da Hong Pao/Big Red Robe Rock Chinese Oolong Tea Box-大红袍茶叶茶具套装-⭐⭐⭐⭐

Big Red Robe Dark oolong tea, one of the top 10 tea in china, characterized by a unique roasty flavour, is considered as the “King of Tea“.

It’s top of the choice when Chinese buy tea gifts to others.

  • I was really impressed with the taste and quality of this Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea.
  • The big, dark leaves have a chocolaty, sweet smell and the roasty Chinese oolong flavor is delicious.
  • It’s great to know that the tea was harvested during their natural growing seasons this year and meets the highest verified standards.
  • And the best part is that it can be brewed as hot tea or iced tea, so it’s perfect for any occasion.

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is an oolong tea that has origins in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian province in China.

It has numerous health benefits, including aiding digestion and boosting the immune system.

The tea is produced using a labor-intensive process that involves partially oxidizing and roasting the leaves.

That’s why it’s usually expensive (read in details) and the best gift for someone important and cherished.

Why do I pick this one?

  • Big Red Robe, is one of the most expensive and prized teas in China.
  • It is traditionally given as a gift because of its rareness, its rich cultural history, and its unique flavor.
  • It is also seen as a symbol of power, wealth, and status. Giving Da Hong Pao as a gift is a sign of respect and appreciation for the recipient.
  • Very thoughtful design to include tea pot and tea cups inside to be able to enjoy the tea immediately once the gift is received.
  • Cold brew is possible.

Keep in mind:

Some people may find that certain batches of Da Hong Pao tea do not meet their expectations in terms of quality or taste.

It’s always a good idea to sample a variety of teas to find the ones that you enjoy the most.

4. Organic Tea Gift Set-泰美茶镇-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Chinese Loose Leaf Congou Black Tea(100g) and Silver Needle White Tea(50g), Caffeine Low Tea for Stomach Health and Anti-aging.

  • I was blown away by the appearance of this premium Chinese tea set.
  • The taste is equally as impressive – the black tea is smooth and has a natural sweet, long-lasting aftertaste, and the white tea is revitalizing and fresh.
  • It’s the perfect combination for both morning and night – a refreshing cup of black tea to start the day and a low caffeine white tea to relax in the evening.

Why do I pick this one?

  • The gift box contains a tin with a double-sealed lid, ensuring the tea remains safe, healthy and delicious.
  • Both the Black Tea and White Tea are suitable for Cold Brew and can be steeped in cold water for 3-6 hours, resulting in a soft and sweet-smelling beverage.
  • Both are super beneficial for health.

Keep in mind:

Some people may be sensitive to the caffeine content of black tea or may prefer decaffeinated options.

5.  Pu-erh Tea in Bamboo Leaf Tube-竹筒里的小茶饼-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This Pu erh tea was grown in Menghai couny of China’s Yunnan province.

  • This tea has a delicious velvety taste and a deep woody-nutty aroma with a mild aftertaste.
  • The environmental-friendly package is made from dried natural bamboo leaves.
  • The compact mini pressed cakes make it easy to take a cup of tea on the go.
  • Plus, the leaves have an awakening effect and make a great coffee substitute for those who need a caffeine boost.

Why do I pick this one?

  • Bamboo is Chinese symbol and is environmentally friendly.
  • It has almost 2000 positive reviews online.
  • It is difficult to find small tea cakes in the market, which is convenient for single use and easy to store.
  • We have found a solution for gifts to business partners. You can buy several of them together with a set of exquisite tea sets, put them in a beautiful package and give them to your boss.

He must find you have an eye for style, and this combination is unique.

Keep in mind:

From the price point of view, this product may not be exquisite or valuable enough to give to business partners.

However, we still choose it because it has an extremely high cost-performance ratio.

6.Chinese Dragon Tea Mug-龙茶杯-⭐⭐⭐⭐

This exquisite Chinese tea mug was handmade with care in Sichuan province of China, where the Yixing Zisha clay is renowned for its superior quality.

Overtime, the clay will absorb the flavor of tea, allowing the aroma to linger.

You will smell and taste the aroma of the tea even if you pour only hot water in the mug.

  • It’s the perfect size for any variety of tea, whether it’s Pu-Er or Da Hongpao.
  • And at 10oz, it’s the perfect size for both men and women to easily handle and take on the go.
  • It’s great for use at home or in the office, and I always get compliments on the unique design.

Why do I pick this one?

  • This teacup is very symbolic of status, as the dragon is a royal totem and only those of high status would use a teacup of this design to drink tea.
  • The material of the teacup is also carefully chosen with purple sand clay, the preferred choice of Chinese people.
  • Not only is it suitable for use, but it is also perfect for collecting or displaying on the shelf. It is multi-functional.

Keep in mind:

Zisha clay, also known as purple clay or Yixing clay, is a type of clay that is commonly used to make traditional Chinese tea pots or mugs.

  • Zisha clay can break or chip if it is not handled with care.
  • Zisha clay is prone to staining and discoloration, especially if it is not properly cared for. This can make it more difficult to maintain its appearance over time.

Drinking tea can be a healing process, which is one of the reasons why people like it.

I hope these pictures below can inspire you and bring you a moment of peace and inspiration.

If you like our choices, do not forget to share with friends on social! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What does a tea set Symbolise in a Chinese home?

A tea set symbolize the welcome for visitors or neighbors meaning we are always prepared for the day of your visit.

Is tea a good gift in China?

Tea is a super good gift in China. It’s good for health and also valuable to hold as collection for some.

Health and Wealth are top two most important things for every Chinese therefore I can not think of a better choice than tea to give as a gift for Chinese.

What does it mean when someone gives you tea?

If someone gives you tea, it means they hope you stay healthy and wealthy forever.

What is considered an appropriate business gift in China?

Tea set is considered a very nice business gift in China.

Why do Chinese drink so much tea?

Chinese drink so much tea because it is good for digestion. Many of them drink tea after a meal.

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