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Douyin Eye Makeup and Products For Jaw-Dropping Look

Hey there, trendsetter! Get ready to unleash your inner eye-makeup maestro as I dive into the Douyin makeup.

In this article, I’ll explore the hottest trend of the moment, where the eye takes center stage in creating a jaw-dropping look.

From key techniques to must-have product recommendations, I’ll guide you through the magical realm of douyin eye makeup.

So, prepare for an adventure filled with dazzling eyeshadows, game-changing eyeliners, and secrets that will make your eyes look pop like never before!

Douyin Eye Makeup Tutorial

✅Inner Corner Eyeliner:

  1. Look straight into the mirror and grab a liquid liner with a fine tip.
  2. Locate the point where your outer eyelid meets the pinkish inner part of your lid.
  3. Begin tracing the liner in a slanted direction from the outer eyelid towards the inner corner, forming a line.
  4. Extend the liner to the inner corner, creating a small triangle shape.
  5. Fill in the triangle shape to achieve a natural-looking inner corner.
  6. For a softer touch, use a dark brown eyeshadow to fill in the space between the inner corner liner and lash line.

✅Winged Liner:

  1. Identify the spot at the outer rim of your iris.
  2. Starting from this spot, draw a straight line to begin your eyeliner.
  3. Determine the desired endpoint of your eyeliner, making sure it remains visible even when your double eyelid fold is present.
  4. Connect the endpoint to the end of the liner, forming a small triangle shape.
  5. Fill in the triangle shape to create a flawless winged eyeliner.

✅Lower Lid Eyeshadow:

  1. Take a fine edge brush and select a dark brown shade.
  2. Trace a curved line along the lower lid, following the natural shape of your eyes, approximately 1 to 1.5 mm away from the pinkish inner lid.
  3. Brush the eyeshadow from the outer corner towards the front, creating a smudged effect.
  4. Use a blending brush to softly blend and smudge the eyeshadow downwards for a softer appearance.

✅Aygeosahl Contouring:

  1. Opt for a brow powder or brown eyeshadow to define the Aygeosahl contour.
  2. Slightly smile or squint to locate the eye fat area.
  3. Place your brush in the middle of your iris and brush it over the groove, moving both inward and outward.
  4. Blend the starting and ending points of the contour to achieve a natural-looking result.

These eye makeup products have been thoughtfully picked by me, taking into account their exceptional quality, widespread popularity, and positive user experiences.

Additionally, careful attention has been given to the packaging aesthetics, ensuring a delightful visual appeal as well. 😜

Douyin Makeup Palette

My Top Pick⭐Zeesea Eyeshadow Palette The British Museum Alice Series Eyeshadow Power

douyin eye makeup
  1. High-quality shades: I enjoy the beautiful and light-feeling glitter/shimmer shades, along with the blendable mattes for seamless eye looks.
  2. Unique collaboration: I have the opportunity to own the Alice Series palette from the British Museum collab. I am also becoming one of the Chinese girls who starts collecting these limited edition palettes.
  3. Embracing C-beauty Trend: As a trendy C-beauty brand, Zeesea allows you to incorporate Chinese beauty trends into your routine. Use the Chinese brand makeup for the most trendy Chinese Douyin makeup look. This is the proper way to go! 💓

The YouTuber, Maggie, was highly impressed with the Zeesea Alice in Wonderland Pink Flamingo Palette.

She found the packaging to be beautifully detailed and loved the moving glitter feature. The eyeshadows were swatched and applied, and Maggie was pleased with the color payoff and pigmentation.

She mentioned that the shades were softer and more sheer, which aligned with Asian eye makeup trends.

The overall eye look created with the palette was well-received, and Maggie felt that it provided a nice pink eyeshadow look without appearing overwhelming.

She also appreciated the large mirror and considered the palette to be a great value for its price.

Douyin Girls Favourite⭐Dasique Shadow Palette l Cruelty-Free l 9 Blendable Shades in Smooth Matte and Shimmer Finishes

douyin eye makeup
  1. Dreamy Pastel Colors with Pink Aurora Glitters: This eyeshadow palette offers the perfect pastel colors in muted pink, along with pink aurora glitters that create a mesmerizing and dreamy look. If you’ve been waiting for a palette that captures your mood and love for pastels, this is the one to try.
  2. Versatile and Complete Palette: The palette includes a range of shades designed for various eye makeup techniques. It features base colors, blending shades, eyeliner options, and gorgeous pearl toppers. With its ultra-smooth texture, you can effortlessly create stunning eye looks with just one palette. Many Douyin girls, known for their trendy and creative makeup styles, rely on this palette to achieve the popular Douyin eye makeup.
  3. Keep in Mind: This product is not tested on animals. By choosing this palette, you can enjoy stunning eye looks while supporting a brand that prioritizes ethical practices.

In this video, you will see how this makeup artist does douyin style eye makeup with dasique palette step by step. I followed up once, it’s really helpful!

Budget Friendly⭐UNLEASHIA Glitterpedia Eye Shadow |Palette|Eye Makeup|Point Makeup Vegan

douyin eye makeup

This palette is a game-changer! The easy-to-wear pressed glitters effortlessly add a touch of sparkle to my looks.

The range of luxurious shimmer shades is incredible, offering holographic, buttery shimmer, and delicate pearl powders that elevate my eye makeup.

The versatile color range allows me to create both soft daily looks and bold glam styles.

Plus, it’s long-lasting and being vegan and cruelty-free makes me feel good about using it. Highly recommended!

Look NO.2 in the video below is Douyin Eye Makeup Look, Enjoy!✨😊

Douyin Makeup Glitter

If you are looking to add a few additional shades of glitter, I have personally experimented with techniques and products featured on Douyin.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend trying out this one below to achieve the desired glittery effect.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Glow Shots, Liquid Eyeshadow with Vitamin C – Come Thru Coconut

  1. With a wide range of shades to choose from, this product offers plenty of options for those who enjoy experimenting with different colors and looks.
  2. In terms of price, it’s quite affordable compared to Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb, making it a budget-friendly choice without compromising on quality.
  3. Infused with vitamin C, this eye shadow boasts a luxurious second-skin texture that seamlessly blends into the skin, creating a stunning luminosity that catches attention.

I adore this product, but it’s important to blend it out thoroughly as the white shade is a bit pigmented. Despite this, I still love the overall performance and results it delivers.

Differe shades of glitters are also perfect gifts for your besties or as gift exchange ideas under 25USD.

Budgest friendly and 100% satisfaction guaranteed from girls!

Douyin Makeup Eyeliner

  • The Douyin makeup style utilizes a special type of eyeliner.
  • The eyeliner used in Douyin makeup has a super fine tip with a pointed brush.
  • This type of eyeliner allows for drawing thin detail lines with precision.
  • It is particularly helpful for individuals with hooded eyes.
  • The fine tip of the eyeliner is excellent for creating intricate eye makeup looks and can be used along the lashes to enhance fullness.

Boobeen Eyeliner Liquid Liner, Black Eyeliner Pen Waterproof with Felt Tip

  1. Precise and Ultra-Fine Tip: The eyeliner features a 0.05mm ultra-fine tip, allowing for maximum control and precise application.
  2. Waterproof and Long-Lasting: Its water and sweat-resistant formula ensures long-lasting color, without worrying about smudging or fading.
  3. Quick-Drying and Easy to Use: The fast-drying formula creates smooth lines for a glamorous look, and its user-friendly design makes application effortless.

I did some further scrolling on Douyin and find these popular alternatives for you. 😊

Physicians Formula Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner
Stila Stay All Day 

ETUDE Tear Drop Eye Liner #1 White Tear (21AD)

  1. Whether worn alone or layered over eyeshadow or eyeliner, this product effortlessly helps you achieve a breathtaking makeup look. Don’t forget to apply mascara to complete the ensemble!
  2. No need to worry about smudging or fading throughout the day. This waterproof formula is designed to withstand oils and tears, ensuring long-lasting wear.
  3. Incorporate it into your daily makeup routine by layering it over your eyeliner, or for a touch of Douyin Eye Makeup-inspired charm, gently dab a bit beneath your pupils. The possibilities are endless!

I really like this quick and trendy eye makeup style technique. It’s easy to follow and creates a captivating look that will definitely grab attention.

Follow my Youtube channel to know the new coming trend.


What is Douyin eye makeup and why is it popular?

Douyin eye makeup refers to the eye makeup trends and techniques showcased and popularized on the Douyin platform, also known as TikTok in some countries. It has gained immense popularity due to its creative and visually appealing nature, as well as the platform’s ability to quickly spread trends and beauty hacks.

Trendsetting: Douyin has become a hub for beauty enthusiasts to share their innovative eye makeup looks, leading to the rapid dissemination of new trends and techniques.

Visual impact: Douyin eye makeup often features bold and striking colors, intricate designs, and unique applications, resulting in visually captivating looks.

Accessibility: The platform allows users to easily access tutorials, product recommendations, and step-by-step guides, making it a convenient resource for those interested in trying out different eye makeup styles.

What are some popular Douyin eye makeup trends?

Cut Crease: This technique involves creating a defined crease line on the eyelid, usually using a contrasting eyeshadow color, to add depth and dimension to the eyes.

Graphic Liner: Graphic liner looks involve using eyeliner to create bold and artistic designs, such as geometric shapes, dots, or intricate patterns, along the lash line or eyelid.

Colorful Smoky Eyes: Unlike traditional smoky eyes that mainly focus on black and brown shades, Douyin eye makeup often features smoky looks with vibrant and unconventional colors like blues, purples, or even neons.

How can I achieve Douyin eye makeup looks?

Prepare the eyelids: Start by applying an eyeshadow primer or concealer to create a smooth base and help the eyeshadow adhere better. Set it with a translucent powder.

Apply eyeshadow: Choose the colors you want to incorporate into your eye makeup look. Use a fluffy brush to apply a transition shade to the crease area, followed by darker shades on the outer corner and lighter shades on the inner corner of the eye.

Define the eyes: Depending on the look you’re aiming for, you can create a cut crease, blend different shades together for a smoky effect, or experiment with graphic liner designs using eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Enhance the lashes: Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes to add volume and length. False lashes are also a popular choice for achieving a more dramatic effect.

Highlight and complete the look: Use a shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter to add a touch of glow to the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. Finally, ensure your brows are well-groomed and fill them in if needed.

Can I modify Douyin Eye Makeup looks to suit my personal style?

Absolutely! One of the best things about Douyin Eye Makeup looks is their versatility. You can modify and customize them to suit your personal style and preferences.

Here are a few ways to make Douyin Eye Makeup looks your own:Color customization: Experiment with different color combinations that resonate with your style.

Douyin Eye Makeup looks often feature vibrant and bold colors, but you can adjust the intensity or opt for more subtle shades that align with your personal taste.

Adapt the technique: While Douyin Eye Makeup looks may showcase specific techniques, feel free to adapt them to your skill level and comfort. Simplify or modify certain steps to achieve a look that you feel confident wearing.

Incorporate personal touches: Add your own creative flair to the makeup look. This could involve adding glitter, applying unique eyeliner designs, or incorporating accessories like gems or stickers to enhance the overall effect.

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