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Is Chinese Food Bad for Weight Loss? Find Out the Truth Here!

Chinese cuisine often receives criticism for being high in calories and greasy, but this reputation is primarily based on Americanized versions of the dishes that contain additional fats and sodium.

On the other hand, traditional Chinese cuisine uses healthy ingredients and low-calorie cooking methods.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, you might wonder whether Chinese food can help you achieve your goals.

The answer is a resounding “YES,” as long as you’re mindful of what you’re choosing.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to savor Chinese food without sacrificing your weight loss journey.

The Benefits of Chinese Food for Weight Loss:

Chinese cuisine is rich in vegetables, which are a key component of a healthy and balanced diet. Vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber, which means they can help you feel full for longer and reduce your overall calorie intake.

Chinese dishes also tend to include lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, and tofu, which can help you build and maintain muscle mass.

One popular Chinese dish that is great for weight loss is hot and sour soup. This soup is packed with veggies like mushrooms and bamboo shoots, and the broth is low in calories. It’s also a great way to warm up on a chilly day, without consuming too many calories.

Another Chinese dish that is perfect for weight loss is steamed fish. Steaming is a healthy cooking method that doesn’t add any extra calories or fat to your meal. Fish is also a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Chinese Food under 400 Calories

Chinese DishCalories
Chinese Take-Out Shrimp with Garlic227
Chinese Pork Tenderloin222
Chicken with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce253
Chinese Chicken Fried Rice255
Sweet and Spicy Stir Fry with Chicken and Broccoli156
Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry280
Restaurant Style Beef and Broccoli331
Chinese Pepper Steak312
Chinese Steamed Fish379
Chinese Chicken Salad393

The table includes 10 Chinese food dishes under 400 calories, based on the calorie count provided for each dish. The dishes are ranked in order of calorie count, with the lowest calorie dish, Sweet and Spicy Stir Fry with Chicken and Broccoli, at the top, and the highest calorie dish, Chinese Chicken Salad, at the bottom.

It’s important to note that while calorie count is one factor to consider when making healthy food choices, it’s not the only factor. Other factors to consider include the nutritional content of the food, the portion size, and any added sugars or unhealthy fats.

Looking at the table, some of the healthiest options include the Sweet and Spicy Stir Fry with Chicken and Broccoli, which is only 156 calories, and the Chinese Take-Out Shrimp with Garlic and Chinese Pork Tenderloin, which are both under 250 calories. These dishes are also likely to be high in protein and fiber, which can help you feel full and satisfied.

On the other hand, some of the higher calorie dishes on the list, such as the Chinese Chicken Salad and the Chinese Steamed Fish, may contain more unhealthy fats or added sugars. It’s important to consider the nutritional content of these dishes and to watch your portion sizes when ordering them.

Tips for Eating Chinese Food while Losing Weight:

To ensure that you’re making healthy choices when ordering Chinese food, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Skip the Fried Rice: Fried rice may be delicious, but it’s also high in calories and fat. Opt for steamed rice or brown rice instead.
  • Choose Steamed or Stir-Fried Dishes: Steamed or stir-fried dishes are generally healthier than deep-fried dishes. They also tend to be lower in calories and fat.
  • Ask for Sauce on the Side: Many Chinese dishes are drenched in sauce, which can add a lot of extra calories and sodium to your meal. To keep your meal healthy, ask for the sauce on the side so you can control how much you’re consuming.
  • Load Up on Vegetables: Vegetables are a great way to add volume and fiber to your meal without adding too many extra calories. Ask for extra veggies in your dish or order a side of steamed vegetables.

  • Drink Warm Water like the Chinese: In Chinese culture, it’s common to drink warm water throughout the day.By drinking warm water while eating Chinese food, you can help your body digest the meal more efficiently and potentially reduce bloating and discomfort.
  • Drink Room Temperature Tea while Having Food: Another common practice in Chinese culture is drinking tea with meals. Not only can tea help you stay hydrated, but it can also aid in digestion and potentially help with weight loss. Opt for unsweetened green tea or oolong tea, as these varieties have been shown to have weight loss benefits.


In conclusion, Chinese food can be a great option for weight loss if you make the right choices. Stick to steamed or stir-fried dishes, load up on vegetables, and choose lean proteins like chicken, fish, or tofu.

By following these tips, you can enjoy delicious Chinese food while still reaching your weight loss goals.


Is it okay to eat Chinese food while on a diet?

Yes, it’s okay to eat Chinese food while on a diet as long as you choose healthier options like steamed dishes and lean protein sources.

Can I eat fried rice and still lose weight?

Fried rice is high in calories and fat, so it’s best to limit your consumption if you’re trying to lose weight.

Are there any low-sodium options at Chinese restaurants?

Yes, steamed dishes like steamed vegetables or steamed fish are typically low in sodium.

How can I make Chinese food healthier at home?

You can make Chinese food healthier at home by using lean protein sources, reducing the amount of sugar and sodium in sauces, and opting for steaming or stir-frying instead of deep-frying.

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