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what does it mean if a Chiense girl
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What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Cooks For You? Advice From a Real Chinese Girl

Chinese culture is full of rich traditions and customs, many of which are steeped in symbolism and meaning.

One such example is when a Chinese girl does a certain action towards you.

But what exactly does it mean?

In this article, we uncover the cultural significance and reveal the truth behind this fascinating aspect of Chinese culture.

Get ready to be surprised and enlightened!

What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Cooks for You?

When a Chinese girl cooks for you, it can have a few different hidden meanings, depending on the context and the relationship between the two people.

Some of the possible hidden meanings include:

  • Care: Cooking for someone can also be a way of showing care and affection. By cooking a meal, the girl may be expressing her desire to take care of you and make sure you are well-fed.
  • Cultural exchange: Cooking can also be a way of sharing and exchanging cultural experiences. By cooking a traditional dish, the girl may be hoping to introduce you to a part of her culture and heritage.
  • Romance: In some cases, cooking for someone can be a sign of romantic interest. If the girl is hoping to express her feelings towards you, cooking a meal could be a way of doing so.

She definitely likes you and feels comfortable and safe around you.

If you are also into her, cook for her soon! She will love this response more than anything.

What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Gives You a Gift? 🎁

Some possible hidden meanings include:

  1. Appreciation: A gift can be a way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for something you’ve done for her.
  2. Respect: A gift can also be a way of showing respect, especially if the gift is given on a special occasion like your birthday or as a way of congratulating you on an achievement.
  3. Friendship: Giving a gift can also be a way of building and strengthening a friendship. By giving you a thoughtful and considerate gift, the girl may be hoping to deepen your bond and cement your relationship.
  4. Romance: If the gift is given in a romantic context or on a romantic date it can be a sign that the girl is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

What are the romantic dates you need to know in China?

What gifts can you buy to tell her you are into her?

Find out here

What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Calls You Brother?

Some possible meanings include:

Calling someone “brother” can be a sign of closeness. In this case, the girl may be indicating that she sees you as someone close.

Don’t Give Up on Love Just Yet!

If She Calls You ‘Brother,’ It May Mean She’s Just Too Shy to Make a Move.

Take the Lead and Show Her You’re Interested – It Just Might Lead to Love!


When a Chinese girl calls you Bro the relevant Chinese phrase is 男闺蜜(nán guī mì).

This is not as serious as in western culutre that you are friendzoned.

Instead, this can lead into true love as we have a saying in Chinese:嫁人要嫁男闺蜜(Marry to your male besties!)

What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Cuts Her Hair?

Some possible interpretations include:

  1. Fashion Statement: Cutting one’s hair can simply be a way of changing up one’s look or trying out a new style. It might not have any deeper significance in this case.
  2. Personal Growth: Hair is often seen as a symbol of one’s identity, so cutting it can indicate a desire for change or a transformation in one’s life.
  3. Emotional State: For some people, cutting their hair can be a way of expressing or coping with their emotions, especially during times of stress, loss, or grief.

I know many girlfriends who cut their hairs for coping with emotions after an ending or for a new beginning.

We also have many songs singing about cutting hairs as a way to express their feelings.

Here is the most famous one: 短发 (Short Hair)

In this song, a woman cuts her hair short. The short hair symbolizes a change in appearance and a break from the past, and represents a new chapter in the singer’s life.

What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Says She Likes You?

If a Chinese girl says she likes you, it’s usually a sign that she has developed feelings of fondness and admiration for you.

This could indicate that she’s secretly hoping for a romantic relationship with you in the future.

If you also like her, now it’s time to make a move 💘

Get her a gift on 14th of February or 20th of May to ask her to be your girlfriend.

Some gift ideas

What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Says She Loves You?

When a Chinese girl says she loves you, it generally means that she has strong feelings of affection and attachment towards you.

And the Chinese girl you are dating is modern and special as most Chinese girls are traditional.

Young traditional Chinese girls will wait until you say “I love you” first.

Young Chinese girls and boys may not have a clear distinction between “like” and “love.”

For many Chinese couples, once they start dating, they are considered to be in a committed relationship and in love. (All or Nothing)

There may not be a gradual build-up of feelings or a need to use the word “like” before moving on to “love.”

Sometimes, simply telling a Chinese girl that you like her may not be enough, and she expects that you are in love with her if you are in a relationship.

Cultural norms and personal preferences can impact the way feelings are expressed.

For like or love topic is best to communicate directly and openly to avoid misunderstandings.

What Does It Mean If a Chinese Woman Hugs You?

Hug is not a thing for Chinese.

If you get a hug from a Chinese girl, it signals affection, comfort, support, or even congratulations or gratitude.

What Does It Mean When a Chinese Woman Calls You Dear?

“亲爱的” is what you’re referring to in Chinese characters.

It’s commonly translated as “dear,” “darling,” or “honey.”

Younger generations who are more influenced by Western culture and comfortable expressing affection verbally often use it as a term of endearment between spouses, romantic partners, and close friends.

However, many Chinese, particularly those over 35-40, still may not feel comfortable using it.

Here is song about “亲爱的“ that every Chinese love:

(Our go to KTV song in University and hope you will enjoy it as much as we did 😊

When shopping online on Chinese e-commerce platforms such as TaoBao or JD, you’ll likely be addressed as “darling” (亲爱的) by the website’s messaging and retailers’ customer service representatives.

It’s something like when British shop owners say “My love” to every of their customers.

This may seem unusual to non-Chinese, but it’s just a common practice.

Recently, some Chinese people have begun using “亲爱的” or “亲” even when meeting someone for the first time, as a way to create a warm atmosphere and express closeness.

However, the use of this term is a matter of personal preference in China.

Love or hate.

Final Words:

If this article has helped you gain clarity and overcome your confusion, then take that as a sign to be confident and bold in expressing your romantic feelings towards the girl.

Remember, being shy or afraid of rejection can often lead to missed opportunities.

So, take a deep breath, stay true to yourself, and put your heart on the line.

The worst that can happen is a “no”, but a positive response can lead to a beautiful and fulfilling relationship.

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2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When a Chinese Girl Cooks For You? Advice From a Real Chinese Girl”

  1. Thank you for the insights. My relationship with my girlfriend can be a challenge sometimes. I am starting to learn Mandarin and embrace chinese culture, but sometimes she seems more westernised than me. We are getting there and my waistline has definitely expanded. Apparently I do not eat enough! Thank you.

    1. Yang

      You’re welcome! Learning about your girlfriend’s culture and language is a great way to show your love and commitment. And hey, if your waistline is expanding, at least it’s for a good cause 😜 Here is a Chinese saying for you:有情人终成眷属 meaning ‘Two people in love eventually have a happy ending.’

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