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Chinese Makeup Transformation Products -All You Need

I’m sure most of you have seen these videos where girls undergo astonishing changes, and when they remove their makeup, it’s like they become a completely different person. It’s truly mind-boggling.

We will uncover the secrets behind these makeovers, and you’ll be amazed to discover that around 80% of the transformation is achieved through the skillful use of specific makeover products.

So, let’s dive in and explore all these fascinating products that contribute to these stunning makeovers!

Chinese Transformation Products and Techniques

Techniques and Tips:

  1. Jawline Enhancement with Duct Tape: One popular technique involves using duct tape to create a more defined and snatched jawline. By strategically applying tape along the chin and pulling it back behind the ears, individuals can achieve a V-shaped facial contour. While this technique may be uncomfortable and reminiscent of a neck brace, it can yield impressive results.
  2. Lightening the Complexion: Achieving a lighter complexion is a key aspect of Chinese makeup transformations. Many makeup enthusiasts utilize primers infused with sunscreen to lighten their skin tone and create a harmonious match between their face and the rest of their body. This technique aims to emulate a porcelain-like complexion, a coveted beauty ideal in certain Asian cultures.
  3. Nose and Scar Wax for Nose Shaping: To alter the shape of the nose, a popular technique involves using nose and scar wax. By warming the wax and sculpting it onto the nose bridge, individuals can create a whole new nose contour. This technique is often followed by careful blending and the application of makeup to achieve a natural appearance.
  4. Eyebrow Transformation: Straight eyebrows are highly desirable in some Chinese makeup trends. Achieving this look can be done with a specialized cosmetic pencil that resembles color pencils. By outlining and filling in the brows, individuals can create straight, defined eyebrows. However, it’s important to note that this style may not suit everyone, as personal preferences and facial features vary.
  5. Eye Makeup with Warm Tones: Chinese eye makeup transformations commonly feature warm tones like pinks, reds, and oranges. These shades are applied to create depth and dimension. Utilizing eyeshadows with high pigmentation helps achieve the desired effect. The use of double eyelid tape can also enhance the appearance of larger, more defined eyes.
  6. Using double eyelid tape to create a double eyelid effect and make the eyes appear larger. Applying eyeliner and mascara to enhance the eye area. Adding false lashes for volume and length. Using circle lenses to give the appearance of bigger eyes.
  7. Defining the lips with lip liner and adding color and shine with lip gloss.

Product Review:

These are the key products to use in order to achieve the transformation. I have personally tested each one and provided a comprehensive review for you. 😊

1. Face Tape Lifting Invisible

Chinese Makeup Transformation Products
  1. Long-lasting hold
  2. Invisible and discreet
  3. Instant lift

Many users have found the tape to be effective in achieving a softer and lifted look. They note that once applied correctly, it can make a noticeable difference in the appearance of the eyebrows and eyelids. The tape stays in place all day, even during physical activities, contributing to its reliability.

Customers also appreciate the discreet nature of the tape, mentioning that it remains invisible under makeup, ensuring a natural appearance.

However, some users, particularly those with more mature skin, have encountered challenges when using the tape. They mention that it can be difficult to apply and might not yield the desired results if the skin is stretched. In such cases, they suggest considering other options like Botox.

Overall, the face tape lifting product has received positive feedback for its effectiveness, long-lasting hold, and discreet application. However, it may require some practice and adjustment to individual skin types and preferences.

2. Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax

Chinese Makeup Transformation Products

This popular product allows for effective nose shaping. Its malleable texture and easy application make it a go-to choice.

Applying the wax requires practice, but it’s not overly challenging. The process involves taking a small amount of wax and shaping it into a ball or a thin strip, depending on the desired placement. The wax is then pressed onto the skin to achieve the desired shape.

Once the shape is formed, I suggest using a finger and some water or Vaseline to blend the edges seamlessly into the skin. This step helps to create a smooth and natural look.

Here is a video demonstration on how to do the fake viral nose transformation.

3. Zeesea Eyeshadow Palette The British Museum Alice Series Eyeshadow Power

Chinese Makeup Transformation Products
  • High-quality shades
  • Unique collaboration
  • Embracing C-beauty Trend

I did a full review on Zeesea makeup line and this Chinese makeup brand here ✨✨✨

I reviewed the Zeesea Alice in Wonderland Honey Dream Palette, and I must say, I was highly impressed.

Right from the start, the detailed packaging caught my attention, especially the captivating moving glitter feature. It added a touch of magic to the palette.

When I swatched and applied the eyeshadows, I was pleasantly surprised by the color payoff and pigmentation. The shades truly delivered, and they had a softer and more sheer formula, which perfectly aligns with Asian eye makeup trends.

Creating an eye look with this palette was a delight. The combination of shades provided a stunning pink eyeshadow look without being overpowering. I felt confident and beautiful wearing it.

The inclusion of a large mirror in the palette was a thoughtful addition that I appreciated. It made the application process much more convenient.

Considering the quality and performance, I believe the Zeesea Alice in Wonderland Honey Dream Palette offers excellent value for its price.

After reviewing this palette, I can confidently say that it exceeded my expectations. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking Chinese makeup transformation eyeshadow look.

4. Lilly Lashes Miami Flare 3D Mink Lashes 

Chinese Makeup Transformation Products
  • Cat Eye Lashes
  • Handmade with Care: 100%
  • Natural Looking Eyelashes

False Eyelash is one of the keys to achieve Chinese makeup transformation look therefore I tested out this one for you. 😀

I must say, these Miami Flare lashes from Lily are absolutely breathtaking! As an Asian woman with hooded eyes, I’ve always loved the look of dramatic lashes, and these deliver perfectly. They truly enhance my eyes and give me the stunning, glamorous look I desire.

The quality and craftsmanship of these lashes are exceptional. The hairs are beautifully arranged, and the design frames my eyes in a way that draws attention. When I wear these lashes, I receive compliments left and right. They definitely make me feel like a true diva!

However, there is one minor drawback I experienced. After around five uses, I noticed some separation between the lash band and the hairs. Although it didn’t completely ruin the lashes, it was a bit disappointing. I take great care of my lashes, so I believe it may be a manufacturing flaw or just bad luck on my part. Despite this issue, I still think the overall quality and impact of these lashes are worth it.

Sum Up

In addition to the viral trend of transformation makeup, another Chinese style of makeup known as Douyin makeup has been gaining popularity online. I have prepared a comprehensive report on Douyin makeup, covering its introduction, key techniques, and recommended products.

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