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chinese gift exchange ideas 25 dollars
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Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25 | Fun Ideas For Your Next Gift Swap

Hey there, fellow gift enthusiasts! As someone who loves Chinese Gift Exchange, I’m excited to share my expert insights with you.

With a budget of $25, get ready for some hilarious gift ideas that are sure to bring laughter to your gift exchange event.

So, kick back, relax, and let me guide you through the delightful world of Chinese Gift Exchange with flair and fun!

No. 1 Cash:

In Chinese culture, giving cash as a gift is considered a practical and meaningful gesture. Cash gifts are often given during special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or Chinese New Year, and are believed to bring good luck and blessings to the recipient.

It allows the recipient to use the cash as they wish and is considered a symbol of generosity and prosperity.

My Pick👍Hong Bao with Gold Foil Design, Gift Money Envelopes, Gong Xi FA CAI, 3.5 x 6.4 Inches

Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25
  1. Using red envelopes to give cash is a quintessential Chinese tradition that your Chinese friends are sure to appreciate.
  2. Giving cash as a gift is a common practice in China, and the most popular blessing phrase on red envelopes is “恭喜发财” which means “wishing you prosperity,” signifying well-wishes for the recipient’s wealth.
  3. I find 恭喜发财 red envelope on Amazon for you guys. With 20$ Cash inside will make a Perfect Funny Chinese Gift Exchange Idea.

Chinese men usually give their girlfriends a hongbao on Chinese Valentines’ Day. I know it doesn’t sound romantic enough but we Chinese girls love it! 💓

Here are some other gift ideas that Chinese ladies love.

No.2 Goji Berry:

Goji berries are a popular health food in Chinese culture, believed to have various medicinal properties such as improving overall well-being, boosting the immune system, and promoting longevity.

Giving a gift of goji berries can convey the message of caring for the recipient’s health and well-being, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift choice for Chinese individuals.

Chinese usually use it for tea or soup.

Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25

High-quality goji berries with exquisite packaging are an excellent gift for Chinese people. Chinese people pay great attention to health, and we usually use goji berries to make tea, especially during work breaks.

Goji berries are now also popular in the United States, with even American celebrities starting to use them.

No.3 Small Basket of Fruit or Tangerine:

In Chinese culture, gifting a small basket of fruit or tangerine is a traditional gesture that symbolizes abundance, good health, and prosperity.

It is common to give fruit as a gift during festivals, celebrations, or when visiting someone’s home. Fresh, high-quality fruits are considered a thoughtful and meaningful gift choice, as they convey blessings and well wishes for the recipient’s well-being and prosperity.


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♬ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse

Here are some fruit meanings in Chinese:

  1. Apple (苹果): Symbolizes peace and safety. (christmas apple article)
  2. Orange (橙子): Represents good luck and fortune.
  3. Peach (桃子): Represents longevity and immortality.
  4. Grape (葡萄): Symbolizes abundance and good fortune.
  5. Cherry (樱桃): Symbolizes love, romance, and happiness.
  6. Plum (李子): Represents resilience and perseverance.

You can make a small fruit basket or box worth 25$ with the selections of fruit above. Your Chinese friends will love it.

No. 4 Foot Bath:

In Chinese culture, foot baths are commonly used for relaxation, rejuvenation, and health benefits. They are believed to promote blood circulation, relieve stress, and improve overall health.

Giving a foot bath as a gift shows that you care about the recipient’s well-being and wish them good health and relaxation, making it a thoughtful and practical gift option.

I personally love taking foot bath in winter and been wanting a foot bath for a while. 😜😜

My Pick👍Toe Touch Controlled Foot Bath with Invigorating Bubbles and Splash Proof

Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25

Your Chinese friends will definitely laugh when they see this gift, but they will also be very happy. In particular, we have a habit of soaking our feet, especially during winter, as it helps with blood circulation throughout the body.

We usually also use Chinese herbal packs while soaking our feet, which is even better for our health as it helps to expel dampness from the body.

No. 5 Thermal Mug for Warm Water:

In Chinese culture, drinking warm water is believed to have health benefits such as improving digestion, boosting metabolism, and detoxifying the body.

A Thermal Mug is a high-quality, insulated mug that can keep warm water hot for an extended period of time. It is a practical and thoughtful gift choice for Chinese individuals who value the habit of drinking warm water for health reasons.

My Pick👍YETI Rambler 12 oz Bottle, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated, with Hot Shot Cap

Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25

Chinese people love drinking hot water or warm water, as this is well known. Giving a small thermos flask as a gift is a very thoughtful choice.

In recent years, mini thermos cups have become particularly popular due to their convenience and light weight, making them easy to carry around.

⭐ Seniors or Elderly Chinese will favor this gift very much.

No. 6 旺旺雪饼 Want Want Big Shelly Shenbei Snow cooky Crispy Rice Cracker Biscuits 520g:

Want Want Big Shelly Shenbei Snow cooky Crispy Rice Cracker Biscuits are a popular snack in Chinese culture. They are delicious, crispy, and often enjoyed during celebrations or as a treat.

Giving these snacks as a gift can show appreciation for the recipient’s taste and cultural preferences, making it a thoughtful and enjoyable gift option.

Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25

Wang Wang Senbei is a childhood snack that every Chinese has eaten. Giving it as a gift to your Chinese friends will bring back memories of their innocent and carefree childhood, and they will surely love it.

There are many different flavors available, but the classic flavor and the seaweed flavor are particularly popular.

No. 7 Lunch Box:

Lunch boxes are commonly used in Chinese culture for carrying home-cooked meals to work or school.

They are practical and convenient for individuals who prefer homemade meals and value the importance of healthy eating. Giving a lunch box as a gift can show consideration for the recipient’s dietary habits and lifestyle, making it a thoughtful and practical gift choice.

My Pick👍All-in-1 Bento Box Adult Lunch Box with cutlery set (40oz) Great as Salad, Snack, or Sandwich Containers

Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25

In Chinese culture, where food is highly valued and bringing homemade meals to work is common, a beautifully designed and healthy lunch box would be appreciated as a gift.

It would not only enhance their motivation to cook and bring meals from home, but they may also share their culinary delights with you.

No. 8 Lucky Bamboo Plant:

Lucky bamboo plants are believed to bring good fortune, positive energy, and prosperity in Chinese culture. They are often used as decorative plants in homes and offices, and are considered auspicious gifts for special occasions or as housewarming gifts.

Giving a lucky bamboo plant as a gift can symbolize well wishes for the recipient’s success, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift option.

We Chinese not only use bamboo plant as decor for good meaning but also eat it. 😜 What is the Chinese bamboo food and why Chinese eat everything?

My Pick👍9GreenBox – Lucky Bamboo – Frog and Lotus

Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas $25
  1. Green plants, which are highly symbolic and cherished by Chinese people, make great gifts due to their positive connotations.
  2. This potted plant is perfect for office or home office settings as it can enhance feng shui and improve the overall ambiance.


Since you read all the way down, I am sure you are super interested in Chinese gift culture ideas.

Do you know what’s the best gift for Chinese Boss?

Find Answers Here!


How to present a Chinese gift for a gift exchange?

Wrapping the gift in red or gold paper, which symbolizes luck and prosperity in Chinese culture
Including a small card with a thoughtful message explaining the significance of the gift
Presenting the gift with both hands as a sign of respect in Chinese culture.

What are some unique Chinese gift ideas for a gift exchange?

1. Chinese knotting or paper cutting art
2. Chinese herbal teas or health tonics like Yanwo
3. Traditional Chinese musical instruments, such as a guzheng or erhu

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