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Ayayi Chinese Metahumans:Virtual Idols and Influencers

In 2022, virtual humans emerge under the concept of Meta Universe.

The team of virtual idols, virtual spokespersons, virtual hosts, and virtual actors is constantly growing, and the commercial value of virtual people is constantly being released.

They are constantly appearing in the public’s vision, and their worth is even higher than that of some real stars.

Next, let’s take a look at the top 8 hottest virtual people of this year and see if there is anyone you know.

1. Liu Ye Xi-柳夜熙-Makeup Artist

Liu Ye Xi is the first virtual person from the popular Douyin platform.

She was created by Chuangyi Technology.

She is a virtual make-up artist who can capture monsters.

Liu Ye Xi can see or enter the meta universe through eye make-up, and sense the universe creatures through cheek make-up, which is a bridge between virtual and reality.

Its looks are amazing, and the makeup is very detailed, which makes it a desirable object for many people to imitate.

(Are you wondering what is Chinese style make up like? Check this out!)


Within 24 hours of releasing her first work, this beautiful girl with her graceful Chinese-style long hair and slim figure has gained over one million followers.

Monetization Approach:

Liu Yexi still mainly relies on advertising, such as the short drama video cooperating with Jidu Automobile and Xiaopeng Automobile.

Moreover, she has even been featured on the cover of Men’s Uno Magazine, which speaks to her immense popularity.

2. Tianyu-天妤-The First Virtual Human Targeting On Foreign Market

Beauty is the consensus of people towards Tianyu.

Its makeup design was completed by the cooperation between Tianyu Sci-Tech Dream Studio and Dunhuang Costume Culture Research and Innovation Design Center.

The inspiration mainly comes from the image of flying fairy in murals, and also integrates the features of fairy, acrobat and so on.

Its looks are amazing, and the makeup is very detailed, which makes it a desirable object for many people to imitate.


In just over half a year since her debut, Tianyu has accumulated more than 5 million fans across the internet, with over 300 million video plays, over 20 million likes on Douyin, and nearly 800 million related topics.

In May, this Chinese beauty topped the Douyin hot list for the first time, occupying the top spot for 5 hours, with the highest online viewers exceeding 60 million.

Not only is she popular in China, Tianyu is also very popular overseas.

Her overseas TikTok account has surpassed 110,000 fans, and the total overseas plays have exceeded 1.2 million.

Monetization Approach:

In IP cooperation, Tianyu has reached IP linkage with game, automobile, cultural tourism, beauty makeup and other fields with a brand new expression of virtual people.

And its produced pillows, canvas bags, stickers and other peripherals have been popular among consumers.

On November 1st this year, Tianyu incarnated as the digital owner NO.001 of the limited edition of Jidu ROBO-01 moon exploration, and started its inter-universe moon exploration journey.

3. AYAYI-The Third Virtual Person And The Current Trend Leader

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AYAYI is the first 3D realistic virtual character created by Ranmai Technology.

In May 2021, AYAYI appeared on the fashion software and quickly won the hearts of Z-generation with her sweet and cool image, causing great attention from fashion bloggers and trendsetters on social media platform Little Red Book. (Chinese instagram)


Previously, Ranmai Technology was invited to Zhangjiakou Yunding Ski Resort to shoot and produce a series of photos of AYAYI experiencing the winter Olympic ski resort in advance, helping to promote the pre-Winter Olympics.

It is understood that the News and Publicity Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee also issued an honorary certificate of “Charm Winter Olympics” Knowledge Communication Action Ambassador to AYAYI to express its thanks.

Monetization Approach:

Now, AYAYI has demonstrated a star effect, and many KOLs will study her photo sites and imitate her poses and expressions for “check-in”.

Along with the surge of fans, invitations have also been thrown to her.

So far, AYAYI has cooperated with brands such as Guerlain, Porsche, Amul, and Moody, and has become the first digital employee of Alibaba and the digital host of Tmall Super Brand Day.

Such good “resources” are not achievable by many stars.

4. Xi Jiajia-希加加-The Fourth Virtual Person

Xijiajia is the fourth virtual person launched by Baidu Group—an AI digital person.

Xijiajia can do AI thinking and creation, achieving AI editing, AI painting and AI composition.

Xijiajia describes herself as “Xijiajia, born in 2000, Capricorn, 168 cm tall, a tech-savvy girl from the universe”.

Notably, her name, hairstyle and makeup are all generated by AI, making her an authentic AIGC virtual digital person.

Different from the other beauties, Xijiajia looks more real.

Her appearance is generated by AI face fusion technology with dozens of the most popular Asian female facial features.

Monetization Approach:

She is also a well-known figure in the fashion industry.

At the Spring/Summer China Fashion Week and 2022 Beijing Fashion Week, Xijiajia first entered the virtual fashion field and opened the catwalk show, bringing extraordinary visual experience to the audience.

In addition, Xijiajia has won one of the world’s most influential industrial design competitions, the German Red Dot Award, and the 2022 Brand and Communication Design Award.

5. Chuan Chuan-川CHUAN-The First Ultra-Realistic Male Digital Humanoid

Chuan CHUAN is one of the most popular digital humanoid idols today.

He has a handsome appearance and a very distinctive look.

He is a mixed race of East Asia, with a teardrop mole under his left eye.

What’s even more attractive than the teardrop mole is that Chuan’s eyes are heterochromic, purple in the left eye and blue in the right eye, which looks stunning and can capture people’s hearts in an instant.

Monetization Approach:

On May 7 this year, Chuan CHUAN released the world’s first AI music for virtual digital humans, “Chuan’s World”.

The launch day sparked a fever for AI music.

The singing was synthesized by the ACE’s AI technology, which surpassed other singing synthesis engines in terms of emotional, natural, and technical advancedness and convenience.

Unlike other virtual singers, Chuan CHUAN can dynamically drive AI intelligence and has a voice and singing skills close to real humans for AI singing.

In addition to deepening in singing, Chuan CHUAN has achieved some success in other fields.

He was invited to participate in the Givenchy 2022 Spring and Summer Clothing Promotion Event and was invited to be the finale model of the YBY22 show at Shanghai Fashion Week.

In addition, on May 20 this year, Chuan CHUAN released his digital collectible “No Fragrant Rose”, which sold out in 1 second, showing the love of many netizens.


A-SOUL is the latest virtual idol girl group created in L.E. Entertainment’s annual new project, composed of five members: Ava, Bella, Carol, Diana, and Eileen, who debuted in November 2020.

Initially, A-SOUL was not accepted and was even resisted by people.

However, after hard work, A-SOUL has gained countless fans on major platforms and has formed a solid fan base, like a rainbow after the storm.

Now, A-SOUL has released many popular singles such as “Quiet” and “Super Sensitive”.

And it has become the leader of China’s virtual idol industry in two years.

As a virtual idol group, A-SOUL mainly interacts with fans through live broadcasts to make their idol dreams more participatory.

In May this year, A-SOUL released a statement on Bilibili, saying that Carol, due to physical and academic reasons, will cease daily live broadcasting and most idol activities from this week and enter a “live broadcast hibernation” state.

Monetization Approach:

At present, A-SOUL has also attracted many brands to cooperate with, such as L’Oreal, KFC, PICO, Keep and many other big names.

In addition, on the evening of November 6th, A-SOUL also co-hosted a wonderful universe VR concert with PICO, which was highly shocking and made fans delighted.

And the two-year anniversary live broadcast of Asoul received more than 27,000 commanders’ support.

And the peak of the audience reached more than 20 million, setting a new record again.

7. Ji Yuanmei-集原美

Ji Yuanmei, a female original virtual idol IP created by Beijing Motu Timespace Technology Co., Ltd., officially debuted in 2020.

It is a cyberpunk-style, futuristic and fashionable fantasy girl with various magical abilities, sometimes cute and lovely, sometimes heroic.

It expresses many subtle and elusive emotions of Chinese young people, which is an original, novel and lively image.

Ji Yuanmei has cooperated with dozens of brands such as Mengniu, Heytea, Jiaonei, Qeelin Jewelry and PUBGM.

8. Su Xiaomei-苏小妹

She loves poetry, traditional Chinese dance, and is constantly learning and experiencing the beauty of the real world.

She has appeared in the 2022 Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala’s cross-dimensional reality show “Star River Dream”.

Final Words:

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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What is a metahuman China?

A “metahuman” is a computer-generated representation of a human being, typically created for use in digital media such as video games, movies, or virtual reality experiences. There are 8 popular figtures of meta humans from China.

What is a meta-human AYAYI?

AYAYI is the first 3D realistic virtual character created by Ranmai Technology in China.

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