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Flower Knows Perfume Review-Your Ultimate Guide

Imagine discovering a Chinese makeup brand that goes beyond cosmetics and embraces the magical world of perfumes.

Flower Knows, known for its exquisite beauty products, has ventured into the realm of fragrances, creating captivating scents that touch the heart.

With their stunning packaging and alluring aromas, Flower Knows perfumes have become synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

Prepare to get on a fragrant journey where the art of makeup meets the enchanting allure of perfumery, courtesy of Flower Knows. 🌺

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Flower Knows Swan Ballet Perfume

Blue BottleCreamy fruity fragrance with mango, sweet orange, coconut milk, Polianthes tuberosa, and cedar for a fresh summer scent
Wood floral fragrance with bergamot, bitter orange, rose, juniper berries, fir, and musk, creating a richly layered, clear, and pleasant aroma with a sense of mystery and dreaminess

【Blue Bottle】: When first sprayed, it’s quite intense, with a milky scent reminiscent of the hand cream with milk fragrance available in supermarkets during childhood. As for the mango scent, there’s not even a hint of it. There’s a faint hint of a “tropical fruit” fragrance. Luckily, the strong scent dissipates quickly, leaving a mild milk fragrance in the base notes.

【Pink Bottle】: Upon the initial spray, there’s a pleasant surprise, giving off a luxurious and sophisticated aroma. It’s somewhat similar to a more intense version of Panhaligon’s Luna and Diptyque’s Ombre dans l’Eau. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s a certain note in the base that might feel a bit overpowering in the later stages.

Moonlight Mermaid Perfume Review

The fancy bottle with colors blending together looks really pretty. It catches the light in a cool way, and the statue on top is like a colorful mermaid under the moonlight, making it even more magical.

Forever Blooming Flower (Pink):

  • With top notes of jasmine petals kissed by morning dew, this fragrance evokes a sweet and fresh vapor that mingles with the green leaves.
  • The middle notes blend creamy gardenia and bright narcissus, reminiscent of a gentle wind and light rain caressing a girl’s hair.
  • The base notes of grass and agrostis stolonifera create a soft, ethereal fragrance, imbuing a green and floral aroma perfect for spring and summer.

Luna Goddess Tree (Blue):

  • Opening with sweet yet slightly bitter lemon peel fragrance, complemented by a cool touch of serene mint, this scent offers a fresh and non-greasy experience.
  • The middle notes intertwine damp moss, spring tea, and cedarwood, evoking a sense of tranquility.
  • The base notes of sandalwood and musk bring warmth, culminating in a refreshing cedarwood woody fragrance that is perfect for the spring-summer season.

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Flower Knows Moonlight Mermaid perfume, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. As someone who isn’t usually drawn to floral scents, I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty and calming nature of this fragrance. It effortlessly combines femininity and serenity in one bottle.

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. The pink bottle is absolutely amazing! It caught my eye with its stunning design and attention to detail. Even after I’ve made a noticeable dent in the perfume, I plan to keep the bottle as a display piece because it’s just that beautiful.

Now, let’s talk about the scent itself. It is fresh and fragrant, and it has garnered positive feedback from my family as well. Although I would describe it as floral, it has a unique and captivating quality that sets it apart. It’s a scent that truly stands out and leaves a lasting impression. While the fragrance doesn’t last extremely long, I find it to be reasonable given the overall experience and the fact that the bottle is a work of art.

Regarding the shipping, everything arrived within a month, which I found acceptable. The items were packed safely and neatly, ensuring that they arrived in excellent condition despite the long journey.

In conclusion, Flower Knows perfume has become one of my favorites. It offers a delightful and feminine scent that is perfect for the summer season. The combination of the stunning packaging and the unique fragrance makes it a must-have in any perfume collection.

I’m already contemplating getting the other perfume from their collection when I have the opportunity. I highly recommend giving Flower Knows a try and experiencing their amazing products and perfumes for yourself.😊

Chocolate Wonder-Shop Perfume

The Little House perfume bottle draws inspiration from retro British architecture. It’s meticulously crafted using a blend of glass and metal aluminum sheet materials, resulting in a luxurious texture that will captivate your senses.

Indulge in our exquisite selection of woody floral and ripe peach fragrances. Each scent takes you on a unique journey, evoking a sense of wonder and delight.

Perfume NameNotes
Alice’s Flower TeaExperience the embrace of chic green woods and warm orange blossoms. The top note is a pleasant blend of sweet and sour lemon fruit, reminiscent of a warm winter sun shining through cool treetops.

The fig leaves add a touch of greenery, while the olive tree and tonka bean create a gentle and lazy woody winter floral finish.
Red Queen’s MischiefIndulge in a sweet and lush peach floral and fruity fragrance. The top note offers an intense burst of flesh and sweetness, followed by the gentle infusion of warm white flowers.

Accents of sweet and sour plum balance the sweetness of the fruit and pure petals. The calming and ironic end notes of cedar and musk resemble layers of white frost on winter fruits, providing a rich fruit fragrance perfect for autumn and winter.

I recently purchased the Red Queens Mischief scent. While Flower Knows describes it as a fruity floral fragrance, I found that the fruity scents, like peaches and coconuts, were not very prominent.

Instead, the dominant notes were sandalwood and cedar, which I could already smell from the bottle itself before even using it.

The scent of this Eau de Toilette is truly unique. It doesn’t lean heavily towards being floral or fruity, but rather has a distinct resin-like quality to it. It reminded me of the fragrance Diptyque’s Wood Crystal Creek Wood.

The longevity on my skin was around 3-4 hours, and a few spritzes were enough as the fragrance is quite potent. I also noticed that it blended well with my natural body scent.

The dry down of Red Queens Mischief is almost unisex, with the lingering notes of sandalwood and cedar becoming more pronounced. I would caution that this fragrance may not be a safe blind buy for those who prefer mellow, soft, and delicately sweet scents.

However, if you enjoy bold and somewhat unique fragrances that have an almost unisex appeal, I recommend giving this scent a try.

I do hope that in their future perfume collections, They will consider incorporating more fruity compositions or even exploring gourmand scents. This would add more variety and appeal to their Eau de Toilette range.

Overall, Red Queens Mischief offers a distinctive and bold fragrance experience. If you’re seeking a scent that stands out and deviates from the typical floral or fruity profiles, I encourage you to give this fragrance a chance.

Flower Knows Unicorn Series Perfume

Perfume NameNotes
Daydream RoseTop notes of lemon, blackcurrant, and lychee for a refreshing opening. Middle notes of geranium and rose add floral elegance. Base notes of cedarwood and honey bring warmth and depth to the fragrance.
Midsummer FigTop notes of grapefruit and lemon for a zesty introduction. Heart features jasmine, rose, and lily-of-the-valley, creating a delicate floral bouquet. Base notes of cedarwood linger, adding a subtle woody touch.


  1. The packaging is simply breathtaking, elevating the overall experience of unboxing and using the perfumes.
  2. At $50 for a 50ml bottle, Flower Knows provides an affordable option without compromising on quality or aesthetics.
  3. The scents are truly captivating, showcasing a level of sophistication and complexity that sets them apart.
  4. I’ve been consistently impressed with the unique and complementary fragrances in the Flower Knows line, adding diversity to my collection.
  5. The “Reverie Rose” perfume stands out for me with its warm base notes of cedar and honey, creating a rich and inviting aroma.


  1. The heavy floral profile of “Midsummer Fig” doesn’t align with my personal preference for woodsy or fruity fragrances.
  2. The absence of the option to purchase perfume samples makes it challenging to try the scents before committing to a full-size bottle, potentially leading to uncertainty about how the fragrance will interact with individual body chemistry.

Flower Knows Strawberry Rococo Perfume

Strawberry Rococo has two fragrances, Angel Opera House and Cupid’s Dream.

  • Cupid’s Dream opens with green grapes, black currants, pear, and berries, followed by middle notes of lily of the valley, rose, and jasmine, and base notes of cedarwood, musk, and moss.
  • Angel Opera House opens with white wine, lychee, and Calamondin lime, followed by middle notes of tuberose and magnolia, and base notes of cedarwood, tea leaves, and vanilla.

  1. Refreshing and Invigorating: Whenever I wear Angel Opera House, the initial burst of white wine, lychee, and Calamondin lime instantly uplifts my spirits. It’s like a refreshing breeze on a warm summer day, rejuvenating my senses and putting a skip in my step. It’s perfect for those mornings when I need an extra boost of energy or when I want to feel refreshed and invigorated throughout the day.
  2. Elegant and Feminine: The middle notes of tuberose and magnolia in Angel Opera House bring about a sense of elegance and femininity. The delicate floral bouquet wraps me in a graceful aura, making me feel confident and poised. It’s a fragrance that I love to wear during formal events or when I want to add a touch of sophistication to my ensemble. It never fails to receive compliments and make me feel beautiful.
  3. Cozy and Comforting: The base notes of cedarwood, tea leaves, and vanilla in Angel Opera House create a cozy and comforting ambiance. It’s like being enveloped in a warm, soft blanket, bringing a sense of tranquility and relaxation. I often reach for this fragrance during cozy evenings at home, when I want to unwind and create a peaceful atmosphere. It wraps me in a gentle embrace, making me feel at ease and content.
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