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Uhue Glitter Eyeliner-All You Need To Know

Uhue Cosmetics

UHUE Beauty is affiliated with Hangzhou Huacan Trading Co., Ltd., established in 2019. It is a brand based in Zhejiang/Hangzhou, with its registered address located in Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

UHUE brings fashion and confidence to sweet and cool girls in a simple, refined, and delightful manner. It creates diverse makeup looks that stay close to everyday styles yet break free from the ordinary.

The brand aims to deliver a rewarding experience, offering chic beauty that resonates with the new generation in China.

Uhue Pink Glitter Eyeliner Review

So, the UHUE pink eyeliner pencil is this subtle shade of pink that really sticks around. It’s got fantastic staying power!

Plus, the brush on the eyeliner is super easy to handle. This pencil isn’t just for your regular liquid eyeliner—perfect for drawing those cute little details like under-eye lines, inner corners, outer edges.

And the best part? There’s a bunch of colors to choose from! Check out my swatch pic to see for yourself.

Uhue Alternatives:

1.Flortte Fruit Eyeliner Pen
2.JudyDoll Eyeliner
3.GoGo Tales Eyeliner

Uhue Eyeliner Pen Po3

Anyone else here who loves things that sparkle?

Po3 is like a pen-shaped highlighter—its pointed tip makes it super precise for brightening the inner corners, eyes, and under-eye lines.

You can even add a shiny line at the outer corners for that extra sparkle. Perfect for creating a three-dimensional look and enhancing facial features.

It’s hard not to fall in love with it!

Xiao Hong Shu Blue Glitter Makeup

  1. Apply Clio kill cover mesh glow cushion for the base.
  2. Use a damp beauty blender to absorb excess product and even out the base.
  3. Apply concealer using Merit minimalist sticks, focusing on areas like under the eyes and nose.
  4. Contour the nose using Fenty Beauty stick contour in Amber Suede.
  5. Fill in eyebrows using an angled pencil and brush.
  6. Apply Perry pair blush in Sunshine cheek for a pink, matte finish.
  7. Apply blush on the nose for a cute effect.
  8. Use Merit solo shadow in midnight with a brush or fingers, building the color for a bold look.
  9. Add Fenty Beauty Diamond balm for glitter, focusing on the inner corners of the eyes.
  10. Apply highlighter on cheekbones for a radiant glow.
  11. Darken the waterline under the eyes using a dark eyeshadow.
  12. Add a winged eyeliner for extra flair.
  13. Curl lashes, apply mascara, and add Fenty Beauty Diamond balm for a glittery effect.
  14. Finish with a lip combo using lip liner and lip color.

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