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gifts for chinese parents and grandparents
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Gifts for Chinese Parents and Grandparents: Carefully Picked by Chinese

Gift-giving is an essential part of Chinese culture. It is a way of showing respect, appreciation, and love towards your loved ones.

Whether it is for Chinese New Year, birthdays, or any other special occasion, finding the perfect gifts for Chinese mom/gifts for Chinese dad/gifts for Chinese grandma/gifts for Chinese grandpa can be a challenging task.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will help you express your love and appreciation towards them! 😊✨

Gifts for Chinese Mom/Mother in Law

Finding the perfect gift for your Chinese mom or mother-in-law can be a daunting task.

You want to give them something that shows your love and appreciation.

Here are some gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on their face: 🎁😊

Gift IdeaReason
Foot Bath TubChinese Mom love taking a foot spa at night especially in winter for health benefits. This pick shows you know Chinese culture very well. I got my mum this BASIC ONE and she loves it. If you want to invest a bit more to impress the in laws, I highly recommend THIS ONE instead!😜
Massage ToolA massage tool can provide relaxation and relief for sore muscles, making it a practical and indulgent gift for a hard-working mom.
Portable blenderIdeal for making smoothies and other healthy drinks on the go, a portable blender can be a practical and convenient gift for a health-conscious mom. (FYI:When my boyfriend met my parents, we carefully picked THIS ONE after comparing price and funcation within the offers on the market.)
Digital photo frameA digital photo frame can display a rotating selection of family photos, making it a sentimental and practical gift for a family-oriented mom.
Automatic tea makerPerfect for brewing tea with precision and ease, an automatic tea maker can be a practical and stylish gift for a tea-loving mom. Most Chinese parents and grandparents prefer a transparent kettle.
Fitness class packageA package of fitness classes can be a great gift for a mom who wants to stay active and healthy, offering a fun and motivating way to exercise.
Instant translation deviceA portable instant translation device can be a practical and useful gift for a mom who travels or wants to communicate with people who speak different languages. I had this one purchased for my mother in law. She absolutely loved it! This is a wonderful gift idea for the coming holidays 👍
SupplimentsChinese moms often appreciate supplements as gifts because they value health and well-being. Gifting supplements conveys your concern for her health and longevity, aligning with traditional Chinese beliefs in the importance of maintaining good health for a fulfilling life. Popular ones to buy among Chinese are two bands: Swisse and Nature’s Bounty. (I bought fish oil and Q10 for my mum before.)
German KitchenwareChinese moms often enjoy cooking and consider it an essential part of family life. German kitchenware is known for its functionality and longevity, making it a practical and long-lasting gift choice. It also reflects a commitment to quality, which is a value many Chinese families hold in high regard. Get her one thing from one of these 3 brands: Zwilling, Fissler or WMF, you will make a wonderful wonderful impresson. 💪

More Ideas From Me

These are the things I am gonna buy or I once bought for my mum or my mother-in-law.

You can click the idea itself to see the product I picked.

Gift IdeaReasons
1. Good quality/Designer Handbag– Symbol of status and fashion in Chinese culture
– One thing to brag to their friends about how nice their daughter in law is
– Long-lasting, quality item that reflects thoughtfulness
2. Mobile Dishwasher– Saves time and effort, allowing more time for other activities
– Protects hands from harsh dishwashing chemicals and hot water
– Modern appliance aligning with technological trends
3. Steam Mop– Chinese Mums definitely saw it on Chinese titkok and have been thinking about having one for a while.
– Embraces technology for a modern and convenient approach to housekeeping
4. Heating Vest – Provides warmth during colder seasons, promoting health and comfort (Health is everything to Chinese.)
– Thoughtful gift for winter, showing consideration for well-being
5. Memory Foam Pillows– Chinese care a lot about their pillows and blankets. A good pillow will definitely win their heart
– Symbolizes care for her comfort and relaxation
6. Water Flosser– Promotes good oral hygiene, which is valued in Chinese culture
– Reflects a modern approach to health and self-care
7. Nuts Package– Nuts are associated with good health and longevity in Chinese culture
-Nuts that packed for daily use is the best choice
8. Olive Oil Pack– Healthy cooking choice and popular gift choice among Chinese. Funny thing is most Chinese do not use olive oil properly. Better teach them how to use it right first
– High-quality olive oil is a symbol of good taste and refinement

Gifts for Chinese Dad/Father in Law

These carefully selected gift ideas fit perfectly within the Chinese cultural context and are sure to please 90% of Chinese father-in-laws.

Of course, there’s always that one special case, so be sure to consider the person’s preferences and customize a gift just for them.

Gift IdeaDescriptionWhy It’s a Good Gift
Chinese White WineA high-quality white wine from China, such as Maotai or FenjiuWine is an important part of Chinese culture, and these brands are highly respected and sought after.
Big Brand CigarettesA premium brand of cigarettes, such as Zhonghua or ZhongnanhaiSmoking is still prevalent in Chinese culture, and even non-smoking dads may appreciate the gesture or be willing to share with friends or relatives.
Red WineA high-quality red wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or MerlotRed wine has become increasingly popular in China in recent years, and a nice bottle can be a great gift for a dad who enjoys wine.
Electronic MassagerA device that can soothe sore muscles in the feet, neck, or shouldersChinese dads are often hard-working and may appreciate the chance to relax and relieve tension.
SmartwatchA high-tech watch that can track sleep and other health metricsChinese dads, like many people around the world, are becoming more health-conscious, and a smartwatch can help them monitor their sleep and other important factors.
Leather BeltA leather belt from a famous brand, such as Coach or Hugo BossChinese dads often appreciate high-quality fashion items with EXPENSIVE LOOK and a designer belt can be a versatile accessory. I bought this HUGO BOSS BELT BEFORE and I highly recommend. 😊
Famous Brand CigarsA selection of high-quality cigars, such as Cohiba or MontecristoCigars are a luxury item that can be enjoyed on special occasions or shared with friends.
Famous Brand ShirtsA shirt from a famous brand, such as Hugo Boss or Tommy HilfigerA well-made and stylish shirt can be a versatile addition to a dad’s wardrobe.

Gifts for Chinese Grandma

These revised gift ideas still offer a range of options for a Chinese grandma, from health-related supplements and traditional ingredients to practical home items for comfort and convenience.

Gift IdeaDescription
Box of Soft CookiesA box of sweet and soft cookies for her to enjoy
Health SupplementsSupplements such as multivitamins or calcium for healthy aging
Fish OilA natural supplement that may support heart and joint health
Red SweaterA cozy and stylish red sweater for staying warm and fashionable
Gou Qi Berry/Chinese Dates/GrainsTraditional Chinese health food ingredients that are nutrient-rich
Silk Hand FanA beautiful and elegant hand fan for home decor and keeping cool. Here are some recommendations!
Heated BlanketA warm and comfortable blanket for cold winter nights. I am a pro on picking the best one and my recommendation goes to Brand: Homemate
Electronic KettleA convenient and modern kettle for making tea or hot water

Gifts for Chinese Grandpa

These revised gift ideas still cater to a variety of interests and needs of a Chinese grandpa, from traditional games and cultural activities to practical items for home and personal use.

Gift IdeaDescription
Chinese Tea SetA traditional Chinese tea set for enjoying tea and practicing tea rituals
Electric ShaverA modern and efficient electric shaver for easy grooming. Buy Philips straight
Warm SlippersA pair of warm and comfortable slippers for indoor use
Portable Folding ChairA portable and lightweight folding chair for outdoor activities and travel
Chinese Calligraphy Art or Wall DecorA piece of Chinese calligraphy art for home decor or personal enjoyment
Chinese Mahjong SetA set of Chinese mahjong tiles for playing with friends and family
Chinese Chess SetA set of Chinese chess pieces for intellectual challenge and leisure
Chinese KiteA traditional Chinese kite for outdoor recreation and cultural appreciation
Bamboo BlanketA warm and cozy blanket for keeping warm and comfortable
HouseplantA plant to brighten up his living space and purify the air


What to buy a Chinese lady for Christmas?

When it comes to buying a Christmas gift for a Chinese lady, there are a few things to consider.
Chinese culture values politeness and modesty, so you should avoid giving gifts that are too expensive or flashy.
It’s also important to avoid giving gifts that are associated with bad luck, such as clocks or sharp objects.
Instead, you could consider giving a gift that is meaningful or symbolic, such as a piece of jewelry with a special meaning or a gift that represents good luck, such as a jade bracelet or a red envelope filled with money. Ultimately, the best gift will depend on the woman’s personal tastes and interests.

What is the most common gift in China?

The most common gift in China depends on the occasion and the recipient.
For example, during the Chinese New Year, it is common to give red envelopes filled with money to children and unmarried adults.
During weddings, it is customary to give cash or household items to the newlyweds.
In general, gifts that are practical and useful, such as clothing or food, are popular choices for many occasions.
However, it’s important to keep in mind that gift-giving customs in China can vary depending on the region and the cultural background of the recipient.

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