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Furong Ancient Town-The Most Beautiful Waterfall Village You’ve Never Heard Of

Furong Town is located in Yongshun County, Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, central China’s Hunan Province.

Fu Rong town (also known as 芙蓉镇 or Fu Rong ancient town) is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by tourists in favor of more well-known destinations like Changsha or Wuhan.

However, this small town is worth a visit for its stunning natural beauty, cultural significance, and friendly locals.

The town was originally called Wangcun Village, but was changed to Hibiscus Town in 1997 after the release of a well-known Chinese movie of the same name.

The movie, starring Jiang Wen and Liu Xiaoqing, put the town on the map and is remembered for its local delicacy, Rice Tofu.

Watch the movie before visitng? Here is the link
If you plan to watch it when you are in China on YouTube, you are going to need VPN. 
After 2 years of testing myself, Astrill VPN is the best and they offer monthly package😊

How To Get To Furong?

High-Speed Train:

The high-speed train to Furong Ancient Town opened in 2021.

Taking the high-speed train can reach Furong Town, and then take the scenic area bus from the railway station, which is only 2.5 kilometers away.

It only takes 30 mintues to reach Furong town from Zhangjiajie.

Check the time schedule and buy your train tickets HERE.


Alternatively, take a bus to Furong Town Bus Station then take the town bus to the scenic area, which costs 2 yuan per person.

It stops when you wave.

My way:

I came from Zhangjiajie, which I highly recommend doing because you can combine the two for an awesome trip.

I took the high-speed train then the scenic area bus.

Where To Stay In Furong Water Town?

I highly recommend these 2 hotels that are not only budget-friendly but also boast breathtaking views that make for an idyllic romantic getaway.

1️⃣Tusi Xuanfu (Furong Town Waterfall Store)

2️⃣Furong Town Baihe Inn (Xigu Huagu Branch)

These are truly instagrammable, providing the perfect backdrop for capturing memories.

What To See In Furong Ancient Town?

Waterfall Village:

Furong Town, sometimes referred to as Hibiscus Town, is situated roughly halfway between Fenghuang County and Zhangjiajie in central China’s Hunan Province.

It has been around for more than 2,000 years.

This town is known for its 40-meter-wide and 60-meter-high waterfall, which is accompanied by ancient buildings constructed on a cliff, making it a unique and breathtaking sight.

The sound of the waterfall can be heard from up to 10 miles away.

The buildings perched on the cliffs are Diaojiaolou(吊脚楼), typical residential houses built by ethnic Tujia people.

Soldiers once lived there in the past to defend the invaders.

Nowadays, a mix of Tujia, Miao and Han people reside here.

Wuli Slate Street:

Wuli Slate Street is a 2,500-meter-long winding street paved with green flagstone.

Traditional shops and wooden houses are lined on both sides of the street, ready to take you back to the old days.

Rock Cave:

At the base and entrance of the waterfall, visitors can find a rock cave which is a relic of the Tujia people who once sought refuge here.

Despite having been eroded by water, people are still astounded by its size that was able to accommodate thousands of people.

Xizhou Bronze Pillars:

The lower reaches of Mengdong River are home to the Xizhou bronze pillars that commemorate the treaty of peace between two states of Chu and Xizhou in history.

Though the original pillars have corroded over time, a replication stands today to serve as a reminder of the significance of peace.

Night View:

The night view of Furong Town is especially stunning, with the ancient buildings and the surrounding natural beauty illuminated by colorful lights.

The night view is a popular attraction in Furong Town and is considered to be one of the highlights of a visit to the town.


  • It costs 90 RMB for a ticket inside the Furong Scenic Area. 
  • The whole village itself is not very large and you can leisurely walk around it in 2-3 hours.
  • Spend the night here if you can! It’s stunning at night and there are lots of hotels nearby the waterfalls.

What To Eat?

Rice Tofu:

Rice tofu, also known as Furong Town’s must-eat snack, is made by milling rice into paste then boiling it with lye until it becomes a tofu-like consistency.

Cut into small cubes, cook in boiling water then serve.

The key to the dish is in the sauce, which is made from soy sauce, aged vinegar, garlic paste and chili oil, topped with pink pickled radish cubes and mixed together before eating.

Bull Head Banquet:

The Bull Head Banquet was originally a reward for sending soldiers on campaign and triumphant return.

Now it has gradually evolved into a grand ceremony for Tujia people to entertain their guests.

The main course of the Banquet is steamed with a whole bull head, accompanied by pickled red peppers, sour meat, artemisia cake, and cured meat.

Guests can use knives to cut the beef on the bull head and eat it, drink bamboo tube rice wine, and experience the feeling of the Tu soldiers when they were full of heroism before going to battle.

Fu Rong Town In 4 Seasons:

If you want unique instagram pictures in China, Furong town is definitely a place to check.

But this is not the only place for instagrammable pictures.

Here I listed another 9 spots for you!

You Don’t Want To Miss!

Zhang Jiajie(张家界)the Avatar mountain is just 30 minutes away on the train. 
Check the train ticket and possible hiking tours your like.


How do I get to furong town?

The best way is to take high speed train.

Direct high speed train from Shanghai to Furong zhen/town is about 8 hours.

Direct high speed train from Zhang Jiajie to Furong zhen/town is about 30 minutes.

Direct high speed train from Changsha to Furong zhen/town is about 3 hours.

What is the meaning of Furong?

Furong” is a Chinese word that means “Lotus Flower”.

The term is used in various contexts such as as the name of a street, a district, or a scenic spot.

When is Xiangxi Hibiscus Town open?

Xiangxi Hibiscus opens from 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM.

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