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Chinese Zodiac Gifts: How to Bring Good Luck in New Year

In Chinese astrology, the year of one’s zodiac sign, known as Ben Ming Nian, is often considered an unlucky year.

To help them overcome these difficulties and improve their luck, it is customary to give them appropriate Ben Ming Nian gifts.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best gift ideas for individuals, focusing on lucky symbols, auspicious colors, and traditional beliefs.

Chinese Zodiac Mascot

According to Chinese astrology, each zodiac sign has auspicious symbols associated with it, believed to bring good luck. During one’s zodiac year, gifting a mascot featuring their lucky zodiac signs is considered highly favorable.

For individuals born in the year of the Rabbit, the lucky animal signs are Sheep, Pig, and Dog. Therefore, in 2023, it is recommended to send Rabbit individuals Sheep, Pig, or Dog zodiac mascots. These mascots can take the form of dolls, bracelets, necklaces with lucky pendants, or even Chinese zodiac rings.

Lucky Animal Signs for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs:

Zodiac SignLucky Signs
RatOx, Dragon, Monkey
OxRat, Snake, Rooster
TigerHorse, Dog, Pig
RabbitSheep, Dog, Pig
DragonRat, Monkey, Rooster
SnakeOx, Rooster, Monkey
HorseTiger, Sheep, Dog
SheepRabbit, Horse, Pig
MonkeyRat, Dragon, Snake
RoosterOx, Dragon, Snake
DogTiger, Rabbit, Horse
PigSheep, Rabbit, Tiger

Red Mascots

In traditional Chinese culture, the color red is considered auspicious and is believed to ward off evil spirits. Therefore, when choosing a gift for someone during their zodiac year, it is recommended to opt for a red item.

Here are some red-themed gift ideas:

  1. Red Shoe-pads and Socks: Red shoe-pads and socks are believed to trample vile characters, bringing good luck and smoothness to one’s life and work. If your friend frequently experiences setbacks or challenges, gifting them red shoe-pads or socks may be a thoughtful gesture.
  2. Red Scarf, Gloves, or Hat: These accessories not only provide warmth but also serve as protective items to ward off negativity and evil.
  3. Red Wallet or Handbag: A festive and vibrant red wallet or handbag can bring good luck throughout the Ben Ming Nian.
  4. Red Waist Belt: By wearing a red waist belt, one can counteract any negative impact associated with Tai Sui, the deity in charge of people’s fortune in a given year.
  5. Red Accessories: Various red accessories such as bracelets, lucky bead bracelets, ruby rings, watches with red straps, red hairpins, earrings, and sweater chains are not only fashionable but also serve as talismans against evil spirits, offering both protection and style.
  6. Red Coat and Shoes: A red coat and shoes symbolize prosperity and are considered auspicious, capable of driving away evil spirits.
  7. Red Nightgown or Undercover: A thoughtful gift for close friends or loved ones, a red nightgown or undercover can bring good luck and positive energy throughout the zodiac year.

Pi Xiu: The Chinese Mythical Beast

Pi Xiu, also known as Pi Yao, is a revered Chinese mythical creature. It is depicted as a winged lion with the head of a dragon, the body of a horse, and the feet of a unicorn.

Gifting a Pi Xiu blessed by an eminent monk to your friend can help drive away evil spirits, bringing joy and good luck into their lives.

Beaded Buddha Bracelet, Necklace, and Buddhist Protector

If your friend follows Buddhism, you can consider gifting them a beaded Buddha bracelet. The auspicious Buddhist beads are believed to protect the wearer from bad luck during their zodiac year. Similarly, a Buddha necklace, such as Avalokitesvara for men and Buddha for women, can bring good luck when chosen correctly.

Additionally, it is beneficial to select a Buddhist Protector aligned with your friend’s zodiac sign. These protectors can absorb negative energy, generate positive energy, and help bring good luck while warding off evil spirits and obstacles.

For Rabbit individuals in 2023, the Guardian Buddha is Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. Gifting a Wisdom Buddha pendant necklace can be a meaningful and lucky present.

Gifts Ideas for Different Recipients

For Elders

When selecting gifts for elderly individuals, consider their gender and preferences.

  • For male elders, an Akasagarbha pendant, which symbolizes boundless space, can provide blessings and protection.
  • For female elders, a Buddha pendant or bracelet is a suitable choice.

Other options for elders include Buddhist Protector items, horn combs, blessed pendants, and silver bracelets.

For Students

For students born in the year of the Rabbit, it is advisable to choose gifts that can help diffuse bad luck and improve their studies. Some suitable choices include cinnabar pendants, obsidian pendants, red necklaces, red agate or coral bracelets, peach wood ornaments or combs, zodiac silver pendants, red porcelain pens, lucky pen containers, and Wenchang pagodas.

For Kids

When selecting gifts for children born in the year of the Rabbit, it is best to avoid overly valuable items. Instead, opt for gourd or lotus-shaped pendants or bracelets made of peach wood. Peace buckles and pens with auspicious meanings are also excellent choices. However, it is not recommended to gift them Pi Xiu, as it is associated with making money and may not be suitable for young children.

For Ladies

When choosing a gift for a close female friend, consider items such as red undercovers, wallets, handbags, zodiac pendants, or red bracelets. These gifts can be worn regularly, bringing good luck and positive energy into their lives.

For Men

For male friends, it is advisable to choose close-fitting red items like red undercovers, waistbands, socks, and shoe-pads. Additionally, accessories such as obsidian Pi Xiu or Akasagarbha can bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Bodhi beads, six-syllable Mantra beads, and giant clam items featuring Buddhist colors are also favorable choices.

For Friends, Relatives, or Leaders

For friends, relatives, or leaders, consider high-end ornaments as gifts for their zodiac year. Blessed Pi Xiu or zodiac mascots are excellent choices. These symbolic items can offer protection, good luck, and positive energy throughout the year.

Where Can I Find Chinese Zodiac Gifts?

  1. Online Marketplaces: Websites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay offer a vast selection of Chinese Zodiac Gifts. You can browse through different sellers and products, read reviews, and compare prices to find the perfect gift.
  2. Specialty Stores: Many specialty stores, particularly those focusing on Asian culture or gift shops, carry Chinese Zodiac Gifts. These stores often have a curated selection of zodiac-related items, making it easier to find unique and authentic gifts.
  3. Chinese Cultural Events: Attend Chinese cultural events, such as Chinese New Year celebrations or cultural festivals, where vendors often showcase and sell Chinese Zodiac Gifts. These events provide an immersive experience and give you the opportunity to explore a wide range of gift options.


In conclusion, selecting the right Ben Ming Nian gift for someone born in the year of the Rabbit can bring them luck, prosperity, and help them overcome obstacles during their zodiac year.

By considering their zodiac sign, lucky animal signs, and auspicious colors like red, you can choose the perfect gift to enhance their well-being and fortune. Whether it’s a Chinese zodiac mascot, red accessories, Pi Xiu, beaded Buddha jewelry, or other suitable items, your thoughtful gift will bring joy and positive energy to their lives. Remember, the right gift can make a significant difference in their Ben Ming Nian journey.

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