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Jill Leen Makeup:China’s Rising Star in Beauty

Jill Leen Makeup Brand

Jill Leen is a Chinese cosmetics brand, established in 2013, and is a part of Yiwu Jiuli Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

The brand adheres to the core product philosophy of “rooted in fashion, adept in color,” and is committed to producing high cost-effective affordable makeup.

Jill Leen brand boasts 4 major characteristics:

  1. Adherence to the use of imported high-quality raw materials to produce cost-effective products that meet consumer needs.
  2. Expertise in powder products, with a focus on outstanding series such as blush and contour.
  3. Simple and attractive packaging that closely follows current trends.
  4. High cost-effectiveness, earning the reputation as the “shining star of affordable domestic products.” The price range is between 3.8 yuan and 73 yuan, making it budget-friendly for students and girls on a budget. Beginners can use it without worrying too much about the cost.

Jill Leen Website

Where to buy Jill Leen?

Recommendation SourceWebsiteComments
Official SiteJill Leen Official SiteDirect source for Jill Leen products
Chic DecentChic DecentA comprehensive platform covering various Chinese beauty brands; My favorite shop (Read My Experience Here)

Jill Leen Blush

Velvet Cheek Blush

#08 turned out cooler than I expected, leaning towards a light purple-pink shade and darker than it appeared in the pictures. I was anticipating a light, warm-toned pink, so it left me a bit disappointed.

#18 Plum (the bright pink one) exceeded my expectations, especially considering my tan skin. It has become one of my favorite blushes with its perfect pigment amount and buildable formula. Very good!

#14 is a nice, cool-toned everyday shade. It’s decently pigmented and has a blurring effect on the skin.

The product is simply amazing—so pigmented and smooth. A solid 10/10 rating.

Jill Leen Eyeshadow

Pretty 12 Colors

Received this eyeshadow palette as a birthday gift (pretty10) and it’s absolutely adorable! The overall look is charming, and the colors are stunningly pigmented. Despite being smaller than anticipated, it has become my favorite purchase.

The shadows are bendable, and the glitters are good quality, making it easy to work with. The palette, though small, is perfect for on-the-go use—a travel-sized eyeshadow palette that’s worth every penny.

The heart shadow aesthetic adds to its charm. It’s surprisingly pigmented, making it my go-to palette for trips. The size is just right, ensuring it’s not bulky during travel.

Although cute, it’s important to note that the orange/bronze glitter can be a bit challenging to blend due to its chunkier and stickier texture.

Jill Leen Butterfly Palette

I haven’t personally experimented with the butterfly palette, but I totally get you covered. In the video below, a TikToker crafted an eye look using the Jill Leen butterfly palette and completed the entire makeup using Chinese beauty products.

The brands highlighted in the video include Hold Live and Flower Knows. Check it out for some beauty inspiration!


the kaleidos and flower knows products can be bought on their respective websites, the rest are from chicdecent! #cbeauty #chinesemakeup #douyinmakeup #cutcrease #halfcutcrease . products used: @Kaleidos Makeup tone activator eye primer, symphony contour trio in medium, mono blush in dreamwalk Jill Leen 12 color eyeshadow palette in Butterfly @Flower Knows Cosmetics moonlight mermaid eyeliner in black and jewelry lip gloss in mermaids tears Hold Live diamond flash highlighting powder in H04

♬ Say Yes To Heaven – Lana Del Rey

Jill Leen Highlighter


it’s a Chinese affordable brand that you can find it on TaoBao 💗 “JillLeen” #chinesemakeup #douyin #jillleen #sambathnita #makeuptutorial #highlighter #powder #fyp #foryou

♬ Chicago – Michael Jackson

This highlighter comes in three shades: champagne, rose, and galaxy. Personally, I’m all about the subtle, rosy hue—it’s perfect for creating that trendy Chinese-inspired makeup look.

After applying it, there’s this natural, dewy glow, and the powder is finely milled. Plus, the price is super budget-friendly!

Jill Leen Lip Gloss

Jill Leen primarily focuses on powder-based products, and lipsticks aren’t exactly its strong suit. I didn’t find anything particularly outstanding about their lipsticks. Instead, I would recommend checking out other Chinese beauty brands that excel in lip products, such as Flower Knows, Into You and Toorune.

Is Jill Leen Safe? Is Jill Leen Good?

Jill Leen is generally considered safe, but as with any cosmetic product, it’s essential to check for individual ingredients if you have specific allergies or sensitivities.

The sources I provided in this article are safe and you can trust that.

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