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Chinese Meme Guy: The Internet’s Newest Sensation

1. Shang Abi

ShaShang Abi, who became popular in late 2020 due to his buff physique and silly dance videos.

He posts on TikTok under the handle LXXBIG and often features beautiful women in his videos to appeal to young men.

His fashion sense and choice of music are also mentioned.

Despite the Instagram account claiming him to be the “Master of Sex,” it is unclear who runs the account as Instagram is blocked in China, and the owner posts in German.

The video highlights the differences in cultural ideals of masculinity and how Shang Abi’s flamboyant style challenges the traditional Chinese view.

Overall, the video discusses the internet fame of Shang Abi and his impact on pop culture.

There are also many other popular Chinese TikTokers both overseas and in China.

2. Square Head Man:Chinese guy explaining meme

What is He Screaming About? (Full Translation Below)

Chinese: 张牙舞爪健身操,祝您健康步步高,奥里给!

English: Open your hands and wave your arm , best wishes to your body in better condition ,ao li gei (come on!)

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3. Chinese meme song chin cheng hanji

“Ching Cheng Hanji” is a well-known Chinese opera song that has become part of American internet culture.

It originated from the Chinese opera “The Case of Chen Shimei” or “鍘美案“.

Chin cheng hanji lyrics(Chinese Character and Pinyin)

近前看其,Jìnqián kàn qí

詳上寫著,xiáng shàng xiězhe,

秦香蓮年三十,qínxiānglián nián sānshí

二歲那狀告當朝 駙馬郎,èr suì nà zhuàng gào dāng cháo fùmǎ láng

欺君王瞞皇上,qī jūnwáng mán huángshàng

那悔婚男兒招東床,nà huǐhūn nán’ér zhāo dōng chuáng

殺妻,shā qī

滅子良心喪逼死寒妻,miè zi liángxīn sàng bī sǐ hán qī

怎了堂 將狀紙押至在爺的大堂上 zěnle táng jiāng zhuàngzhǐ yā zhì zài yé de dàtáng shàng

Chin cheng hanji English Translation

Qin Xianglian, a 32-year-old woman, filed a complaint against the Prince Consort of the imperial family for deceiving the emperor and betraying his marriage vow by trying to murder his wife and heirs.

He abandoned his conscience and caused his wife’s death within a shrine.

The accusation will be posted on every building, and I will grit my teeth to hunt him down.

Old Chinese Man Singing Ching Cheng Hanji

4. Xue hua piao piao Eggman

In early 2020, a video of a man with an egg-shaped head singing “Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao” went viral on Kuaishou.

The man, known as “Eggman” or “Duck Egg,” gained fame on TikTok and topped the Spotify Viral 50 chart in several countries.

The song is commonly referred to as “Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao”, which is the part of the song that gained the most prominence.

Xue hua piao piao meaning (English Translation)

It comes from the Chinese song Yi Jian Mei (一剪梅)and means “snow flakes float”.

“Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao” means “The snow falls and the Northern wind blows.” It describes the harsh environment in which the plum thrives.

The meme is now used to express a “whatever” or “I give up” attitude, in addition to sadness and helplessness.

5. Brother Jian

A mysterious Chinese man known as Brother Jian, residing in Baoding, Hebei province, has gained fame on TikTok for leading large groups of dancers in public squares at night.

By day, Brother Jian runs a small tea business, but his nighttime persona as “the Chinese master of the square dance” has attracted millions of views and imitations.

The videos, featuring classic songs like Ma Baker by Boney M, have become viral memes, with TikTok users replicating Brother Jian’s moves. Despite being a sensation internationally, on the Chinese platform Kwai Shou, where the videos originated, they initially garnered only a few hundred likes.

The phenomenon has left many intrigued, with questions arising about Brother Jian, his dancers, and the disapproval from some Chinese teenagers towards their activities.

6. Chinese Neck Man

What is he singing?

离家的孩子li jia de hai zi

流浪在外边liu lang zai wai bian

没有那好衣裳mei you na hao yi shang

也没有好烟ye mei you hao yan

(Child away from home Wandering outside No good clothes to wear No good cigarettes to smoke)

7. Chinese Man meme laughing

Yao Ming Face is a popular meme from Rage Comics that typically conveys a sense of indifference or resignation.

The meme originated in 2009 when professional basketball player Yao Ming made the distinctive facial expression during a press conference.

8. Bing Chilling!

On May 10, 2021, John Cena shared a video on his Weibo account to promote the release of the movie “Fast & Furious 9”.

In the video, he can be seen sitting in a car and enjoying an ice cream while speaking in Mandarin and singing into the ice cream like it was a microphone.

The video also includes Mandarin subtitles.

Why does John Cena speak such good Chinese? Super Explanation HERE.

In November 2022, a script delivered by John Cena became a viral trend on TikTok.

Many creators made videos reciting the dialogue flawlessly in Mandarin, leading to millions of views and likes.

A video posted by TikToker @giapaoohehe on November 14th gained over 4 million views and 300,000 likes in just four days.

9. Super idol de xiao rong meme

The Chinese singer’s name is Tian Yiming, known as a celebrity in China and nicknamed “oily man.”

He gained popularity overseas for his performance on “Super Idol 105” and his songs featuring a Chinese shirt, which resemble the “Social Credit” meme.

He also appeared as a guest on TV shows such as “China’s Got Talent.”

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