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Hold Live Makeup: Exclusive Sessions with a Top Chinese Brand

Sisters who want to look better but always find their budget falling short, listen up! Every brand has its pros and cons. Today, I’m diving into a comprehensive review of Hold Live’s entire product line.

The goal is to uncover the genuinely practical gems in this brand, ensuring you take the right steps on your journey to beauty. If there’s any other Chinese beauty brand you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments!😊

Hold Live Brand/Cosmetic Origin

Holdlive, Chinese name:侯爱 founded in 2015 and part of Suzhou Sutika Trading Co., is a Chinese makeup brand. Embracing the spirit of ‘trendy, creative, and beautiful,’ Holdlive blends youthful creativity with inspiration from fashion and aesthetic design to create high-quality, distinctive beauty products.

Holdlive specializes in eye and lip makeup, with standout lip glosses known for their appealing shades and variety—perfect for students and cute makeup lovers alike. The packaging is not only visually pleasing but also exudes a girlish charm, elevating the products beyond their affordable price range.

It’s a budget-friendly choice for students, with prices ranging from 2USD to 8USD, making it irresistible for makeup beginners.

Frequently recommended by beauty bloggers, especially for their lip glosses, Holdlive never fails to capture hearts.

Any sisters here who have tried their products?😜

Hold Live Makeup Reivew

Below, you’ll find Hold Live’s lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, and highlighter.

At the moment, the online content on hold live is quite outdated therefore I decided to try out myself.

Join me in exploring the latest products from Hold Live!

Hold Live Lipstick

Just like Gogotales, Hold Live has a bunch of lipstick series that come in really cool packaging. They’ve got options like the Mirror Light Lip Gloss, which is only 6 bucks.

If you want something a bit fancier, there’s the Ice Stick Lip Mud, the Silver Bar Extra Fine Satin Lipstick, the Sakura Velvet Matte Lip Glaze, and the Little Pink Stick Water Mist Lip Glaze.

With all these choices, here’s my strategy: first, I decide if I’m in the mood for a mirror-like shine or a matte finish. Once I’ve got that figured out, I pick the packaging style I like, and then I choose the color. Easy peasy!

Not just Hold Live Lipstick, right now, there’s a wide variety available, and they’re gaining a lot of attention from Chinese girls and women. You can find many high-end alternatives Chinese makeup brands that provide the same effect as products priced between 5-10 dollars but give the look of a $50 product.

I’ve actually written articles about the substitute brands mentioned in the pictures above and below. Flower Knows Lipsticks, Joocyee Lipstick, Colorkey Lipstick, and Into You Lipstick.

Hold Live Eyeliner

I recently tried out this Ultra Thin Eyeliner, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for my eye makeup routine. The soft brush makes it a breeze to draw fine lines and outline my eyeshadow with a rich, deep color. The texture is super smooth, which I absolutely love—it just glides on effortlessly, allowing me to achieve the precise lines I want.

This is the the eyeliner you need for tiktok makeup style.

Here are some standout features that really impressed me:

  1. The embedded round ball is genius. It stirs the liquid at high speed, preventing any chance of solidification and ensuring a consistently uniform color every time I use it.
  2. The waterproof formula is a game-changer. Not only does it dry quickly, but it’s also smudge-resistant, keeping my makeup looking clean and fresh throughout the day.
  3. The pen tip’s moderate hardness is perfect for control. I never feel like I’m struggling to get the lines I want—it just flows smoothly.
  4. The color payoff is fantastic. It gives my eyes a full, vibrant look, and I can achieve delicate eye makeup without any fuss.
  5. The waterproof and anti-sweat properties are a lifesaver. I don’t have to worry about my eyeliner running or smudging, even on hot and sweaty days. And the best part? It’s surprisingly easy to remove at the end of the day.

Honestly, this eyeliner has become a staple in my makeup bag. If you’re looking for something that delivers on precision, color, and longevity, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

Hold Live Highlighter

Hold Live diamond flash highlighting powder

H01 features a white base blended with pink iridescence, giving off a very girlish vibe.

H02, in a subtle beige, sparkles delicately for a clear and natural dewy glow.

As for H03, it’s my personal favorite—bold shimmer with a glistening water-like radiance.

H04 has a natural flow of light, bursting into a galactic sparkle that’s truly dynamic. Especially under the right lighting, it shimmers beautifully.

Hold Live Paris Garden Eyeshadow Palette


Embrace the summer vibes with holdlive Paris Garden Eyeshadow Palette. 🌹💧 Indulge in the enchanting beauty of the Summer Rose Water Ice Crystal! 🔗SKU: HOL0007CS-1 #holdlive #ParisGardenPalette #SummerVibes #EnchantingBeauty #ShimmeringCrushedDiamonds #SweetExplosion #RadiantGlamour #EyeMakeup #BeautyEssentials #cbeauty #cbeautymall

♬ original sound – CbeautyMall – CbeautyMall

This eyeshadow palette is the king of cost-effectiveness. Shade 705 is perfect for a sweet and everyday look, with finely milled silver shimmer particles that sparkle brilliantly under light.

The light pink shade works well as both blush and highlighter, adding a touch of radiance to the eyes.

The wine-red with brown undertones can be used to intensify the eyeliner. The bottom-left color serves as a base and has a depuffing effect.

Hold Live Rose Bunny


I could say Hold Live one is better with their mattes and glitter shimmers formula, but Dasique does better with glitters and metallic shades 💖 #koreanmakeup #douyinmakeup #chinesemakeup #kbeauty #fyp #makeupbattle

♬ 9am Vixen – Ninedo

Rose Bunny is a perfect dupe for Dasique Berry Smoothie eyeshadow pallete. It outperforms Dasique in many aspects with lower price most importantly.

I personally like to use C-beauty pallete to create Chinese trendy makeup look. (Read More About it Here)

CriteriaDasique Berry SmoothieHold Live Rose Bunny
Price$29 USD$17 USD
Chunky GlittersBetterSlightly Rough Texture
Overall PerformanceLess PreferredPreferred
Where to buyHEREHERE

Note: Hold Live Rose Bunny is a more affordable option at $17 USD compared to Dasique Berry Smoothie priced at $29 USD. While Dasique excels in chunky glitters, Hold Live has a slightly rougher texture.

For overall performance, the preference leans towards Hold Live. However, personal preference plays a role, especially if you’re a dedicated Dasique fan.

Hold Live Cherry Blossom


I bought it for the ombre blush, but in reality, it’s not as dreamy as it looks in the pictures. The color payoff is decent, but there’s some fallout. It’s a good buy for students and those on a tight budget to give it a try.

Hold Live Secret Garden Blush

I went for shade 102 because I was on the hunt for a blush that’s basically my skin tone but better—you know, the kind that doesn’t look like it’ll even show up. It turned out a bit darker than what I was aiming for. However, the undertones were spot on. The coral shade is more lively in person, the orange gives that perfect sunburnt vibe, and the neutral shade is my go-to for toning down a bold eyeshadow or just for an everyday look. These colors aren’t in my collection, so I’m pretty stoked to experiment with them!

Now, let’s talk about the formula—it’s EVERYTHING. I was on the fence because I was also eyeing the Jill leen and Florette blushes, but this one outperforms them easily. I was suspicious at first since there were no reviews, and having three colors for about the same price as Jill leen and Florette made me raise an eyebrow.

But trust me, this blush feels way creamier than the other two. I’m definitely considering grabbing more shades of this blush!

For more Chinese makeup trends, products and tutorials, check my Youtube channel

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