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Leemember Reviews: My Beauty Experiences Shared

Leemember Brand

Leemember, known as 荔萌 in Chinese, emerged in 2017 as a niche beauty brand from China, joining the ranks of other unique Chinese beauty brands like Hyntoor, Jill Leen, and Toorune.

Renowned for its dual-ended lip gloss and lip glosses in chocolate hues, Leemember’s products boast a radiant water-gloss effect.

Its eyeshadow palettes have also garnered a modest international following within the niche beauty community.

Leemember Reviews

Leemember Gemini Series Liquid Eyeshadow


This leemember blue glitter shadow duo was super popular on my page months ago. I actually use the pure glitter side as one of my go to undereye glitters. Such a great product! Have you tried this? I never thought I would like blue eyeshadow but it has been fun trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone✨ #makeup #cbeauty #blueglittermakeup #xiaohongshu #bluemakeup #liquideyeshadow

♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

I came across Leemember Glitter Palette Eyeshadow on TikTok, and I had to snap it up instantly because the color is simply breathtaking!

Leemember Dual Liquid Eyeshadow, I am Absolutely thrilled with my purchase! It’s exactly as I imagined— the shade and glitter are incredibly pigmented, yet the shade feels so creamy and soft, making it super blendable and smooth. The glitter adds a dazzling touch. Highly recommend this gem! 🙂

Color PK01, the eyeshadow is a lovely low pink shade, and both the eyeshadow and glitter are impressively pigmented.

Color X01 is the most popular Leemember Blue Eyeshadow on Tiktok. The glitter is exquisite! My approach was straightforward—I applied the blue shade, blended it out with my finger, and then added the glitter. Voila! Simple and fabulous.

Leemember JM Triple Eyeshadow

I snagged Shade 02, and it’s absolutely nailing its job! The quality is stellar—smooth powder that doesn’t cake up on my face. It works wonders in brightening up the under-eye area.

Perfect for vacations, the packaging rocks a simple yet cute style that I adore. Honestly, it ticks all the boxes for me, and I’m already eyeing a second one. Huge love for this gem! Such a lovely and useful product at an affordable price!

Leemember Lipstick

Leemember black feather solid lipstick (B103)

The packaging is really eye-catching, and I personally love it. The texture of the cream is very soft; just a little twist is enough, or it might break easily—don’t ask me how I know 😜

BL03 is currently a fast-selling color, and there are many other color options available.

Leemember Lip Gloss

Leemember double your fun!

Leemember excels in its two-way lipsticks—the dual-sided design features a mirror-like finish on one side and a matte effect on the other, allowing you to switch up your look based on your mood.

This thoughtful design comes in a total of 12 color options, and to be honest, I love every single one. I’d suggest picking a shade you don’t already have but would like to try, especially considering the very budget-friendly prices.

Leemember Where To Buy

After my research, the most reliable website is Chic Decent; its interface is cleaner than CuteHart’s.

I’ve personally made purchases from Chic Decent and had a positive shopping experience.


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