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Top 6 Outdoor Bamboo Shades Blinds

Looking for the best outdoor bamboo shades and blinds to protect your outdoor living space from the sun?

Check out our top-rated options that are not only durable and functional, but also stylish and beautifully designed.

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere while shielding yourself from harmful UV rays with the best outdoor bamboo shades and blinds on the market.

Top Pick⭐TJ Bamboo Roll Up Outdoor Blind Sun Shade, Light Filtering Roller Shades

✅I absolutely love my new bamboo roll-up shade! It adds the perfect amount of soft, filtered light to my patio and looks so elegant.

✅And with multiple 72″ size options, I was able to find the perfect fit for my patio.

✅The smooth rolling mechanism is so easy to use and I appreciate the included installation hardware. Definitely worth the investment.

Keep in mind:

Do not place your shades in moist, damp environments.

Actual natural bamboo may slightly vary in color from computer monitors/calibrations colors.

Best 84-inch Wide⭐Seta Direct, Brown Bamboo Slat Roll Up Blind

✅The added privacy backing option is a game-changer and really sets this blind apart from others I’ve tried.

✅It fits perfectly in my garden and the provided screw hooks made installation so easy.

✅This brown bamboo flat slat blind has exceeded my expectations! I love the versatility of being able to do an inside or outside mount and the included cord safety cleat gave me peace of mind.

Keep in mind:

The ones with privacy backing are usually slightly more expensive than others and run out of stock pretty fast.

Best 72 Wide⭐Radiance Cord Free, Roll-up Reed Shade, Natural, 72″ W x 72″ L

✅Safe and functional roll-up shade with a cord-free feature that’s Best for Kids certified.

✅High-quality roll-up shade suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

✅Easy to clean with a vacuum attachment or hand duster. Perfect for larger space.

Keep in mind:

Small gaps are normal & allow a soft glow.

Please take down during windy & extreme weather.

Best 10 ft/120 inch Wide⭐Patio Bamboo Roll Up Shade Light Filtering 60% Retro Reed Shades Blinds Suitable for Balconies

✅The 120-inch size is unique and hard to find in the market, making it a valuable and sought-after option for those in need of larger shades.

✅The natural reeds provide a retro look that is both unique and stylish. They’re also easy to install and operate.

✅With a shading rate of 60%, you can enjoy privacy without sacrificing comfort.

Keep in mind:

It’s more pricy than others because of the large size.

Best Large Size⭐JLCP Blue Bamboo Blinds,Blackout Roller Shades,Breathable Privacy

✅I am absolutely in love with the unique blue color of this product! It adds the perfect pop of color to my exterior décor and is sure to impress any guests.

✅It was such a relief to finally find a product that comes in super big sizes! It’s been a struggle to find something that fits my balcony, but this product did the trick and looks amazing.

✅The unique bamboo scent that this product emits is such a refreshing bonus! It adds to the natural and eco-friendly vibe of my home and I love it.

Keep in mind:

The natural bamboo roller blinds are suitable for installation on both the internal and external sides.

When making a purchase, please refer to the measurement size chart carefully.

If the desired size is not available, you may order the closest size or contact seller for size customization.

Best in Price⭐Radiance Cord Free, Roll-up Reed Shade, Cocoa, 8″ W x 72″ L

✅It’s the cheapest option among all the picks above. But it still delivers amaizng quality.

✅The innovative adjustable faster replaces the cord, ensuring that this shade is not only stylish but also safe for outdoor use. Plus, with its minimum length of 72″, this shade is the perfect size for outdoor patios, decks, and pergolas.

✅This shade provides peace of mind for parents who want to ensure the safety of their children while still enjoying the great outdoors. So, whether you’re looking to create a cozy outdoor nook or add a touch of style to your backyard, the Reed Bamboo Roll-Up Shade is the perfect choice for all your outdoor needs!.

Keep in mind:

Actual item may vary in color from computer monitors/calibrations colors.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Bamboo Blinds

If you are bamboo lovers, you will like to know its story,bamboo fans for decor and bamboo keyboards.

Can I use bamboo shades outside?

Yes, you can.

Bamboo is a durable material that is resistant to moisture, including rain and water spray, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Can you see through bamboo blinds from outside?

Yes, you can.

Bamboo blinds have varying degrees of transparency depending on their style.

While some woven wooden shades allow more light to pass through, others are more opaque.

During the daytime, bamboo shades provide some privacy when closed, but at night, they may become more translucent as the occupants are backlit.

Are bamboo shades worth it?

Yes, bamboo shades are worth it for several reasons.

  • They are durable and long-lasting, adding a natural and unique aesthetic to any room.
  • They offer both light filtration and privacy, making them a versatile choice for window treatments.
  • Additionally, bamboo is a sustainable material, making these shades an eco-friendly option.

How long does bamboo blinds last?

5-10 Years.

To ensure your bamboo blinds last for 5-10 years, it’s important to choose ones made with high-quality materials and to properly install and care for them.

How do you clean bamboo shades?

  • Regular cleaning of your bamboo blinds can be easily done with a microfiber cloth or feather duster to remove dirt and debris from each slat.
  • In case of infrequent cleaning or pet presence, using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can be a suitable alternative to safely eliminate dust without causing damage.

What are the disadvantages of bamboo blinds?

  1. The cord length on bamboo roller blinds can be hazardous to both children and pets. (There is cordless version in my recommendations)
  2. Additionally, the loose weave and lack of lining can make these blinds a poor choice for privacy, especially if they are to be used in a bedroom.

How do you stop bamboo going Mouldy?

  1. To remove bamboo mold, white spores, and mildew, gently brush the affected area and then clean it with a damp cloth.
  2. You can use lemon oil or a mixture of vinegar and water to eliminate the mold.
  3. In the case of bamboo furniture, it is recommended to apply three coats of water-based polyurethane after removing the mold.
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