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Little Ondine Makeup: Chinese Girls Like

Introducing Little Ondine, a makeup brand where their most popular nail polish might not be in the spotlight right now, but their contour products are stealing the show.

If you’re on the hunt for makeup that not only looks stunning but also offers a fantastic user experience, look no further. 👇

little ondine makeup

Little Ondine is a trendy beauty brand founded in Shanghai. Little Ondine encourages consumers to express their individuality through makeup, boldly and authentically unleashing that 1% of charm.

Committed to growing together with Generation Z, Little Ondine co-creates a “Little Ondine-style” beauty space, allowing them to immerse themselves in a scenically free, open, and inclusive environment. Here, they can define themselves, interpret their true selves, and confidently stand out, creating a customized journey of chic and cool beauty.

little ondine official website

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little ondine contour/Little ondine palette foundation

This contour palette draws its inspiration from Michelangelo’s iconic Renaissance masterpiece, David. It features 4 shades intricately designed to resemble the eye, nose, ear, and lips of the sculpture, adding a captivating 3D element.

The combination of these artistic embossed designs and a palette of neutral colors creates a breathtaking visual experience that one could gaze upon endlessly. The powder itself boasts a soft ceramic texture, ensuring a silky-smooth application.

little ondine nail polish

I recently had the chance to try out Little Ondine’s nail polish, and I have to say, it’s pretty impressive. Little Ondine is known for its unique peel-off nail polish, and I was excited to see what the hype was all about. Here’s what I found:

First off, they have these new sets called “Little Twin Sets.” These are pairs of mini nail polish bottles that come together, offering complementary colors. It’s a genius idea if you want to experiment with different shades without committing to a full-sized bottle. Plus, they’re super cute!

Little Ondine’s main selling point is that their nail polish is odorless and dries quickly, which is true. But what’s even more impressive is how long it lasts. Unlike typical peel-off polishes, this one actually holds up for several days. No more worrying about your nail color chipping right after you’ve painted them.

What really stood out to me was that Little Ondine’s peel-off feature prevents staining. I could wear even the darkest or most glittery shades without worrying about my nails turning yellow. Plus, removal was a breeze—no more scrubbing my nails for hours.

In conclusion, I was genuinely impressed with Little Ondine’s nail polish. The Little Twin Sets are a fantastic way to try out different colors, and their peel-off formula is a game-changer. If you love experimenting with nail colors like I do, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try.

little ondine top coat

This product serves a clear purpose – to prolong the chip-free wear of Little Ondine nail polish. You have the flexibility to apply it as a base coat, a top coat, or both. After experimenting with various application methods, I’ve found that using it as a base coat is the most effective.

Additionally, I appreciate using it as a clear nail polish to impart a healthy and shiny appearance to my nails. Although it may appear slightly yellow in the photo, it applies completely clear. The secret to its efficiency lies in its exceptionally fast drying formula, which surpasses even Little Ondine nail polish.

A single coat of this product is all you need for optimal results.

little ondine eyeshadow palette

If you’re on the hunt for makeup that not only looks stunning but also elevates your Instagram game, look no further! Little Ondine, known for its innovative beauty products, has just dropped a game-changer in the world of eyeshadows.

Vinyl Record Aesthetic: Imagine an eyeshadow palette that resembles a vinyl record. Yes, you read that right! Little Ondine’s Vinyl Eyeshadow Palette houses eight exquisite shades with various finishes, offering limitless possibilities for your makeup creations.

Opulent Finishes and Vivid Pigmentation: This eyeshadow palette isn’t just about looks; it’s about quality too. The shades in this palette boast opulent finishes and vivid pigmentation that will make your eyes pop. Whether you’re into matte or shimmer, these eyeshadows have got you covered.

Retro CD Packaging: To complete the vinyl aesthetic, Little Ondine presents this eyeshadow palette in retro CD packaging. It’s like owning an album from your favorite C-pop boyband, adding a touch of nostalgia and style to your makeup routine.

Variety of Stunning Variations: Not a fan of pretty pinks? No worries! Little Ondine offers three other captivating variations to suit your style:

  • Escape: Featuring shades like “Skyscraper,” “Pink Utopia,” and “Iced Americano,” this palette is for those who want to break free and experiment. (For example douyin style eye makeup 😛)
  • Midnight Sun: With shades like “Bubble,” “Vodka Popcorn,” and “The Sun Never Sets,” this palette brings the magic of the midnight sun to your eyes.
  • Neon Brights: Get ready to shine with shades like “Spicy Whisky,” “Fireworks,” and “Weekend Dance Floor” that will light up your look.

Elevate your makeup game, embrace the vinyl aesthetic, and create endless stunning looks with Little Ondine’s Vinyl Eyeshadow Palette.

Don’t miss out on this unique and trendy beauty essential!

little ondine eyeliner

  • The liquid eyeliner is highly praised for its matte black color and high pigmentation.
  • The applicator tip is highlighted as soft enough not to poke the eyes but firm enough to create precise lines and wings. (Perfect for tiktok style eye looks! ✌)
  • The long-lasting nature of the eyeliner is emphasized, as it stays intact even after curling the lashes, which typically removes eyeliner from the waterline.
  • Overall, the eyeliner is deemed impressive in terms of color, application, and durability.

what happened to little ondine

After having a strong start, several imitators began selling inexpensive products on an e-commerce platform, which led Little Ondine to lower their prices. Unfortunately, without strategic price promotions, their business suffered. Physical stores also experienced a decline in sales, eventually becoming unprofitable.

Little Ondine faced tough competition from a rapidly growing influencer called “Miss Candy” on Tmall. Their primary customer base consisted of students and young women from smaller cities (T2 cities) who couldn’t afford regular trips to nail salons.

Ultimately, “Miss Candy” surpassed Little Ondine and became the top player in the water-based nail polish category.

In April 2020, Little Ondine became a part of “Perfect Diary,” the rapidly emerging local cosmetic brand in China, which is currently valued at 4 billion RMB. Both brands have secured positions among the top 20 trendiest cosmetic brands in China.

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