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Chinese Pillow Talk: What To Chat With Your Chinese Girl?

Chinese pillow talk is a unique and important aspect of their culture and relationships.

Failing to understand and participate in this form of communication can lead to a significant loss in building a strong bond with your Chinese date or partner.

In this article, we delve into the world of Chinese bedtime chats to understand what girls like to discuss and how it can bring you two closer.

What Is Pillow Talk? 1

Pillow talk refers to the intimate conversations that couples have in bed either before falling asleep or during the night.

These conversations can range from light and fun to deep and personal, and they provide a space for partners to connect and strengthen their emotional bond.

Pillow talk is considered a way to build intimacy and foster closeness.

What Chinese Girls Like To Chat Before Bed?

1.Childhood Experience

This topic, although seemingly ordinary and able to be talked about with anyone, is actually a reflection of everyone’s past, containing most people’s happy memories.

For example, the spicy strips from the corner store and the heroic act of catching frogs with friends can trigger feelings of nostalgia in women, making them more willing to chat and open up to you.

With this topic, you can talk to a woman all night, easily solving the awkwardness of finding a topic to talk about.


For example, you can tell a woman that after work today, you saw a group of elementary school students being noisy and suddenly felt nostalgic for your carefree and happy childhood.

Or, you just heard the sound of cicadas and suddenly remembered your favorite childhood activity of catching crickets.

This way, the topic can be naturally opened and women generally won’t reject it.

2.Things That Bother Her These Days

If you chat with girls often, you can talk about this topic.

For creatures like girls that are highly insecure, it’s comforting to have someone who can be there for them, console, and encourage when they have a lot of worries and don’t know what to do.

She will easily let her guard down and have a feeling of attachment.


What you should do is to listen carefully, stand in the same shoe with her.

When she complains, you can also complain.

When she says she’s annoyed, you can also tell her about your recent troubles and how you solved them.

This kind of experience will make the girl resonate, and she will feel like she has found a confidant in the vast sea of people.

However, we can be her vent but never her emotional trash can.

If she is in a bad mood, seize the opportunity to invite her out – this is a good chance and she will be able to feel joy from you.

3.Emotion Topics

It is 100% that discussing emotional topics such as past relationship experiences or personal views on love and future plans can lead to a development of a more intimate relationship.

However, it is important to approach such topics gradually, starting from lighter topics like zodiac signs, love songs, and gossip.

When the relationship is comfortable and the atmosphere is right, you can reveal your vulnerability and share your own emotions.


For example, you can send a video of a romantic couple and mention feeling a bit down after watching it, which may lead to a conversation about each other’s emotions and past experiences.

This kind of late-night emotional conversation can strengthen your relationship as you both open up to each other on a deeper level.

4.Outfit Plan For Tomorrow

Asking a girl about her outfit plan for tomorrow can be a fun and lighthearted way to initiate a conversation and build a connection.


Use the topic of her outfit plan as a starting point for a broader conversation.

Ask follow-up questions, such as what occasions she is dressing for or what her favorite styles are.

5.Dreams And Aspirations

This conversation allows you to get to know each other’s goals, plans, and aspirations, and helps to build a deeper connection.


  1. Start by sharing your own future plans and aspirations. Talk about what you hope to achieve in your career or your personal growth.
  2. Encourage her to share her own aspirations. Listen actively and show genuine interest in what she has to say. Don’t judge or criticize her goals, instead, be supportive and encouraging.
  3. Connect your aspirations with each other. Discuss how you can support each other in achieving your goals and what role you can play in each other’s lives.
  4. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Discuss your wildest aspirations and see if there’s a way to make them a reality.
  5. Make a plan. Take the conversation to the next level by making a plan to achieve your shared aspirations. Set realistic goals, create a timeline, and work together to make your dreams a reality.

6. Creative Quotes For Bedtime Wishes

“I’ll be dreaming of you tonight.”

“Sleep well, and know that you’re always on my mind.”

“May tonight’s rest be peaceful and full of happy thoughts.”

“Close your eyes and let your dreams take flight.”

“Goodnight, my everything.”

“I’ll be counting the stars until I can see you again tomorrow.”

How To Get Pillow Talk Started?

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere: Make sure the room is comfortable and conducive to a relaxing and intimate conversation.
  • Start with light and easy topics: Begin with light topics such as current events or funny moments from the day to ease into the conversation.
  • Share personal stories: Share personal experiences and feelings to build deeper connections and understanding.
  • Listen actively: Pay attention to what your partner is saying and show genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings.
  • Avoid arguments: Pillow talk is not the time for arguments or sensitive topics. If you encounter a disagreement, try to resolve it in a calm and respectful manner.
  • End on a positive note: End the conversation on a positive note, leaving both partners feeling connected and loved.

What Can Pillow Talk Do For Your Relationship?

  • Pillow talk can help boost sexual activity
  • Pillow talk makes partners feel closer and more relaxed
  • Increased oxytocin (bonding love hormone) during pillow talk helps foster feelings of love
  • Pillow talk helps stabilize a relationship by fostering an emotional connection
  • Both pre-sex and post-sex pillow talk contribute to a better relationship and higher satisfaction

Final Words:

Conversation topics such as childhood experiences, things that bother her these days, emotions, outfit plans for tomorrow, dreams and aspirations, and creative quotes for bedtime wishes can help you build a deeper connection with a woman and make her feel more comfortable with you.

If you want to spice up a little during the pillow talk, try these cheesy lines (go to headline No.3)


1. What’s the Chinese word for pillow talk?

The Chinese word for pillow talk is 枕边话 (Zhen Bian Hua).

2.Do Chinese girls like pillow talk?

Yes, Chinese girls love pillow talk. Quality pillow talk makes them feel connected with their partners and feel in love.

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