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Chinese Dating Shows for Modern Romance Enthusiasts

If you are a fan of dating shows that offer a unique blend of romance, entertainment, and cultural insights, then Chinese dating shows are a must-watch.

With their distinct features and creative concepts, these shows have gained popularity not only in China but also among international audiences.

In this article, we will explore the top Chinese dating shows that are capturing the hearts of modern romance enthusiasts.

From “Heart Signal” to “Let’s Fall in Love,” these shows offer an exciting and often unpredictable journey of love and relationships.

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1. Heart Signal: 心动的信号

The search volume for the 2023 Chinese dating reality show like Heart Signal on TikTok has reached a staggering 17 million.

“Heart Signal/心动的信号” is a popular Chinese dating variety show that brings together ordinary men and women with Chinese stars.

The show selects eight single men and women with diverse backgrounds to live in a “Signal Cabin” for a month-long relationship experience, without disrupting their daily work and life.

The producers set rules such as “successively enter,” “anonymous SMS at night,” and “date initiation” to create opportunities for the participants to express their emotions and showcase their exciting moments.

With its unique format and intriguing twists, “Heart Signal” has become a hit among viewers who are looking for a fresh take on modern romance.

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“If You Are the One/非诚勿扰” is a well-known Chinese dating show hosted by Meng Fei.

The show features 24 single girls who decide the fate of male guests by turning their lights on and off.

The success of speed-dating between male and female guests is determined by rules such as “first experience of love,” “re-judgment of love,” “final election of love,” and “boys’ rights.”

With its unique format and Meng Fei’s humorous hosting style, “If You Are the One” has become a cultural phenomenon in China and has gained a strong following worldwide.

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If you are the one 2023

3. A Journey for Love:怦然再心动

Five experienced female actresses, Wang Ziwen, Wang Lin, Huang Yi, Bai Bing, and Cai Zhuoyi, joined the show and lived together in a love station to pursue love.

They shed their on-screen glamour and became ordinary women bravely seeking love. Together with quality male non-celebrity participants, they embarked on a 21-day journey of love pursuit.

The show follows the narrative of real-life dating, progressing through three stages: blind dates, dates, and cohabitation. During the love pursuit process, either the male or female participants have the freedom to terminate the dates, giving them full decision-making power.

The couple formed on the show, Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen, are particularly loved by fans, who are curious about the progress of their romantic relationship.

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4. Dating with the Parents: 中国式相亲

“Dating with the Parents/中国式相亲” is a unique Chinese dating show that takes the concept of “taking parents on a blind date” to a whole new level.

In each episode, three female guests come for a blind date with five groups of male families sitting on the “boat of love” to choose. The male guests observe the interactions between “Yue Lao” Zhang Guoli and the male and female guests, while “Matchmaker” Chen Chen interacts with the female guest’s relatives and friends. With the participation of 100 “little matchmakers” in real-time, “Dating with the Parents” offers a traditional Chinese twist to the modern dating show concept.

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5. One Out of 100: 百里挑一

“One Out of 100/百里挑一” is a unique Chinese matchmaking show that brings together young, single women who are seeking love. In each episode, three school-aged women with genuine romantic desires participate, while 100 male guests have the chance to choose their favorite girls in real-time.

The show incorporates various creative segments such as “Lianliankan” (a connection game), “Show Your Love” (a chance to express feelings), and “Telephone Tell Your Heart” (heart-to-heart conversations) to facilitate sincere communication between the male and female guests.

Through multiple rounds of mutual selection, the male guests who stand out from the initial pool of 100 men may have the opportunity to finally hold hands with the female guests, creating moments of excitement and anticipation. “One Out of 100” offers a fresh and entertaining take on modern matchmaking, showcasing the hopes and dreams of young singles in China.

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6. Let’s Fall in Love: 我们恋爱吧

“Let’s Fall in Love” is a heartwarming Chinese dating show that focuses on the stories of ordinary people looking for love. The show features participants from all walks of life, including blue-collar workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals, who share their personal experiences, struggles, and aspirations in finding their soulmates.

Adding to the excitement, young Chinese celebrity guests of the same age as the single contestants are also invited to observe the unfolding romantic journeys. ‘Let’s Fall in Love’ offers a unique and captivating take on modern dating, where the sea becomes a backdrop for hopeful singles to explore the possibilities of love.

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Season 1/Season 2/Season 3

7. Love Defense Wars:爱情保卫战

“Love Defense Wars” or “爱情保卫战” is an early Chinese emotional and psychological variety show that delves into the complex and conflicting emotions experienced by young men and women in the realm of real-life relationships.

The show brings these challenges to the forefront, inviting emotional tutors who provide rational analysis, scientific insights, love guidance, and emotional advice, all aimed at promoting healthy and balanced perspectives on love, marriage, and happiness.

In addition to the guidance from emotional tutors, celebrity couples and other notable social figures are also invited to share their insights and provide guidance on navigating the complexities of modern relationships.

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8. I Like You Too:喜欢你我也是

“The First Season of ‘I Like You Too'” features a luxurious villa, 8 amateur men and women with high education, good looks, and emotional intelligence, who live together for 30 days in a sweet “cohabitation” experience.

With the presence of 6 celebrity observers with distinct personalities. The celebrity observers take on a reverse role as “Sherlock Holmes,” utilizing their knowledge of psychology, micro-expression analysis, behavioral experiments, and personal views on love to engage in immersive and revealing discussions about their own perspectives on love.

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9. Love Actually:半熟恋人

According to the “China Statistical Yearbook 2021,” it can be observed that the number of registered marriages has been declining for seven consecutive years since 2013, and the average age of unmarried individuals is also increasing.

In order to explore the reasons behind this trend and understand people’s attitudes towards relationships and marriage in modern times, the production team of the show chose to focus on the dating experiences of the 30+ age group, known as “mature singles.”

In the show,a group of urban mature men and women are invited to stay in an apartment for a month to engage in social and dating experiences. Before meeting in person, the participants have an initial impression of each other through online chats, where the focus is on their values rather than their physical appearances.

After moving in, the male and female guests interact through various activities such as choosing partners, going on individual dates, and group outings to deepen their understanding of each other.

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10. Meeting You:遇见你真好

The reality TV show brings together seven young singles to live in a picturesque and romantic “Meeting Cabin” for a period of 30 days. Starting from their initial meeting, they try to get to know each other in their own unique ways.

Meanwhile, the “star reconnaissance group,” consisting of their friends and family, observes and analyzes the daily interactions of the young people, devising strategies to help them socialize and navigate their relationships.

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11. Goodbye My Love:再见爱人

“Goodbye, My Love” is a reality TV show produced by Mango TV that focuses on observing and documenting real-life marriages.

The show takes a third-person perspective to explore the ups and downs of marriages, as three couples facing marital crises embark on an 18-day journey to reflect on their past love, analyze the issues in their marriages, and evoke resonance and reflection from the audience.

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12. We Fall in Love:我们相爱吧

The positioning of “We Fall in Love” is celebrity dating, and the core concept that the production team wants to convey is “Believe in Love, Practice Love, and Enjoy Love.” The show aims to not only allow the audience to dream along with the celebrities’ beautiful love stories, but also to practice the skills of love and understand the meaning of love together.

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In Conclusion

Chinese dating shows offer a diverse range of entertaining and creative concepts that appeal to modern romance enthusiasts.

Whether you’re interested in romance, reality, or talent shows, Chinese dating shows have something for everyone to enjoy.

So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a thrilling journey of love and relationships with these top Chinese dating shows!


Are Chinese dating shows scripted or real?

Chinese dating shows are largely unscripted, although some segments may be planned for entertainment purposes.
Contestants participate in these shows with the intention of finding a genuine romantic connection, and their interactions are mostly unscripted, showcasing their authentic personalities and emotions.

Do all contestants find love on Chinese dating shows?

Not all contestants find love on Chinese dating shows. While the ultimate goal of these shows is to find a romantic partner, not all participants are successful in forming a lasting connection.
Some contestants may receive multiple offers and have the luxury of choosing their preferred partner, while others may leave the show without a match. However, many contestants still cherish the experience and the friendships formed during the show.

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