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Best jasmine green tea
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Best Jasmine Green Tea: All You Need To Know

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jasmine Green Tea!

I am here to share the exciting secrets of this special tea that’s loved by many. In this adventure, we’ll learn about the best brands, how to make it, and all the great things it can do for you. From the lovely smell of jasmine to the yummy taste, you’re in for a treat!

So, grab a cup, relax, and let’s explore the magic of jasmine green tea together! 🍃🌼

best chinese jasmine tea Overall-Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea


Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea is a special blend of green and white teas, crafted into small pearls with the lovely scent of jasmine flowers. These pearls, made by skilled artisans in China, open up when soaked in hot water, giving a pale yellow drink.

PositivesThings to consider
Wonderful Aroma: This tea smells strongly of jasmine, giving it a pleasant fragrance.Not for Everyone: If you don’t like floral scents, this might not be your favorite.
Balanced Flavor: The taste is a mix of sweet and flowery notes, providing a harmonious flavor.Caffeine Content: It contains caffeine, which might not be suitable for those looking for caffeine-free options.
Beautiful Packaging: The tea comes in a nice tin that keeps it fresh and the jasmine aroma intact.
Kosher Certified: This tea has a kosher certification, indicating its quality and standards.
Easy to Brew: Each sachet makes a 12 oz cup, and it’s simple to prepare.
Refreshing: It’s a good choice for a mid-day energy boost.

Brewing Tips

  • Temperature: Brew at 175°F (about 80°C) for around 3 minutes.
  • Water Quality: Use filtered water for the best taste.

Ever thought about why the tea in that Chinese restaurant tasted so good?

Well, they likely used jasmine tea – Learn More By Clicking! 🌼🍵

best jasmine green tea for milk tea-Sunflower Original Jasmine Blend, 16 Oz


Sunflower’s Original Jasmine Blend is my secret to a perfect milk tea. Its delicate flavor strikes a harmonious balance, creating a delightful base that complements milk beautifully. Whether served hot or cold, it never disappoints. A must-have for any milk tea enthusiast.

With a smooth and well-rounded flavor, it’s approachable yet not lacking in complexity. I find it to be a great conversation starter and a crowd-pleaser during gatherings.

For clarification on the instructions for US people, I did the googling and found that 2-4 grams per 200 cc of water translates to 1/3 to 2/3 teaspoon per 0.85 cup. Helpful and flavorful!

Milk tea is the favourite for most chinese youngers these day including myself. You should definitely try out and make one from home. Instructions is listed below.

how to make jasmine green milk tea

In this video, you can see how to make jasmine gree milk tea with the tea I recommended above. This is how I learnt my brew also 😊

Steps to Make Jasmine Milk TeaIngredients/Actions
Gather Ingredients:Collect loose leaf jasmine tea, a tea infuser or vessel, measuring cups, sweetener (honey or sugar), milk, and ice.
Prepare Tea Concentrate:– Place 2 tablespoons of loose leaf jasmine tea in a tea infuser or directly into a vessel. – Boil around 200 milliliters (less than a cup) of water. – Pour the boiling water into a measuring cup. – Steep the tea for 8 minutes, occasionally stirring for a robust flavor.
Enhance Tea Flavor:– Gently squeeze excess water from the tea leaves in the infuser. – Save the tea leaves for re-steeping.
Cool and Dilute:– Have another measuring cup with 200 milliliters of ice ready. – Pour the steeped tea over the ice to cool it down quickly and dilute the concentrate.
Add Milk:– Measure out 60 milliliters of milk (about 4 tablespoons). – Pour the milk directly into the cooled tea and stir to mix.
Sweeten to Taste:– Choose your sweetener (honey, sugar, or brown sugar). – Add more sweetener than you think you’ll need to balance bitterness and enhance the tea’s flavor. – Stir well until the sweetener is completely dissolved.
Enjoy:Your homemade jasmine milk tea is ready to be enjoyed without the need to visit a tea shop.

best jasmine green tea loose leaf-Numi Loose Leaf Floral Green Tea


PositivesAspects to Consider
Authentic and pleasing jasmine and green tea taste.Might require more tea for desired flavor.
Loose leaves provide a high-quality experience.Potential limitations for multiple infusions.
Versatile for hot, iced, or jasmine milk tea.
Natural jasmine aroma.
Ideal for daily drinking.
Offers great quantity for the price.

Numi Organic Jasmine Loose-Leaf Green Tea is a fragrant delight, combining full-bodied green tea leaves scented with night-blooming jasmine flowers. This creates a subtly sweet and smooth brew with hints of moonlit nights and herbal green tea notes.

Packed in a 16-ounce resealable pouch, the loose leaves maintain their freshness, suitable for various brewing methods. Sourced from China’s Fair Trade tea gardens, it’s both organic and ethically produced, ensuring an authentic taste free from artificial additives.

With one heaping teaspoon steeped in 12 ounces of hot water for 2 minutes, you get a medium-caffeine tea perfect for any time. One pouch brews over 200 cups, delivering quality and quantity. As it steeps, the tea’s bright green hue and unfurling jasmine flowers add aesthetic appeal.

Numi this tea brand also makes the best Chinese gunpowder green tea. Either jasmine green tea or gunpowder green tea, they both help with weight management. Discover the best weightloss tea from China here.

best jasmine green tea pearls-The Tao of Tea, Handrolled Jasmine Pearls Green Tea


Positives that Blossom:Aspects to Consider:
Smooth Flavor, Bold AromaTea pearls may not withstand multiple steepings as effectively.
Premium Quality Selection
Hand-Rolled Delight

Smooth Flavor, Bold Aroma: The Tao of Tea’s hand-rolled Jasmine Pearls Green Tea boasts a harmonious balance between a smooth green tea flavor and a captivating floral aroma. This delightful pairing creates a sensory journey with each sip, where the gentle essence of green tea meets the boldness of jasmine. The result is a tea that’s not only enjoyable but also comforting, making it an excellent choice for moments of relaxation.

Premium Quality Selection: The tea’s quality is underlined by the careful selection of leaves from premium tea gardens. This meticulous process ensures that only the finest tea leaves are chosen, resulting in a cup of tea that’s rich in flavor and complexity. By sourcing from prestigious tea gardens, The Tao of Tea guarantees that every sip carries the essence of the best tea leaves, providing a genuine and satisfying tea experience.

Hand-Rolled Delight: The hand-rolled leaves used in The Tao of Tea’s Jasmine Pearls Green Tea contribute to its unique and flavorful profile. Hand-rolling each tea pearl is a labor-intensive process that showcases a dedication to craftsmanship. This hands-on approach infuses the tea with a touch of artistry, creating a distinct tea experience that goes beyond taste. The act of unfurling the tea pearls as they steep adds a level of anticipation and engagement to the brewing ritual, making each cup a moment to savor.

best jasmine green tea bags-Twinings Green Tea With Jasmine


Twinings Green Tea With Jasmine Review

PositivesAspects to Consider
Fresh and high-quality ingredientsNot the most affordable pack of tea bags
Available in packs of 20 to 100
Inspected for great quality control

For people who love tea, every sip is important. When they have to choose between having a lot of tea or having really good tea, they would pick the really good tea without hesitation. That’s why even if it costs more than the regular tea, many tea fans are happy to pay a bit more for better taste.

One company that is known for making great tea is Twinings of London. They are famous for their British Breakfast and different types of Western teas. They also have teas with flavors from the East that you might find interesting.

You can buy their teas in packs of 20 to 100 tea bags. Each tea bag is made with the best leaves and flowers, which makes the tea taste fresh and delicious every time you make a cup. The bags are carefully looked at by people and are made with natural ingredients. This means you can be confident that each tea bag you use has been checked by experts to make sure it’s really good tea.

Caffeine~30-40mg per cup
Calories1 calorie per cup (280ml)
NutrientSaturated Fat
Total Carbohydrates
Dietary Fiber
BenefitsEpigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) – Powerful catechin in green tea associated with various benefits such as weight loss, improved blood sugar control, heart and oral health- Weight loss.

best jasmine tea brand-FGO jasmine green tea


PositivesAspects to Consider
Affordable organic jasmine green tea with eco-friendly packagingFalls short of the authentic Eastern jasmine green tea flavor.
USDA-certified and GMO-free
Satisfaction guarantee and refund policy

FGO’s jasmine green tea bags stand out as our top choice as best brand due to their affordable price, delicious flavor, and eco-friendly packaging. Each package includes 100 tea bags, ensuring a lasting supply. If you prefer, you can opt for smaller packs for sampling or shorter usage.

The tea boasts great taste, though it may not deliver the exact Eastern authenticity. Nevertheless, it is both GMO-free and USDA-certified, reflecting its quality. Should you be dissatisfied for any reason, FGO offers a reassuring refund option, showcasing their confidence in their product.

Best Jasmine White Tea-The Republic of Tea Asian Jasmine White Tea


PositivesAspect to Consider
✓ Smooth taste for both hot and iced tea.✗ Pricey compared to other brands for some customers.
✓ Strong, earthy flavor that can be intensified by longer steeping.

The Republic of Tea Asian Jasmine White Tea Bags are a special mix of 100% white tea from China’s Fujian Province and natural jasmine flavor. This unique tea is made by carefully picking the tea leaves for only two days each year, giving it a delicate taste that’s quite rare.

When the jasmine fragrance mixes with the white tea, it creates a tea that’s really special and smells amazing.

The tea itself has a soft white tea taste with a sweet touch of jasmine. After you drink it, the taste stays with you for a while. If you’re trying to cut down on caffeine, this tea is a good choice because it doesn’t have much caffeine. Plus, it’s gluten-free and doesn’t have any carbs or sugar, so it fits different diets.

You’ll find 50 tea bags in a tin. To make the tea, use fresh, filtered water that’s almost boiling and let the tea bag sit in it for about 30 to 60 seconds. This helps keep the tea from getting too bitter and keeps the delicate flavors nice.

Out of all the jasmine white teas with white tea as the base, this product is the best one you can find.

Choosing the Best Jasmine Teas: A Simple Guide

When it comes to finding the best jasmine teas, we’ve done the hard work for you. We looked at many brands and considered the type of tea used, how it’s packaged, and the cost to give you the top choices. Here’s what we thought about:

Type of Tea Base

Jasmine teas usually use green tea, known for its gentle taste that goes well with jasmine’s aroma. Sometimes, they use white tea for a unique sweetness that adds a special touch.


Jasmine tea comes in different forms. Tea bags are easy for everyday use, but loose-leaf teas are often better quality and taste. Then there are jasmine pearls – small rolled balls that open up in hot water and taste amazing.


Jasmine tea can cost a little or a bit more depending on the brand and type. It’s smart to think about the price per cup instead of just the overall cost. Some pricier brands use better ingredients and methods, making them worth it.

Tips for Choosing

Here are some helpful tips for finding the best jasmine teas:

  1. Tea Base Preference: If you like milder taste, go for white tea base; for stronger taste, choose green tea base.
  2. Consider the Form: Tea bags are easy, loose-leaf is tastier, and pearls are exciting.
  3. Organic vs. Non-Organic: Organic teas are safer, though they might cost a bit more.
  4. Price and Quality: Higher price often means better quality, but affordable options can still be good.
  5. Read Reviews: Reviews help you know if the tea is really tasty and smells nice.
  6. Origin Matters: Different places grow tea that tastes different due to climate and soil.
  7. Packaging: Good packaging keeps tea fresh and tasty.
  8. Check Expiration: Fresh tea tastes best, so check the expiration date.

Making Jasmine Tea: Traditional and Modern Approaches

Jasmine tea is created in two main ways: the traditional way and the modern method. Let’s explore how both methods work.

Traditional Method: Fragrance-Infused Tea

In the traditional way, jasmine flowers are used to give tea leaves their lovely scent. The process goes like this:

  1. Picking Tea Leaves: Green tea leaves are collected three to four times a year, starting from spring and ending in autumn.
  2. Preparation: Leaves from the first harvest are kept aside until jasmine blossoms are ready in July and August.
  3. Scenting Process: Fresh jasmine blossoms are added to the dried tea leaves. The flowers infuse their aroma into the tea.
  4. Multiple Rounds: When the jasmine blossoms lose their scent, they’re taken out, and new ones are added. This can be done several times, with the best teas undergoing up to 10 scenting rounds.

Modern Method: Using Jasmine Extract

The modern method uses jasmine oil or extract to scent the tea leaves. This approach allows for faster production and larger batches. Some producers even choose natural additives, making the tea organic.


ComparisonTraditional MethodModern Method
Quality and EfficiencyCreates the finest jasmine teas, but slower and more effort-intensive.Quicker and efficient for larger batches, but top-quality teas often use the traditional way.
Packaging and VarietiesTea leaves scented with jasmine are sorted and packaged in various forms:Tea bags containing smaller tea pieces.
Loose tea with whole leaves graded by quality.

Jasmine Green Tea: Benefits Simplified

Aiding Weight Loss

Trying to lose a bit of weight? Jasmine green tea might be your friend. Studies suggest that this tea can help a bit with weight loss. How? It speeds up your metabolism, which can lead to some weight loss. Remember, the effect isn’t huge, but it’s nice when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Full of Antioxidants

Jasmine green tea is packed with something called antioxidants. These special things, called polyphenols, not only help control your blood sugar but also contribute to a healthier heart.

Reducing Type 2 Diabetes Risk

If you’re worried about type 2 diabetes (which often comes from not-so-great diets), jasmine green tea could help. There’s a compound in the tea, called EGCG, that can help your body handle insulin better.

This means your chances of getting type 2 diabetes might go down a bit. Of course, eating well and staying active are the best ways to avoid diabetes, but tea can give you an extra hand.

Preparing Jasmine Green Tea: Simple Steps

Brewing this tea is easy, but it can turn bitter if steeped too long or with water that’s too hot. Unlike black or oolong teas, use cooler water for green tea scented with jasmine.

A temperature of around 80°C (176°F) is good. Boil water and let it cool for about two minutes. You might find a thermometer handy for precise temperature.

If you’re into trying different teas and coffees, you could invest in a water boiler/warmer or an electric kettle with adjustable temperature settings. The Cuisinart kettle is great, with presets for every tea type.

Brewing Instructions: Enjoy Your Tea

Use a glass or porcelain vessel—teapot, glass, or gaiwan. Here’s how to brew using a gaiwan: (Best Gaiwan Set Picked by me 💪)

  1. Warm the gaiwan by filling it halfway with hot water, swirling, and emptying.
  2. Add slightly less than 1 teaspoon of tea leaves.
  3. Fill with hot water (80°C/176°F), about 80-90% full.
  4. Put the lid on and let steep for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Enjoy! When a quarter of the tea is left, refill and steep for 30 seconds to a minute.
  6. You can do 3-5 rounds, increasing steep time each time.
  7. Experiment with tea amount and steeping time to find your perfect taste.
  8. If it’s bitter, use cooler water. Keep trying until it’s just right.


What are the disadvantages of jasmine green tea?

While jasmine green tea offers many benefits, its primary disadvantage lies in its caffeine content. Excessive consumption, especially before bedtime, could potentially disrupt sleep patterns.

Who should not drink jasmine tea?

Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those with certain medical conditions like acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome should consider limiting their intake of jasmine tea.

Can I have jasmine green tea without the tea leaves?

Jasmine green tea is typically made by infusing jasmine flowers with tea leaves. While you can find jasmine-flavored tisanes without tea leaves, they won’t have the same depth and character as traditional jasmine green tea.

Is Jasmine green tea better than green tea?

Jasmine green tea combines the benefits of green tea with the aromatic essence of jasmine flowers. While both are healthy choices, jasmine green tea provides a unique flavor and fragrance profile that some find more enjoyable.

How Much Caffeine Is in Jasmine Tea?

Jasmine tea contains caffeine, but its exact amount can vary. On average, an 8 oz cup of jasmine tea has about 20-30 mg of caffeine, which is lower than black tea but still provides a mild energy boost.

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