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what not to do when date Chinese girls
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What Not To Do When Dating a Chinese Woman – Chinese Lady Advice

Dating a Chinese woman can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to be mindful of certain cultural nuances specific to the Chinese dating scene to ensure a successful and respectful relationship.

Chinese women often have conservative values and strong cultural ties, and it’s crucial to be aware of what not to do when dating a Chinese woman.

By being mindful of these pitfalls below, which are particularly relevant in the Chinese dating culture, you can foster a meaningful connection and build a strong foundation for a successful relationship with a Chinese woman.

Donts’ of Dating Chinese Woman

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Don’t move too fast:

Chinese women are generally more conservative and traditional when it comes to dating. For example, don’t push for sex too early in the relationship, as it may make her uncomfortable and ruin the chances of a successful relationship.

💓Respect her boundaries and comfort level, and communicate openly about your intentions and expectations in the relationship.

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Don’t be too physical in public:

Chinese people are generally conservative when it comes to public displays of affection. For example, don’t engage in prolonged or intimate displays of affection in public, as it may be considered vulgar or embarrassing.

💓Show respect for her comfort level and cultural background by keeping physical affection more private and low-key in public settings.

Don’t disrespect her culture:

Chinese women value their cultural traditions. For example, don’t argue with her about her use of Chinese medicine or her dietary preferences, as it shows a lack of respect for her cultural background.

💓Avoid arguing or criticizing her cultural beliefs or practices, and be open to learning Chinese language and understanding more about her cultural background.

Don’t disrespect her family:

Chinese women often have a strong sense of family values. For example, don’t criticize or disrespect her parents or family members, even if they have different educational or cultural backgrounds.

💓Avoid criticizing or speaking negatively about her family, and show interests and ask about her family members and stories.

Don’t expect her to go fifty-fifty:

In Chinese dating culture, the expectation of going fifty-fifty on expenses may not be common. For example, don’t insist on splitting expenses equally on a date, as it may be seen as impolite or ungentlemanly in Chinese dating customs.

💓Show generosity and politeness by being willing to treat her and show appreciation for her company without placing undue emphasis on splitting expenses equally.

Don’t stereotype when dating a Chinese woman:

Being open to new experiences is crucial, as stereotyping can upset your date. Remember that not all Chinese women conform to Western stereotypes of being tender or good at housekeeping. It’s important not to assume that all Chinese women are the same, as each person is unique.

💓Show genuine interest in her personality, experiences, and individuality, and give compliments like “I like your mindset.” or “You seem very open minded.”

Don’t do excessive business talk when dating a Chinese woman:

Chinese girls are typically fun-loving and may feel bored or uninterested in conversations centered around work.

For example, instead of discussing your latest business deals or work-related stress, you could talk about shared hobbies, interests, or simply enjoy each other’s company without delving into work-related topics.

It’s important to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during your date to build a meaningful connection.

Don’t show up messy with nails uncut:

It’s important to maintain good personal hygiene and grooming when dating a Chinese woman. Chinese culture places importance on cleanliness and tidiness. For example, if you show up for a date with dirty or uncut nails, it may signal to your Chinese date that you are not attentive to personal hygiene or lack attention to detail.

Taking the effort to present yourself well and paying attention to small details like keeping your nails clean and trimmed can show respect and consideration towards your Chinese date, and leave a positive impression.

💓 Pick up your outfit color or style according to your date.

Don’t say to her you are into Asian Ladies:

When dating a Chinese woman, it’s important to avoid making her feel like she’s being categorized or objectified based on her appearance or nationality. It’s essential to show genuine interest in her as an individual and make her feel special for who she is, rather than making assumptions based on her Asian or Chinese background.

Example: During a date with a Chinese woman, a man says, “You’re the first Chinese woman I’ve dated. I’ve always been attracted to the Asian look.” This comment may make the woman feel uncomfortable, as if she’s being reduced to a stereotype based on her appearance.

Instead, it’s better to show genuine interest in her personality, hobbies, and experiences, and let her know that she’s valued for who she is as a unique individual, regardless of her ethnicity.

How Not To Date a Chinese Girl Overseas?

  1. Don’t assume we date you for a visa: It’s important to avoid assuming that a Chinese woman is only interested in dating you for the purpose of obtaining a visa or citizenship in your country. This assumption can be offensive and dismissive of her genuine feelings and intentions. Instead, approach the relationship with sincerity and respect, and communicate openly about each other’s intentions and expectations.
  1. Don’t assume we play ping pong well or any other Chinese national sports: It’s important to avoid making assumptions about a Chinese woman’s abilities or interests based on stereotypes related to Chinese national sports or activities. Not all Chinese people excel in sports like ping pong, and assuming so can come across as culturally insensitive.
  1. Don’t assume our math skills are top-notch: It’s important to avoid assuming that all Chinese people are naturally talented in math or other academic subjects. This stereotype can be offensive and limiting, as individuals have different strengths and abilities regardless of their nationality.
  1. Don’t brag about the minorities you’ve dated: It’s important to avoid bragging about or objectifying the dating experiences you’ve had with individuals from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds, including Chinese women. This can come across as insensitive and disrespectful, reducing individuals to mere statistics or trophies.
  1. Don’t assume we all look the same: It’s important to remember that individuals from any cultural or ethnic background are unique and have their own individual features and characteristics. Assuming that all Chinese women look the same can be offensive and dismissive of their individuality and diversity.


Remember, a little humor and a lot of genuine respect can go a long way in building a meaningful and enjoyable relationship with a Chinese woman. Happy dating!


Should I assume that Chinese women are submissive or passive in relationships?

Assuming that Chinese women are submissive or passive is a harmful stereotype that perpetuates gender inequality.

It’s important to communicate openly and respectfully with your Chinese partner to understand her individual desires and expectations in the relationship.

Treating her as an equal partner in the relationship and valuing her opinions and decisions will create a healthy and respectful dynamic.

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