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The ultimate Guide to Hike in Wugong Mountain China

Wugong shan (武功山) is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the majesty of nature.

Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, a hike to the summit of Wugong Mountain is a journey you won’t soon forget.

Where Is Wugong Shan?

The Wu-kung Mountains are located in western Jiangxi, China and serve as a geographical boundary for Anfu County, Luxi County, Yichun, and Lianhua County.

Its highest peak, Baihe Feng (Golden Peak), stands at 1918.3m in Anfu County.

How To Get To Wugong Mountain?

1. High Speed Train:


5 hours

You can check time and book tickets here.

2. My Way: (Overnight Train)


12 hours Soft Sleeper (Recommended if you travel with a small group of friends, 4 beds in soft sleeper, 6 beds in hard sleeper)

We left on Friday afternoon after 6pm and arrived at 7am in the morning.

After breakfast then hike straight.

We bought train tickets here. (If you have hard time to buy, ask Chinese friends for help and give them cash instead.😊)

Local breakfast recommendations: Fried rice nooldes (炒粉) or rice noodles in soup (汤粉) both are authentic enough depends on your preference.


  • You can get a car from Pingxiang (萍乡) train station to Longshan Village (龙山村)-the hike starting point. Roughly one hour ride.
  • To make sure all your apps work properly, you need VPN in China. I have been using Astrill for 2 years and still happy about it.

When Is The Best Time To Go?

All year round.

We did it in June when all the grass is green.

Our 2 Days Itinerary: Free Entry (Very Challenging For Beginners)

Day 1 Longshan village-Fa Yunjie-Jue Wangpo-Guan Yinyan

Long Shan Village-龙山村

Longshan Village to Fa Yunjie (rough and unexpected steep), challenge from the very beginning.


Situated in the heart of Wugong Mountain on the Ji’an side.

It offers breathtaking views of the rolling sea of clouds, especially when rain is approaching.

Additionally, Fayunjie is renowned for its sprawling alpine meadow, dubbed “one of the three most beautiful in China”.

From Fa Yunjie to Guan Yinyan is about 12km with ups and downs.

You need to prepare enough water, energy drinks and food.

Jue Wangpo-绝望坡

The direct translation from Chinese into English is desperate slope and I felt the same when I was there.

Proper hiking shoes are desperately needed.

Guan Yinyan-观音岩

This is the camping site where you can book and sleep in various types of tents.

We stayed in a spherical tent.

We booked from here.

If you travel with a group, we suggest you take this one below instead for late night house parties but remember to book earlier.

It’s very popular.

There are many other types for you to choose from. Check from here

  • There are several bathing rooms in the tent camping area.
  • Top thing to do next moring is to wake up to catch the sunrise and sea of clouds.

Day 2

Hike from Guan Yinyan to Jin Ding.

Jin Ding (金顶)-The Golden Summit is the most sought-after scenic spot on Wugong Mountain.

Located on the Pingxiang side, it stands at an altitude of 2,000 m (6,000 ft) and is the highest peak in Jiangxi.

Take the cable car down from the Golden Summit.

Then the same way back to the train station and high speed train back to Shanghai.

Looking for more hidden gems to explore in China? 
What about Venice of the East and the largest yellow waterfall in the world!

4 Season Views in Wugong Mountain:

Final Words:

The route I am sharing today is a hidden gem.

And this is the least famous mountain I have been in China but enjoyed the most. 120% Recommended!

Wugong Mountain is still relatively unknown to tourists, making it a peaceful and uncrowded destination.

Visit before it becomes a hot spot and discover its natural beauty for yourself.

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