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Chinese Bride Makeup:Get The Perfect Oriental Glam

As a Chinese myself, I have noticed a lack of articles specifically addressing Chinese bride makeup.

Therefore, I feel a sense of duty to fill this void and provide valuable information on this topic. In this article, I will share essential tips for creating stunning Chinese bride makeup looks.

Additionally, I will delve into the four main colors that contribute to the makeup tone and provide detailed explanations of their significance.

Stay tuned to discover how to achieve the perfect Chinese bride makeup for a truly memorable wedding day. 😊

Chinese Bride Makeup Tips

  1. When time is limited for makeup and hairstyle changes during the wedding, transitioning from Western makeup to Chinese makeup doesn’t require a complete face makeup removal. Simply use makeup remover to remove eye shadow and lipstick, and then touch up the base with powder foundation.
  2. Chinese wedding dresses often feature the color red, so warm-toned eye makeup is most suitable. Apply a light, pearlescent pink eyeshadow all over the eyelids, use apricot eyeshadow in the crease, and blend a shell color eyeshadow on the brow bone. Brides with monolids can use a matte eyeshadow close to their skin tone as a base.
  3. Chinese bridal makeup focuses on softer eye colors. Emphasize the eye contours with black eyeliner and mascara, preferably using volumizing mascara to enhance the thickness of the lashes and make the eyes more radiant.
  4. To complement the warm tones of the dress and makeup, choose an orange blush.
  5. Lip makeup is a key element of Chinese bridal makeup and should be vibrant, harmonizing with the dress. Avoid overly dramatic and intense red lipstick. After applying lipstick, add a layer of lip gloss.
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Applying Red Chinese Bridal Makeup

Chinese Bride Makeup Tutorial

The color red is a symbol of joy and celebration in Chinese culture, making it an important element to illuminate the bride’s happiness and radiance.

  1. Lips: This is the most prominent feature of the bride’s makeup and requires special attention. To showcase the bride’s tenderness and evoke a blend of warmth and passion, the red lip makeup should be rich and full. Start by outlining the lips with a lip liner in the same color family, and then apply a plumping red lipstick.
  2. Eyes: To highlight the brilliance of fiery red lips, the eye makeup can be slightly subdued. A simple black eyeliner and volumizing mascara can enhance the bride’s eyes.
  3. Cheeks: Sweep a pearlized light pink blush lightly on the cheeks to harmonize with the vibrant red lips.
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Applying Chinese Bridal Makeup with a Wedding Dress

  1. Pay attention to the eyebrows, as neat and symmetrical eyebrows often enhance a person’s radiance.
  2. Use a soft pink blush and gently sweep it from the cheekbones to the cheeks.
  3. Apply a pure white eyeshadow evenly on the eyelids and draw a smooth eyeliner.
  4. Apply coral-colored lipstick evenly on the lips, and add a touch of lip gloss to the center of the upper and lower lips for a fuller and glossier look.

Keep in Mind

  1. Be cautious with dark eye makeup for brides. Wedding makeup, especially Chinese bridal makeup, should reflect a festive atmosphere. Warm-toned colors are a good choice for both eye and lip makeup. Fair-skinned individuals or those prone to puffy eyes can opt for cool-toned eye makeup, but should avoid using overly intense colors.
  2. The application of Chinese bridal makeup should consider various aspects of the bride, such as clothing and face shape. The best Chinese bridal makeup is the one that suits the bride herself.

Chinese Bridal Makeup Color Explanation

Exquisite Soft Pink In Chinese Bridal Makeup

The exquisite soft pink look is favored for its delicate, gentle, and graceful impression, which is considered the epitome of traditional Chinese beauty.

Soft and light pink shades enhance this gentle and elegant image, making it an ideal choice for Chinese brides, also for modern Chinese makeup style-Douyin Makeup.

  1. Lips: Apply a light and sheer pink lip gloss to achieve a natural and moist look. Opt for a pearlized pink shade that is pure, elegant, and in line with current fashion trends.
  2. Eyes: Avoid harsh eyeliner and instead create a soft and defined line. Use warm brown eyeshadow to blend on the upper and lower eyelids, creating a gentle smoky effect that enhances the softness of the eyes.
  3. Cheeks: Use a bright and luminous pearlized blush to highlight the bride’s gentle and graceful demeanor. The foundation plays a crucial role in complementing the overall pink tone of the makeup. A lightweight and moisturizing foundation is recommended to achieve a radiant and flawless complexion.

Elegant Golden Glow

The elegant golden glow is a popular choice for Chinese bridal makeup, as it adds a sense of grandeur and nobility to the bride’s appearance. The golden hue harmonizes with metallic accents, reflecting the bride’s unique sense of luxury.

  1. Lips: Deep red lipstick with metallic undertones exudes an irresistible allure, combining modern and vintage elements to create a subtly luxurious feel for the bride.
  2. Eyes: Use a warm golden-brown eyeshadow to complement the deep red lips. Blend the eyeshadow around the eye socket to deepen the three-dimensional effect. This will enhance the bride’s captivating gaze.
  3. Cheeks: Apply a deep reddish-brown blush to create an elegant and majestic bridal look. Sweep the blush lightly from the prominent cheekbones towards the brow bone to accentuate the facial contours.

Enchanting Crimson Charm

Crimson is a symbolic color of celebration and joy in Chinese culture, making it an essential element for Chinese bridal makeup. The vibrant red color illuminates the bride’s happiness and radiance on her special day.

  1. Lips: The focus of the entire makeup look is on the lips. To achieve a deep and luscious red lip, start by outlining the lips with a lip liner in a matching shade, and then apply a rich and volumizing red lipstick.
  2. Eyes: To accentuate the vibrant red lips, the eye makeup should be slightly subdued. Apply a concise black eyeliner and volumizing mascara to bring out the natural beauty of the bride’s eyes.
  3. Cheeks: Use a pearlized light pink blush to gently sweep the cheeks, creating a soft and harmonious contrast with the striking red lips.

Alluring Starry Glam

Chinese bridal makeup can also incorporate fashionable trends. The alluring starry glam look captivates everyone’s attention with its shimmering diamond accents, adding a touch of dynamic color to the bride’s modest beauty.

  1. Eyes: The eyes are the focal point of this makeup style. Deep black eyeliner is a strong trend this season. Combine it with a few scattered diamond stickers near the outer corners of the eyes to create a dramatic and sparkling effect, enhancing the bride’s alluring gaze.
  2. Lips: Opt for a moisturizing and natural lip color that complements the eye makeup and accentuates the soft and hydrated texture of the lips, even if it means going for a barely-there nude lip look.
  3. Cheeks: The fair and smooth complexion is further enhanced by a bright and milky tea-colored blush, creating a translucent and flawless finish that embodies the perfect skin Chinese brides aspire to have.


What are the key differences between Chinese bride makeup and Western bridal makeup?

Chinese bride makeup typically emphasizes a pale complexion, red lips, and delicate eye makeup, while Western bridal makeup often focuses on a natural, glowing complexion, neutral lip colors, and bolder eye makeup.

What are some common hairstyles that complement Chinese bride makeup?

Traditional Chinese bridal hairstyles often feature intricate updos adorned with accessories like hairpins, flowers, or ornaments. Other options include loose curls, braided hairstyles, or a combination of braids and updos.

Are there any specific makeup considerations for Chinese brides with glasses?

Chinese brides who wear glasses can opt for slightly bolder eye makeup to ensure their eyes stand out. Using long-lasting, smudge-proof products and avoiding heavy foundation on the nose area can also help prevent makeup transfer onto the glasses.

Can Chinese bride makeup be DIY or is professional assistance recommended?

While it is possible to attempt DIY Chinese bride makeup, it is often recommended to seek professional assistance. Professional makeup artists have the expertise to create the desired look, ensure long-lasting makeup, and handle any challenges that may arise on the wedding day.

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