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Chinese Wall Decor Ideas:Your Home’s Cultural Aesthetics

Are you looking for wall decor ideas often features bold, vibrant colors which add a sense of energy and life to any room?

Are you looking for wall decor ideas that can add a sense of history and tradition to any home?

Are you looking for wall decor features intricate and detailed designs, allowing for a unique and interesting piece of artwork?

The answer for all the 3 above is Chinese Wall Decor!

I’ve handpicked 8 special ideas just for you, each with its unique significance.

And guess what? The number 8, a Chinese symbol of fortune and luck, is the cherry on top! 😜

1. Hand Painted Plum Blossom 🌸

In Chinese culture, the plum blossom (梅花) has a long history of being a symbol of resilience, perseverance, and hope.

It is believed to bloom even in harsh winter weather, and symbolizes a strength in the face of adversity.

  • Hand painted plum blossom oil painting on canvas.
  • It is suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, dining room, bathroom, bar etc.
  • Edges are painted,each panel has a black hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging.

Why do we pick this one?

  • Elevate your home or office with the enchanting allure of Chinese Plum Blossom paintings. They effortlessly blend tradition and aesthetics, adding a touch of elegance to your personal space.
  • The rich and vibrant colors in these paintings create an atmosphere of tranquility, making your space feel warm and inviting—a sanctuary for your daily life.
  • Allow the exquisite imagery of Plum Blossom paintings to be your daily muse, inspiring creativity and serenity as you navigate the moments of your day.

2. Hard Work Pays Off Chinese Calligraphy Motivation Quote for Wall Decoration 🖋️

Hanging the phrase “天道酬勤” (tiān dào chóu qín, meaning “heaven rewards hard work”) on the wall is a popular Chinese decoration.

This phrase is a reminder to people that hard work will be rewarded, and that you should never give up on your dreams.

  • Stretched and Framed, Easy to Hang.
  • Size:20″x48″,Great pieces to liven up and energize any wall or room.
  • Water-proof flannel on back protect the staple avoid rusting.

Why do we pick this one?

  • This is a super popular wall decor in China, I have seen it often at my friends’ home. Most like to hang it in the book room.
  • 天道酬勤 text for wall decor is a great way to add a unique and meaningful touch to a room.
  • The Chinese calligraphy of these 4 characters are highly captivating, making it attractive to people of all backgrounds.

3. Cranes Wading in Water Canvas Art Set 🦢

In Chinese culture, the crane symbolizes longevity, good luck, and prosperity.

It is also closely associated with the legend of the Eight Immortals, who are said to have used cranes as their mode of transportation.

  • High quality printed artwork stretched to fit on durable and shrink-resistant canvas.
  • Hanging accessory toolkit included with all artwork.
  • Due to monitor display issues, actual colors may slightly differ from pictures.

Why do we pick this one?

  • Wisdom: The crane is often seen as a symbol of wisdom and intelligence, as it is said to have a long life and the ability to live in harmony with nature.
  • Loyalty: The crane symbolizes loyalty and devotion, as it is said to mate for life. You can see many crane symbols in royal palaces in China.
  • Harmony: The crane symbolizes harmony and balance in the world, as it is believed to have the power to bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

4. Feng Shui Daragon Carved Wood Wall Panel 🐉

Chinese have been using carved wood wall panels for centuries.

It is a traditional form of art, and it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the home or office.

The panels are often intricately carved with dragons, which are believed to bring strength, wisdom, and protection to the space.

  • Medium Hand Carved Panels, absolutely charming in any room of your home.
  • Size: 17.5″x7.5″x1″ , Weight: 4.1 lbs Each.
  • Material: Teak Wood, Come with hanger sets.

Why do we pick this one?

  • Artistic Beauty: These panels are often intricately crafted, making them visually stunning pieces of art. They add an aesthetic appeal to any room and serve as a conversation starter, captivating the viewer’s attention.
  • Symbolic Meaning: Dragons in Feng Shui are believed to bring good luck, protection, and prosperity. Gifting a Dragon Carved Wood Wall Panel conveys best wishes and positive intentions. (Looking for fengshui objects for home? Read this guide written by me HERE👍)
  • Long-Lasting: Wood panels are durable and timeless, ensuring that they will endure for years to come, providing ongoing positive energy and aesthetic enhancement to the recipient’s home.

5.  Lotus Mountains Waterfalls Feng Shui 🏔️

In Feng Shui, Lotus Mountains Waterfalls paintings are believed to bring good luck, abundance, and prosperity.

They are usually placed in the south or southeast of a room to bring in wealth, success, and abundance.

  • The High-Resolution picture Photos Are Printed On High-Quality Polyester Fiber, With Bright Colors.
  • Stretched and framed ready to hang on home decor, beautiful canvas wall art prints for wall decor.
  • They Are Mainly Used To Decorate Homes ,Offices and restaurants.

Why do we pick this one?

  • This painting combines all the auspicious elements of China, the crane, the running water, the koi and the plum blossom.
  • The lotus is a symbol of purity, spiritual enlightenment, and rebirth. It is also seen as a symbol of grace and compassion and is often used as an example of the Buddhist path to enlightenment.
  • 4 characters on top of the painting 流水生财 literally translates to “flowing water brings wealth.” It is an expression used to indicate that money can be earned through continuous effort.
  • Chinese paintings often feature the rising sun to symbolize a new beginning or fresh start. The sun is also a symbol of hope and optimism in Chinese culture, and can represent the way a new day brings with it unlimited potential.

6.Peony Magpie Flower Blooming Wall Art 🌺

Top 4 characters on the painting 富贵开花 is translated as “wealth and honour blooming” and symbolizes the wish for fortune and prosperity in life.

It is believed that hanging such a painting will bring good luck and fortune to the household.

  • Each Panel Has a Black Hook Already Mounted on the Wooden Bar for Easy Hanging
  • Waterproof and Dustproof, Easy to Clean with Rag.
  • High Definition Wall Art Picture Photo Prints on Canvas.

Why do we pick this one?

  • It contains the national flower of China, Peony. It is a symbol of wealth, honor, and nobility, while the magpie symbolizes joy and good fortune. They are often depicted together in paintings to represent the wish for a happy and prosperous life.
  • We have a similar one hanging on the wall of our living room and it brings lots of harmony into our home.
  • Perfect matching with golden cushion covers. Good choice for colorful home decor.

7. Galloping Horses on The Beach with Text 🐎

The text 马到成功 is a popular Chinese phrase that symbolizes the idea of success coming swiftly after hard work.

The phrase itself has evolved to become a popular phrase of encouragement and motivation.

  • High definition pictures fit to professional grade canvas.
  • Perfectly complements an office, living room and bedroom.
  • Eco-Ink makes artwork kid and pet friendly.

Why do we pick this one?

  • In China, the horse symbolizes loyalty, strength, courage, speed, and success. It is also associated with long life, good luck, prosperity, and royal power.
  • 8 horses on painting is also very particular. 8 is a very auspicious number for Chinese people, as it signifies wealth. Therefore, the selection of wall decor today is also 8.
  • The painting is a popular image for Chinese to hang in their homes as a reminder of the importance of hard work and perseverance.
  • Chinese paintings often feature the rising sun to symbolize a new beginning or fresh start.
  • If you were born in the year of a Horse🐎, I highly recommend this paiting on the wall! 😜 (MORE CHINESE ZODIAC DECOR IDEAS HERE)

8.Koi Fish Painting Koi Pond and Lotus Flowers 🐟

Koi fish are a symbol of luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, as well as in other parts of East Asia.

They are often depicted in Chinese paintings and art, often alongside lotus flowers, to symbolize peace, harmony, and balance.

  • Modern Painting Printed on Canvas, Stretched and Framed ready to hang.
  • A perfect wall art Home Decorations paintings for living room.
  • Perfect artwork Gifts for Christmas and New Year.

Why do we pick this one?

  • The text 年年有余 on the painting means “abundance every year”. This is the phrase we say on every Chinese New Year.
  • This painting has a warm gold hue which is a lucky color, bringing good fortune to the space.
  • It matches the warm-toned furniture very well.
  • It is full of auspicious Chinese elements mentioned above, such as lotus flowers, running water and plum blossoms.

Sum Up:

The lucky Chinese elements mentioned above are: the number 8, plum blossom, lotus flower, horse, crane, running water, magpie, peony, carp, dragon,gold color and rising sun.

If you are looking for more Chinese decor for your home, I write an article about tea set.

They are not only bought for drinking but also for display 🙂

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Inspirational photos for your Chinese wall decor:

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What is Chinese style painting called?

The Chinese style painting is called 国画 (Guo hua) meaning Chinese national painting.

What are the characteristics of Chinese painting?

Chinese painting prefer curving lines than mechanical, straight lines. They get inspiration from Chinese calligraphy, especially cursive writings of different styles.

What is feng shui painting?

Feng shui paintings are about avoiding and controlling negative energy, and they help enhance the overall energy vibe and flow of the living space. 

What is the focus theme of Chinese painting?

The focus theme of Chinese paintings is about nature, harmony and balance.

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