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Cute Rumor Review: Makeup Must-Haves

I came across Cute Rumor on Reddit while I was browsing. It just looks sooo adorable, I can’t resist then I personally purchased and tested the products.

I hope sharing my experience will provide you with valuable insights before making your own purchase. 😊👇

Cute Rumor Where To Buy

Cute Rumor doesn’t have its own official website yet and not on Amazon but you can still find their products on AliExpress and Chicdecent. 💓

I’ve personally tested purchases from both platforms, so you can shop with confidence.

Chicdecent is your go-to destination for discovering a wide range of ‘C’ beauty products.

Be sure to check out my review of this site here; it can provide valuable insights for your shopping journey.

cute rumor alice in wonderland review

Bunny Wonderland Tea Party Lipgloss/Lipstick

Lip TintShade (Color)TextureScent
White Rabbit Lip Tint
W02 (Peach)Oil-likeFruity
Black Rabbit Lip Tint
B03 (Warm Red)Velvety/Mousse-likeChocolate

In my personal experience, I found that this tint is exceptionally good at staining – it took roughly four swipes of the provided facial wipes to completely remove the swatches from my arm.

What impressed me the most was how it managed to strike a balance between long-lasting color and being non-drying. Although it does transfer quite a bit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the oil-like tints didn’t dissolve into my drinks, as is often the case with lip tints of this texture.

Instead, it transferred just like any regular lip tint, which was a welcome relief.

Cute Rumor really stands out with their adorable and creative packaging. Beyond the cute exterior, their products also deliver in terms of quality. What’s even better is that they manage to maintain relatively affordable prices.

Based on my experience, I recommend giving Cute Rumor a try – they offer a delightful combination of style and substance that’s hard to beat.

Cute Rumor Alice In Wonderland Swatches

Wonderland Tea Party Series Pocket Watch Blush 

The design is incredibly retro and cute; even after it’s empty, it can still be used as a portable pocket mirror.

The powder is lightweight, with a choice of five different colors available. It’s perfect for experimenting with TikTok blush looks; find some inspiration here.

Perfect as a gift for girls and ladies.

Unicorn Series Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow

This liquid eyeshadow has a moderate level of moisture, not feeling sticky or greasy. Once it dries, it holds up really well, and it creates beautiful eye looks with smooth transitions.

You can pair it with the blush mentioned earlier to create a complete TikTok-inspired makeup look.

Many people have mentioned that Cute Rumor and another Chinese makeup brand, Flowers Knows, share similarities. I recommend reading about them here and forming your own opinion.

After that, you can decide which one you prefer 😜

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