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What Is Douyin Makeup? Everything You Need To Know

Douyin-style makeup isn’t directly credited to TikTok. However, TikTok has played a role in introducing it to the American beauty community.

Douyin makeup comes from a video-friendly social media platform called Douyin, created by the same company as TikTok, Bytedance.

If you’re unfamiliar with this viral makeup look, keep reading to learn what it is and how you can achieve it.

What is Douyin Makeup? Douyin Makeup Meaning

Douyin makeup encompasses a wide range of soft and enchanting styles that aim to achieve a doll-like appearance.

The term originated from the Chinese-exclusive social media app, Douyin, developed by ByteDance in 2016.

While the specifics of the look can vary among individuals, three key elements remain consistent:

  1. The use of shimmering eyeshadows and subtle eyeliner to enhance the eyes.
  2. A generous application of blush for flushed cheeks.
  3. A diffused lip effect.

Often, illustrated charts with placement guides are used to demonstrate trending techniques, making it easier for users to adapt them to their unique facial features. This approach has undoubtedly contributed to the viral success of douyin makeup.

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How To Do Douyin Makeup? Douyin Makeup Tutorial

1. Douyin Makeup Foundation

To achieve the coveted Douyin look, a sheer foundation is essential, though the desired finish is a matter of personal preference.

For a radiant base, I recommend using products like Milk Makeup Future Fluid and By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder, which have gained popularity in recent years for their lightweight and barely-there foundation effect.

What Is Douyin Makeup

Milk Makeup Future Fluid All Over Cream Concealer

  1. Flawless, Natural Finish: Achieve a barely-there foundation effect with lightweight, crease-proof coverage.
  2. Hydrating and Skin-Improving: Infused with Hyaluronic AI Plant Complex, it covers while enhancing your skin over time.
  3. Effortless Highlighting and Contouring: The 92% natural, long-wear formula effortlessly sculpts for a soft, polished look.

What Is Douyin Makeup

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder | Colorless, Loose Face Setting Powder Infused with Hyaluronic Acid | 10g (0.35oz)

  1. Instantly Mattifies and Blurs Imperfections: Achieve a flawless, matte complexion with ease.
  2. Non-Drying Formula: Stay comfortable all day, thanks to its non-drying properties.
  3. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid: Keep your skin hydrated while enjoying a flawless finish.

On the other hand, Youtuber Jessica Vu suggests opting for a matte finish. According to her, creating contrast is key to making the look pop, whether through contrasting colors or formulas.

Jessica personally loves using a soft matte foundation as it beautifully contrasts with the signature sparkle of Douyin makeup. The glitter appears brighter and adds greater dimension when applied over a smooth matte base.

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2. Douyin Eye Makeup

How to do Douyin Eye Makeup? Here is the tutorial! 👀

  1. Start by applying a sheer eye primer to your lids to create a smooth base and cancel out any discoloration or veins.
  2. Use a pale pink eyeshadow or a taupey brown/rosy brown shade from the Clio cherish spring palette. Apply this color on the outer half of your lid and gradually blend it inward towards the center, tapering it out towards the tail of your brow.
  3. Pick up a peach-colored eyeshadow with a little bit of pearl and apply it to the outer V of your eyelid, right next to the previous shade. Blend it well to create a soft transition between the colors.
  4. Create a winged eyeliner using a black eyeshadow and an angled brush. Sketch the wing from the outer corner of your eye, extending it upwards, and then bring it back to your lash line. Fill in the wing and softly blend it into your lash line for a subtle, elongated look.
  5. Define your lower lash line using a small brush and a matte brown eyeshadow. Apply the eyeshadow just above your lower crease and focus on the outer corner. Connect it with the outer corner of your upper eyeliner and blend it well for a cohesive look.
  6. Add a pop of shimmer in the inner corner of your eye. Choose a blue shade from the Elisa Eldridge palette and apply it with your ring finger from the inner corner, blending it into the pink shades.
  7. Highlight your inner corner using a bright shade from the Izumea WildStar palette. Apply it with a small brush, focusing on brightening and accentuating that area.
  8. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a few coats of a lengthening mascara, such as the Clio super proof long curling mascara. Aim for long lashes rather than voluminous ones.

Additionally, emphasizing untouched and fluffy brows is key. Douyin makeup deviates from the pencil-thin brows of the early 2000s and instead emphasizes volume.

To achieve this effect, products like Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Fiber Gel can be used to add volume and enhance the brows.

What Is Douyin Makeup

Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Fiber Gel Gimme Brow

  1. Transform Thin Brows: Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Fiber Gel features microfibers that adhere to both skin and hairs, instantly creating the illusion of fuller and more defined eyebrows.
  2. Effortless Application: With its custom tiny, tapered brush, achieving flawless brows is a breeze. Say goodbye to messy applications and hello to easy, mess-proof results.
  3. Instant Confidence Boost: Experience the magic of fuller-looking brows that beautifully frame your face. Enhance your natural beauty and radiate confidence with Gimme Brow+’s instant brow fulfillment.

3. Douyin Blush Trend

How to do the Douyin Blush Trend? Here is the tutorial for you!

When it comes to blush, Douyin makeup deviates from the conventional Western approach to color application.

In fact, this aspect of Douyin makeup has already gained mainstream popularity, with an increasing number of celebrities and influencers embracing bold blush looks.

Instead of applying blush on the back of the cheek and blending it into the contour, the Douyin trend involves placing the blush at the apple of the cheek, almost reaching the bottom of the eye.

For achieving the perfect Douyin blush, opt for cream or liquid blushes that seamlessly blend into both bare skin and makeup bases. While some TikTokers have used lipsticks, it’s important to note that lipstick may appear blotchy.

Additionally, powder blushes should be avoided as they don’t provide the desired dewy finish that is central to the style.

To achieve this rosy and feminine blush effect, products like e.l.f. Putty Blush, Creamy & Ultra Pigmented Formula and NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint are recommended, as they mimic the ethereal look.

What Is Douyin Makeup

e.l.f. Putty Blush, Creamy & Ultra Pigmented Formula

  1. Cream-to-Powder Finish: e.l.f. Putty Blush melts into your skin, creating a natural glow for the perfect Douyin blush trend.
  2. Lightweight, Buildable Color: This highly pigmented blush seamlessly blends into your skin, transforming from cream to a semi-matte powder finish. Achieve a flushed-from-within glow that can be intensified as desired.
  3. Hydration Boost: Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, e.l.f. Putty Blush nourishes and moisturizes your skin while providing a radiant look. Embrace the trend with a product that cares for your skin.

What Is Douyin Makeup

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint

  1. Natural Blush Makeup: Achieve a perfect tint with Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint. Buildable formula for your desired blush intensity.
  2. Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: NYX Professional Makeup is PETA-certified, cruelty-free. No animal testing. Explore our extensive collection of makeup, from eyeshadows to lipsticks and more.

4. Douyin Makeup Lips

  1. Begin by using a lip liner that matches your natural lip color. Outline your lips, emphasizing the cupid’s bow and creating a defined shape. For smaller lips, draw a curved line on the lower lip to make them appear fuller. For thicker lips, conceal the outline of your lips with foundation or concealer.
  2. Blend the lip liner slightly outwards using a brush to create a natural-looking outline. Use a tiny amount of concealer to clean up the edges for a polished finish.
  3. To enhance your lip structure, draw an “M” shape on your cupid’s bow to increase the height of your upper lip and create a defined shape. Connect the lines to the corners of your mouth.
  4. For a 3D lip look with matte lipstick, choose two shades: one close to your natural lip color and another darker shade. With the lighter shade, trace an inverted “V” shape on the inner sides of your upper lip and apply it to the inner region of your lower lip. Fill in the outline of your lower lip and add a small amount of product to the lower end of your philtrum. Blend the colors using a lip brush or your fingers.
  5. If you prefer a glossy look, apply a thin, even coat of lip gloss to your lower lip. Press your lips together to spread the gloss evenly. Dab out any patchy areas. Apply a second coat to the lower lip’s inner region and create an inverted “V” shape on the sides of your upper lip. Add a little gloss to your philtrum. Use the tip of the applicator to blend out the edges and add more gloss for a richer color. Optionally, trace a short line from the corners of your mouth for a lifted lips effect.

By following these steps, you can achieve a Douyin lip look that enhances the shape of your lips and makes them appear fuller, whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish.

In addition, the Douyin lip style differs from other popular makeup trends by embracing a softer and more diffused appearance around the edges.

To achieve this desired effect, I suggest using Fenty Gloss Bomb and Vasanti Cosmetics Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil.

What Is Douyin Makeup

FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Gloss Bomb (Cheeky)

With FENTY BEAUTY’s Gloss Bomb in “Cheeky,” you can easily create the Douyin lip look with its high-shine, non-sticky formula and universally flattering shade. Embrace the trend and let your lips steal the spotlight!

What Is Douyin Makeup

Vasanti Cosmetics Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil Long-Lasting Waterproof Soft Velvety Matte Lip Liner

Achieve the perfect Douyin lip look effortlessly with this lip liner. Creamy and hydrating formula delivers rich color and high coverage without drying out your lips.

Enjoy a smooth, luscious pout all day long. Plus, our easy-to-use sharpener ensures you never miss a beat. Get ready to showcase your picture-perfect lips!

Moreover, considering natural lip color or using products that enhance the undertones of the lips to achieve the perfect Douyin lip look.

Douyin Makeup Looks

When it comes to beauty, there are countless ways to make a look your own. Just like with viral beauty trends, creators are finding ways to experiment and adapt them to suit their personal style. If you’re looking for inspiration to get started, you can find a variety of makeup looks on Douyin. It’s a platform where people share their unique styles and ideas.

So, take a scroll through Douyin and discover makeup looks that resonate with you. It’s a great way to find inspiration and make a beauty trend your own.


Is Douyin Makeup Asian Fishing?

No, Douyin makeup is not considered Asian fishing. Asian fishing, also known as “yellowfacing” or “yellowface,” refers to the act of non-Asian individuals artificially altering their appearance to mimic stereotypical Asian features or to appropriate Asian cultures. It is a form of cultural appropriation and can be offensive and disrespectful.

On the other hand, Douyin makeup is a makeup trend that emerged from the Chinese social media platform Douyin (known as TikTok outside of China). It is characterized by specific makeup techniques and styles that have become popular among Chinese celebrities, influencers, and makeup enthusiasts.

Douyin makeup does not involve altering one’s ethnicity or appropriating Asian features, but rather focuses on specific makeup looks and techniques associated with the trend.

What is the origin of Douyin Makeup?

Douyin makeup originated from the Chinese social media platform Douyin, also known as Chinese TikTok. It gained popularity as Chinese celebrities and influencers showcased specific makeup looks on the platform.

Users replicated and adapted these looks, leading to the trend spreading internationally. Douyin makeup is influenced by East Asian beauty standards and cultural influences. It continues to evolve through the creativity and experimentation of makeup artists and enthusiasts on social media.

What is a Douyin Face?

The term “Douyin Face” is used colloquially or by individuals to refer to makeup looks or trends that are popularized or commonly seen on Douyin or TikTok.

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