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Top 7 Chinese Makeup Artists

Chinese makeup artists are redefining beauty with mind-blowing transformations.

Their avant-garde creations push boundaries and inspire a new generation of makeup artists.

If you’re a fan of makeup or just love watching talented artists at work, you won’t want to miss out on these Chinese makeup artist’s incredible creations.

Keeep reading to discover what makes them so unique and inspiring!

All of these make-up artists can be found on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok).

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1. Ruby幼熙

Her imitation makeup looks are full of beauty and practicality.

范冰冰:Chinese actress.

Fan Bingbing is famous for her stunning and often daring fashion choices, which have made her a fixture on red carpets around the world.

She’s also known for her flawless, porcelain skin and bold makeup looks, which have inspired countless fans and beauty enthusiasts alike.

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2. SamChak-仙姆

On Chinese tiktok (dou yin), he has 12.7 million followers.

3. Vivekatt

Vivekatt creates amazing transformative makeup looks that can turn you from a normal person into a celebrity.

She currently resides in Sweden.

4. 小猪姐姐zzreal

She has 1.2 million followers on Chinese youtube (Bilibili).

She graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art.

One of the best art schools in China.

5. 一枝南南makeup

She is skilled at helping plus-sized women regain their confidence through makeup transformations.

Like this woman on the left side in the video above.

6. bobo最洋气

She excels at recreating makeup looks of Western celebrities.

With 7 million followers on Douyin in China, she unfortunately doesn’t have an official international platform, but fans have created compilation videos of her makeup recreations.


She became popular on the internet because of her Mona Lisa makeup imitation.

You can find her on instagram also.

Final Words:

Not only do these talented makeup artists shine in China’s beauty industry, but there are also virtual makeup artists like the popular Liuye Xi.

Check out her mind-boggling transformations here.


What is Douyin makeup?

“Douyin makeup” refers to the makeup style popularized on Douyin, a Chinese short-video platform also known as TikTok in other countries.

This style typically involves bright and bold colors, with emphasis on the eyes and lips.

Is Douyin makeup Chinese or Korean?

“Douyin makeup” is a makeup style originating from China, specifically popularized on the Douyin platform.

What is Chinese makeup style called?

The Chinese makeup style is called Huadian.

Huadian is a type of Chinese traditional makeup that dates back to the Tang dynasty.

It involves applying a white powder base on the face, darkening the eyebrows and drawing thin, red lips.

This makeup style is commonly used in Chinese opera performances and has a distinct and theatrical appearance.

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