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Best Gongfu Tea Set: Essential Guide From Chinese

As someone who has been steeped in Chinese tea culture from a young age, I understand the art of choosing the perfect tea set like the back of my hand.

Today, I invite you to join me on a journey through the world of tea aesthetics, where every curve and contour of a tea set is a symphony of tradition and elegance.

From the enchanting designs to the delicate craftsmanship, my discerning eye has curated a selection that will surely resonate with you 😊✨

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What Is Gong Fu?

“Kung Fu,” “Kong Fu,” “Gung Fu” and “Gong Fu”are all variations of the same term, referring to the traditional Chinese practice of skill and mastery. “Kung Fu” is the most commonly used spelling in the West.

“Gong Fu,” refers specifically to the practice of skill and effort in the context of tea preparation. It is often associated with the meticulous and artful way of brewing tea, focusing on maximizing the flavor and aroma of the tea leaves through precise techniques and tools.

So, “Gong Fu” in the context of tea, usually refers to the elaborate and precise way of preparing tea.

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Best Overall⭐ufengkeWood Tea Tray Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set Service

3 Reasons Why I Like It

  1. Exquisite Craftsmanship: The set boasts beautiful craftsmanship, reflecting traditional Chinese elegance, making it a captivating addition to your tea rituals.
  2. Exceptional Value: With a reasonable price point, the set offers remarkable value for its quality, surpassing options even available in China, while sparing you the hassle of overseas procurement.
  3. Versatile and Complete Set: This comprehensive set includes all essential tools for a seamless Gongfu tea ceremony – from a thoughtfully designed board to intricately crafted cups – ensuring an authentic and gratifying ritual every time.

Note that the set does not include a storage case, which might prompt you to explore suitable storage solutions to keep the pieces safe and organized.

If you're new to this and don't require numerous tools, take a look at our top recommendations for gaiwan tea sets. 
It's simpler and less complex. Or you can just simply buy the finest teapot from China Yixing Clay Teapot.

Gongfu Travel Tea Set⭐fanquare Travel Tea Set,Handmade Kungfu Tea Set

3 Reasons Why I Like It

  1. Streamlined Portability: Tailored for wanderlust, this set’s sleek and lightweight design effortlessly fits into your travel essentials, ensuring cherished tea moments are always within reach.
  2. Enduring Resilience: Engineered with robust materials, this set’s durability withstands the trials of travel, safeguarding its elegance and functionality against the trials of the road.
  3. Comprehensive Convenience: Despite its portable size, this set includes all essential components for a complete Gongfu tea experience, from cups to teapot, providing the convenience of a full-fledged ritual without compromising on quality or tradition.

There are some small flaws in the production, such as small black spots, small bubbles and so on, it’s inevitable because of firing technology.

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Portable Gongfu Tea Set⭐ICHAG Kungfu tea sets Portable 13-piece with grey leather case

3 Reasons Why I Like It

  1. Chic Style on the Move: Imagine a sleek leather case cradling your tea set – it’s like a fashion statement for your sips. Classy and minimal, it’s a case you’ll adore.
  2. Cups That Fit Just Right: Each cup isn’t just pretty; it’s made to feel cozy in your hand. And that teapot? It’s got a clever strainer, so your sips are perfectly smooth.
  3. Luxury in Every Sip, Wallet-Friendly: This set’s got a secret – it looks way fancier than its cost. Imagine giving this to a tea lover; they’ll feel like royalty, whether they’re at work or out and about.

Make sure to wipe the bamboo tray dry after every use and, when you can, let it bask in the sun for a thorough drying.

Lazy Kung Fu Tea Set⭐rora lazy kung-fu glass tea set

3 Reasons Why I Like It

  1. A Modern Twist on Tradition: This ingenious creation might have surprised our ancestors, but as a young Chinese person, I’m intrigued and eager to try it out. Crafted from transparent borosilicate glass, known for its resilience and heat resistance, this set is a perfect match for blooming teas.
  2. Built to Last, Easy to Maintain: This set isn’t just pretty; it’s tough. It can handle quick changes in temperature without a fuss, and it’s a breeze to clean. Plus, it won’t absorb any tea flavors, so each sip is as fresh as the first.
  3. Elegance in Every Sip: The sleek design and clear glass let you take in the whole tea experience – from the mesmerizing colors to the soothing aromas. It’s like adding a touch of luxury to your daily tea ritual.

For the first use, please wash the inside of the cup with some weakly alkaline liquid such as 10% edible vinegar or citric acid, and then rinse it with hot water.

Best Beginner Gongfu Tea Set⭐LURRIER Porcelain Chinese Tea Set with 360 Rotation Tea maker

3 Reasons Why I Like It

  1. Innovative Lazy Design: Say hello to a brand-new way of enjoying kung fu tea! With this rotating teapot set, you can spin it by the handle – no need to remove the strainer. Feel the mix of kung fu and tea, creating a unique tea time with friends. It’s like a clever tea party trick that even my ancestors might have liked.
  2. Timeless Elegance: The classic floral white style is a well-known Chinese tradition. It represents dignity and joy. The pure white background with blue floral patterns is simply elegant. The intricate lines of the pattern add an extra touch of beauty, making this set a little piece of the East in your home.
  3. Perfect for Beginners: If you’re new to kung fu tea, this set is your best friend. No need for a bunch of tools – just a few tea cups. Plus, it’s a steal when it comes to price, design, and functionality. After searching far and wide, I can confidently say this is the best bang for your buck out there.

The product is not compatible with dishwashers or microwaves. Using these appliances can lead to the peeling off of the surface coating.

Kung Fu Tea Gift Set⭐Teapot Teacups All in One Gift Bag for Adults

3 Reasons Why I Like It

  1. Unbeatable Combo of Price and Quality: Get ready for a pocket-friendly deal that doesn’t compromise on top-notch quality. The neat packaging and lightweight design make it your perfect partner for quick getaways or outdoor escapades.
  2. Stunning Beauty with a Twist: Brace yourself for a visual treat – the case not only looks luxurious but also carries a touch of the future. I’m all for this cool blend of modern and traditional vibes.
  3. Crafted with Heart in Dehua, China: Picture this – delicate artistry born in the porcelain haven of Dehua. The exquisite carvings are like whispers of its rich history. No wonder it got the “World Ceramic Capital” badge from the World Handicraft Council.

Kung Fu Glass Tea Set⭐Aoheuo Kungfu Glass Tea Set Semi-Automatic(Blue)

3 Reasons Why I Like It

  1. Enchanting Deer Design with a Touch of Gold: Immerse yourself in the whimsy of a fairy deer shape adorned with elegant gold detailing. Each embellishment is meticulously handcrafted, adding a truly atmospheric touch.
  2. Comprehensive Set of Accessories: Enjoy the convenience of a complete set, intelligently designed for easy maintenance. The separate cover bowl and bottom fair cup design ensures effortless cleaning, making your tea time a breeze.
  3. Modern Twist on Tradition: Experience the magic of kung fu tea with a semi-automatic design that combines tradition and modernity. This unique blend adds a touch of fun to your tea ceremony, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Suggested to clean the teapot with neutrality detergent when using first time.

How to Choose the Right Gongfu Tea Set?

Selecting the perfect teaware for Gongfu cha involves a thoughtful consideration of factors that harmonize with your choice of tea. The type, shape, decantation speed, and material of the teawares are crucial elements.

Just as you wouldn’t serve beer in a Bordeaux glass, the teaware you pick should complement your tea perfectly. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the best choices for your Gongfu Cha experience.


The teapot serves as a central element in Gongfu cha, with several options catering to different preferences:

Small Pots:

  • These Gongfu-style teapots are designed for brewing multiple infusions from the same tea leaves during a single session.
  • Their volume typically ranges from 150mL to 350mL, and the choice of size depends on factors such as the number of guests and the shape of the tea leaves.
  • Teapots with wider, flatter bottoms, such as the Stone Ladle Teapot, are ideal for chunky Pu’er cha and compressed cakes.
  • For ball-rolled oolong teas, teapots like the Qing Xiang Porcelain Tea Pot or the Pear Shaped Teapot are recommended to allow full leaf unfurling.


  • Gaiwans are versatile vessels, generally holding around 150mL to 200mL, suitable for a wide range of tea types.
  • Although mastering their brewing technique requires practice, Gaiwans are favored by tea connoisseurs for their adaptability and versatility.

Serving Pitchers (Cha Hai):

An essential component of Gongfu cha, the Serving Pitcher enhances the experience of sharing tea:

  • A Cha Hai, or Serving Pitcher, allows you to decant the entire infusion from your teapot or Gaiwan into a shared vessel.
  • This ensures consistent strength and flavor across all servings.
  • Opt for a glass Serving Pitcher to appreciate the infusion color while catering to any tea style.


Gongfu teacups are thoughtfully designed to enhance the concentrated nature of Gongfu-style brewing:

  • These cups are usually moderate or small in size, allowing you to enjoy multiple rounds of brewing and fully immerse yourself in the tea’s essence.

Teaware Materials:

Selecting the appropriate material for your teapot or Gaiwan is a crucial decision in Gongfu Cha, with different materials offering unique benefits:


  • Glass is a versatile material that complements all tea types without absorbing or altering flavors.
  • It offers a pure and unadulterated taste experience, making it an excellent choice for showcasing each tea’s distinct profile.

Earthenware & Clay:

  • Earthenware and specific clay types are well-suited for deeply roasted, aged, or fermented teas like Ripe Pu’er and roasted oolongs.
  • Porosity levels vary based on the clay, influencing their compatibility with different teas.
  • Certain clay and mineral blends, like those used in the Pear tea pot and Stone Ladle teapot, are nearly impervious and non-absorbent.

White Porcelain:

  • Porcelain is an ideal material for all tea types, maintaining its integrity and not interfering with tea flavors.
  • It is particularly suited for teas with delicate aromas, such as green oolongs, high-mountain teas, Darjeeling, and Eastern Beauty teas.

As you embark on your Gongfu Cha journey, you can start with the teaware you have on hand and gradually explore different shapes and materials to refine your skills and deepen your understanding.

Components of a Gongfu Tea Set

Familiarizing yourself with these components and tools ensures a complete and enjoyable Gongfu tea experience, preventing any surprises or missing pieces in your tea set.

ComponentDescriptionMaterials Available
Tea Tray– Holds teapots and cups while displaying them neatly.Wood (bamboo), stone, jade, ceramics
– Collects overflow water; some have an overflow connection to a wastebasket.
– May have two layers, with wastewater collected in the bottom layer.
– Often designed with carvings or beautiful patterns for aesthetics.
Tea Pot– Essential for brewing tea; traditionally made of Yixing or Chao Zhu clays.Yixing or Chao Zhu clays, porcelain, glass
– Smaller than western teapots, allowing quicker brewing and multiple steeps.
– Enables appreciation of changing tea flavors and aromas after each steeping.
Gaiwan– Composed of 3 pieces: lid, bowl, and saucer.Porcelain, glass, Yixing or Chao Zhu clays
– Can be used to brew and drink tea; traditionally made of Yixing or Chao Zhu clays.
Gong Dao Bei– Pitcher for serving brewed tea; separate from teapot to prevent bitterness.Clay, porcelain, glass
– Ensures even brewing before pouring; ideal for short infusions.
Appreciation Cups– Smaller than western teacups; allow appreciation of tea’s aspects after each steep.
Aroma Cup– Tall and slender; used to appreciate tea aroma.
– Brewed tea poured first for aroma appreciation; residual aroma noticed as it cools.
Tea Strainer– Used to filter tea leaves or residue when pouring from the brewing vessel to the Gong Dao Bei.
– Often comes with its own holder.
Tea Holder– Holds tea leaves before brewing; shallow and small for precise measurement.Bamboo, porcelain, clay
– Serves as a display for the tea leaves’ aesthetics.
Tea Canister– Used for airtight storage of tea leaves.Various materials available
Waste Bucket– Catches wastewater and tea; some trays have a hose connection to it.
Brush– Used to clean teapots, especially important for traditional clay materials.
Tea Cloth– Absorbent towel to clean spills inside and outside the tea set.
Tea Pet– Decorative figurine, often made from the same materials as the teapot and cups.
Other ToolsAdditional tools used in Gongfu tea ceremony:
Pu’er Tea KnifeDull knife for cutting into Pu’er tea cakes.
Pot HolderHolds teapot; protects from heat; usually made from the same material as the teapot.Same material as teapot
Tea ScoopScoops dry tea leaves into the teapot for brewing.
Digger Tea SpoonTransfers tea leaves from holder to teapot.
Tea FunnelGuides tea leaves into the teapot, avoiding spillage.
Tea TweezersSafely removes used tea leaves from the teapot.
Tea PinClears clogs from filter holes; ensures smooth flow.
Tea VaseNeatly stores and displays various tea tools in one place.

How To Use Gongfu Tea Set?

Using a Gongfu Tea Set is an artful and rewarding way to brew and enjoy tea. The set typically includes a teapot, tea cups, a tea pitcher (fairness cup), and a tray. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a Gongfu Tea Set:

  1. Preparation: Gather your Gongfu Tea Set, select the tea you’d like to brew, and prepare hot water at the appropriate temperature for the tea type.
  2. Warming the Utensils: Pour hot water into the teapot, tea cups, and tea pitcher to warm them. Discard the water from the teapot and tea pitcher, but keep the cups warm.
  3. Tea Leaf Measurement: Depending on the size of your teapot, measure an appropriate amount of tea leaves and place them into the teapot. A common guideline is to fill about one-third of the teapot with tea leaves.
  4. Rinsing the Leaves: Pour hot water over the tea leaves and immediately pour it out. This step rinses the leaves and prepares them for brewing.
  5. Multiple Infusions: Begin the first infusion by pouring hot water over the tea leaves and allowing them to steep for a short time (e.g., 10-15 seconds). Pour the infused tea into the tea pitcher.
  6. Fairness Cup Technique: Pour the tea from the pitcher into each tea cup, ensuring an equal distribution of flavors. This step is known as the fairness cup technique and helps maintain consistent flavor across cups.
  7. Savoring the Tea: Take a moment to appreciate the color, aroma, and taste of the tea in your cup. Gongfu Tea Brewing allows you to experience the tea’s evolving flavors through multiple infusions.
  8. Repeat Infusions: Continue steeping and pouring multiple infusions, gradually increasing the steeping time with each iteration, based on your taste preferences.
  9. Cleaning and Storing: After you’ve enjoyed your tea session, thoroughly rinse the teapot, tea cups, and tea pitcher with hot water. Allow them to air dry and store them properly for future use.

How Much Tea Do You Put in Gongfu?

Gong Fu brewing is a Far East style using smaller teaware, higher leaf-to-water ratio, and quick infusions for proper tea extraction.

Leaf-to-water ratio affects taste, texture, and infusion count; too much leaf can lead to over-extraction.

Guidelines for different tea types:

Green tea: Start with 3.0-3.5 grams per 100 ml pot.

White tea: Start with 3.5-4.0 grams per 100 ml pot.

Black tea: Start with 4.0-4.5 grams per 100 ml pot.

Oolong: Start with 4.5-5.0 grams per 100 ml pot.

PuErh: Use around 5.0 grams per 100 ml pot.

Ball-rolled oolong: Use around 7.0-7.5 grams per 100 ml pot.

Adjust ratios based on tea density; lighter teas require less leaf, while denser teas need more.

For western-style brewing, divide the recommended amounts by 5 or 6 per 100 ml.

Experimentation is key; these are starting points, and each tea may vary.

Gong Fu brewing allows for rich, flavorful, and aromatic results.


Why is Kung Fu Tea so good?

  1. Skillful Preparation: Kung Fu Tea involves intricate brewing techniques, emphasizing precision and expertise in tea-making. This hands-on approach enhances the flavors and aromas of the tea.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: The elaborate and graceful movements during Kung Fu Tea preparation elevate the visual experience, adding a sense of artistry and appreciation to the ritual.
  3. Tea Quality: Kung Fu Tea often employs high-quality loose leaf teas, which are known for their rich and nuanced flavors. The use of premium ingredients contributes to its exceptional taste.
  4. Cultural Connection: Kung Fu Tea embodies Chinese tea culture, connecting drinkers to centuries-old traditions and philosophies, enhancing the overall enjoyment.
  5. Mindful Ritual: The mindful and focused nature of Kung Fu Tea preparation and consumption encourages a deeper engagement with the tea, leading to a heightened sensory experience.
  6. Shared Experience: Kung Fu Tea is often enjoyed in a social setting, fostering a sense of community and shared enjoyment that enhances its perceived goodness.

Why do Chinese drink tea without sugar?

Chinese people traditionally drink tea without sugar due to several reasons:

  1. Traditional Practice: Tea has been enjoyed without sugar in China for centuries, emphasizing the natural flavors of the leaves.
  2. Health and Balance: Chinese culture values the health benefits of tea and prefers the balance of natural flavors over added sweetness.
  3. Cultural Harmony: Sweetness can disrupt the sensory experience and harmony of tea drinking in Chinese culture.
  4. Tea Diversity: China offers a wide range of tea varieties, each appreciated without sugar to savor their distinct qualities.
  5. Tea Ceremonies: Sugar-free tea aligns with the mindful and aesthetic focus of traditional Chinese tea ceremonies.
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