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Fenjiu: The Famous Liquor of Shanxi

Get ready to take a sip into history with Fen Jiu, the traditional Chinese liquor that’s been around since the Ming Dynasty.

This potent spirit packs a punch of flavor that’s sure to make your taste buds dance.

From its unique production process to its versatility in pairing with different foods, Fen Jiu (汾酒) is a liquor that’s worth trying.

What Is Fen Jiu?

Baijiu, China’s national booze!

This ancient white spirit has a rich history dating back more than 6,000 years and is made with fermented grain, usually sorghum.

Baijiu comes in 3 main varieties:

  • strong aroma
  • light aroma
  • sauce aroma

Each variety has its unique flavor profile, from fruity and spicy to sweeter and floral.

Fenjiu, a type of light aroma baijiu, is a distilled spirit from Shanxi province, known for its delicate fragrance, sweet and refreshing taste.

Made with high-quality sorghum and ancient well water from xing hua village.

Fenjiu is a must-try for any baijiu enthusiast.

How To Drink Fen Jiu?

  1. Fenjiu is best consumed neat, without ice or water, and is usually served at room temperature in small cups.
  2. It is typically enjoyed in communal settings and taken as shots.
  3. For food pairings, Fenjiu goes well with dishes which has spicy and sour flavors that complement the dryness of the alcohol.

Discover The Modern Way To Enjoy Fen Chiew

In 2019, Cheng International and Fenjiu launched the UK’s first Baijiu cocktail competition.

Bartenders were invited to enter for a chance to win a trip to China and be named Fenjiu’s ambassador for a year.

The winner was Italian bartender Andrea Dionori from Milroy’s of Soho.

  1. One of the cocktails tried was made with 10-year-old Fenjiu blended with Cocchi Americano and lychees, which had a tangy flavor of Baijiu coming through strongly.
  2. Another successful cocktail was a blend of five-year-old bamboo-flavored spirit with bitters and ginger ale.

Fen Jiu Cocktail Recipes To Make At Home

How to Make the Fenjiu Bee’s Knees 1

How to Make the Fenjiu Christmas Fizz Cocktail 2

How to Make the Fenjiu Lantern Cocktail 3

How To Make Fen Jiu?

Step 1: The sorghum grains are steamed for about 8 hours.

Step 2: The grains are fermented with daqu, a traditional Chinese fermentation starter made from peas and barley, in underground jars for about a month.

Step 3: The fermented grains are distilled to produce the first batch of liquor.

Step 4: Any remaining grains are put through a second round of fermentation and distillation to produce the second batch of liquor.

Step 5: The two batches of liquor are combined and aged for 20 to 30 years to create Fenjiu.

Step 6: Because it relies solely on natural conditions and resources and uses traditional brewing method, Fenjiu is one of the cleanest Chinese spirits and less likely to cause a hangover.

Tasting Notes:

Fen Chiew 10 Year Old: Savory soy, spice, beans and prunes dominate the aroma, with hints of honey and hazelnut.

On the palate, the flavors of soy and black bean sauce come through, balanced by subtle notes of honey and vanilla, ending with a pleasant sweetness and zingy acidity.

A truly unique and satisfying taste.

Fen Chiew 30 Year Old Blue & White 48%: Opening with a herbal palate of intense saffron, umami, rosemary, dill and sage, it envelops tangy orange notes for a streamlined, powerful finish. 

Fen Chiew 5-Year-Old Chu Yen Ching: Golden yellow in colour, the decadentpour opens to reveal a spicy, tangy top note infused with lemon, honey and citrus fruits, while white pepper and herbs enforce a crisp, fresh finish.

Final Words:

Fen Jiu is not the only thing Shanxi is famous for…

Have you ever wondered where the vinegar is originally from in China? Find out here

Frequently Asked Questions:FAQ

What is Fenjiu made of?

Fenjiu is a type of Chinese baijiu, which is a clear spirit made from fermented sorghum grains.

Fenjiu is typically aged for several years in clay or ceramic jars before it is bottled and sold.

Some Fenjiu may have additional ingredients added to the fermentation process such as rice, wheat, and barley.

What is the price of Fen Jiu?

Qing hua fen jiu 20 years:150USD

Qing hua fen jiu 30 years:212USD

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