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Chioture: Unfiltered Reviews on Every Product – Must-Read

As someone who knows a lot about Chinese makeup brands and their products, today I’m going to review a brand called Chioture, especially their lipsticks.

We’ll take a close look at these lipsticks to see what makes them special and how they fit into the world of makeup in China.

So, let’s dive in and discover what Chioture’s lipsticks are all about! 💋

Chioture Cosmetics

Chioture is a cosmetics brand with a singular focus on becoming a “global trendsetter in makeup.” Their mission is to tailor exclusive makeup looks for every individual, especially catering to the unique styles of women.

By seamlessly blending contemporary colors with distinct elements, Chioture aims to craft a vibrant and energetic line of “Lifestyle” makeup products. This innovative cosmetics brand originates from Shanghai and is dedicated to creating makeup designs suitable for all women.

The name CHIOTURE, a fusion of “CHIC” and “CAPTURE,” embodies a belief in purity, simplicity, and optimism. As a global trendsetter in cosmetics, Chioture caters to sincere and positively spirited young women. They offer affordable lifestyle-oriented makeup products that seamlessly combine international fashion with accessibility.

Chioture Lipstick Review


I just got my hands on the Chioture Ice Cream Lip Glaze, and it’s quickly become a favorite in my makeup collection. I couldn’t resist the adorable ice cream bar packaging, and it’s surprisingly durable, making it perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle.

The lip glaze itself has a unique ‘lip mud’ texture that’s both creamy and matte. It’s incredibly versatile, allowing me to achieve that trendy gradient lip look effortlessly. Plus, it’s buildable, so I can adjust the intensity of the color to my liking.

I did find it a bit confusing to differentiate between the gloss and matte versions online, but I picked Matte Lip Glaze #C22, a beautiful coral-pink shade that complements my warm skin tone perfectly.

The subtle candy scent adds a nice touch without being overpowering, and it fades after application. What’s great is that it doesn’t heavily stain the lips and is quite transferable, which means I don’t need to worry about it sticking to everything.

It stays put for around 4 hours, even with some light eating, and it doesn’t dry out my lips or settle into fine lines. All in all, it offers impressive performance, especially considering its affordable price.

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This lip product is formulated with a 65% high-water, light, and thin oil base, which gives your lips a transparent and radiant appearance. There are a multitude of shades to choose from.

To apply, start with a thin layer, which you can blend with your fingertips. Avoid pressing your lips together. After it sets, you can layer it multiple times in small amounts, focusing on the center of your lips. Once it sets again, you’ll notice the glossy and layered effect.

If you have naturally darker lips, it’s advisable to apply a lip primer beforehand. The key difference between this product and the one mentioned earlier is that the previous one has a matte finish, while this one ultimately gives a glossy effect.

Chioture Lip Oil Review

As the autumn and winter seasons approach and feeling tired of my age-old lip balm, I decided to give their new lip oil a try. Their lip oil follows a day and night concept, and I purchased both the Day Moist and Night Care variants.

They are incredibly moisturizing and have shown excellent results. The following morning, if I want to apply lip color from another brand, it adheres well. It has added a new lip care step to my bedtime routine, spicing things up a bit.

I highly recommend everyone to give it a try, especially considering its very affordable price.

2 other incredibly budget-friendly Chinese makeup brands that have garnered excellent reputations for their lipstick collections are INTO YOU and Flortte. CLICK TO READ MY REVIEW 💗💗💗

Chioture Blush

Chioture Just Poke Blush Stick

This brush stick is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, and I bought it with the intention of trying to achieve the popular TikTok blush effect. It’s excellent for creating that signature TikTok makeup look and achieving the unique TikTok blush style.

It blends effortlessly, turning into a powdery texture without disrupting your base makeup. It’s highly pigmented and doesn’t fade easily. Plus, it has decent staying power, making it a great choice.

Chioture Eyeshadow Palette

I absolutely adore this eyeshadow palette! The unique and diverse designs on the packaging for each color are not only visually stunning but also make it so much fun to use. It’s like a little work of art in my makeup collection, and I find myself reaching for it just to admire the beautiful packaging alone.

The fact that it includes a mirror in each one is incredibly convenient, especially when I’m on the go or need to touch up my makeup during a date night. It’s the perfect size for checking my eye makeup and ensuring it looks flawless wherever I am.

Talk about a versatile palette! I love that each one includes highlighter, matte, and contour. It’s so thoughtful and practical. With this palette, I can create a complete eye look and even use the shades for my face. It’s like having an all-in-one makeup kit in a compact, stylish package. I couldn’t be happier with it!

For now, I’ve tested these products, but if you have any specific ones you’d like me to review, please feel free to leave a comment.

If you’re a fan of Chinese cosmetics, don’t miss out on my reviews. You can find reviews for almost all your favorite brands right here or on my Youtube channel.

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