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Numi Teas Review: All You Need To Know

Join me in exploring the captivating world of Numi Tea—a brand celebrated for its quality and commitment to sustainability.

With a staggering 159 million Americans enjoying tea daily, it’s evident that tea ranks as the second most popular beverage globally, trailing only behind water.

In this upcoming review, I’ll unravel the essence of Numi Tea, delving into its brand values and the numerous benefits it offers.

Stay tuned as I showcase the top Numi Tea blends, each telling a unique story and flavor tale ✌

best numi tea

I snagged a handful of the absolute finest Numi teas – the ones that make my taste buds do a happy dance, and they’ve got quite the fan club too!

Numi Organic Breakfast Blend Tea

Numi Teas Review
  1. Warm Nostalgia and Brewing: Numi Breakfast Tea delighted me as a blend that perfectly combines my love for Numi teas and breakfast blends. The brewing process was on point – a 4 to 5-minute steeping at black tea temperature that truly captured Numi’s quality.
  2. Personal Touch and Creamy Indulgence: Sipping this tea brought back fond memories while engaging in a fun chat about growing up. Adding cream to the tea brought a creamy, rich dimension that enhanced the experience beautifully.
  3. Customizing Tea Strength: I had a blast experimenting with the tea’s strength. Whether it’s through temperature, tea leaves, steeping time, or water quantity, there are plenty of ways to tailor the tea to your liking.
  4. Tailored Enjoyment and Playful Tea Time: Through all the experimentation, I found my personal preference – a creamy Numi Breakfast Tea. Tea time should be enjoyable, so I encourage everyone to get creative, play around, and craft their own unique tea experiences.

So, if you’re seeking a tea that combines quality with personal touch, Numi Breakfast Tea might just be your perfect cup. Check out the description to discover more about this delightful brew. Until then, enjoy your tea time with a dash of creativity and a good book! 🍵📚

Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey Bagged

Numi Teas Review
  1. Numi’s Sustainable and Inviting Aroma: Numi Tea’s commitment to sustainability shines through their biodegradable tea bags and eco-friendly packaging. While the initial aroma was subtle, hints of sweetness without tartness were present, setting the stage for a promising tea experience.
  2. Flavorful Brewing Unveiled: Following the clear instructions on the wrapper, I experimented with steep times and was pleasantly surprised. The tea displayed its robust flavor profile at 4 minutes, introduced subtle sweetness and mild tartness at 4.5 minutes, and truly captivated me at 5 minutes.
  3. A Hidden Gem through Aging: Numi’s bagged Earl Grey defied expectations, delivering a delightful cup of tea. The secret ingredient to its success – aging the tea with Italian Bergamot – showcased their dedication to quality. This bagged tea not only held its own against loose-leaf varieties but also provided an economical and convenient option for travel and daily enjoyment.

In this review, the Numi Organic Aged Earl Grey Tea is highlighted as a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts. The loose leaf tea, known for its classic earl grey aroma and flavor, comes in a generously sized bag that ensures a long-lasting supply.

The small-sized tea leaves make it convenient to use with different types of diffusers. What sets this tea apart, from a third-person perspective, is its organic nature, catering to individuals who prioritize organic products.

Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green

Numi Teas Review

So, I got this amazing gift – Numi’s Gunpowder Green tea. Talk about a game-changer! The leaves are like little pellets, and as they steep, they unfold into this mesmerizing dance.

But the real magic is in that smoky flavor. I’m not talking about a BBQ here, it’s more like a subtle, cozy fireplace vibe.

It’s a whole new dimension to green tea – comforting and captivating. If you’re up for an adventure beyond the usual cuppa, this is it. Numi’s Gunpowder Green? Thumbs up from me!

Explore further information regarding gunpowder tea and discover the finest selection of gunpowder tea available.😊✌

Numi Organic Tea Jasmine Green

Numi Teas Review
  • Numi Organic Tea Jasmine Green has seamlessly woven itself into my daily rituals. The captivating scent of jasmine as I unbox the tea bag is a sensory delight that sets the stage for a luxurious experience.
  • The infusion of tea leaves in hot water is a testament to the blend’s superior quality, resulting in a delicate balance between the green tea’s subtlety and the floral notes of jasmine.
  • Each sip feels like a personal sanctuary, a momentary pause from life’s chaos. The individually wrapped tea bags provide an elegant touch of convenience to this serene indulgence, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a refined and calming tea journey.

Learn all about jasmine green tea from different angles. I suggest you read my article that talks about picking the right tea, making it, getting it ready, and why it’s good for you.

Numi Organic Three Roots Turmeric Tea

Numi Teas Review
  1. Numi’s Organic Turmeric Tea has truly surprised me with its delightful flavor profile. I appreciate that it’s caffeine-free, making it a perfect choice for any time of day.
  2. As a health-conscious individual, I’m always on the lookout for natural remedies that promote well-being. Numi’s Turmeric Tea has exceeded my expectations. Beyond its impressive anti-inflammatory properties, this tea boasts a harmonious fusion of organic ingredients. The subtle sweetness from rose, combined with the earthy richness of turmeric, makes each sip a pure indulgence.
  3. Numi Organic Turmeric Tea has become a staple in my daily routine. Not only is this tea a comforting companion during moments of relaxation, but its potential health benefits make it a holistic addition to my lifestyle.

numi turmeric tea three roots benefits

Mixing three natural roots (earthy turmeric, spicy ginger, and sweet licorice), this important tonic takes your senses on a journey, making your mind clear and bringing comfort.

Turmeric is an old root connected to ginger, and it’s used to balance things in Ayurvedic diets.

Numi Pu-erh Tea Review

Numi Teas Review

I recently had the chance to try Numi’s Pu-erh teas, including flavors like cardamom, jasmine, basil mint, ginger, chocolate, and emperor’s pu-erh.

Pu-erh tea has higher caffeine like coffee and comes with potential healing properties and antioxidants. It’s sourced from 500-year-old organic tea trees in Yunnan, China.

Among the flavors, basil mint stood out with its savory taste and no sweetness. The chocolate Pu-erh is an interesting low-calorie option, blending dark pu-erh, organic cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, orange peel, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

If you haven’t tried pu-erh tea, Numi offers organic, high-quality options in various unique flavors.

Pu-erh can be found in bricks, discs, and cake forms.. LEARN MORE HERE 🍵✌

The best teapot for pu er is CLAY TEAPOT.

what is numi tea?

Numi Tea is a premium brand known for its organic and ethically sourced teas. With a focus on sustainability, they offer a diverse range of flavorful blends, including classics, herbal infusions, and innovative varieties. Emphasizing real ingredients, Numi Tea is a go-to choice for those seeking high-quality teas with a conscious touch.

where to buy numi tea?

Numi Tea can be purchased from various retailers, with Amazon being a popular option that offers a wide range of Numi Tea products. Additionally, you can explore their official website to access their full product range and take advantage of any promotions or special offers they might have.

It’s always a good idea to check local grocery stores, health food stores, and specialty tea shops as well, as Numi Tea products might be available in brick-and-mortar locations near you.

AmazonClick To Buy
Numi Tea Official SiteFree Delivery Over 49$

where is numi tea grown?

Numi Tea sources its ingredients from various organic farms around the world. The company is committed to using high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, and their teas feature a variety of herbs, spices, and tea leaves that are cultivated in different regions. Some of the places where Numi Tea’s ingredients may come from include China, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and other countries known for tea and herb production.

Numi Tea focuses on partnering with farms that prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices, which contribute to the overall quality of their teas. Keep in mind that specific ingredients and blends may have different sourcing locations, so it’s a good idea to check the packaging or the Numi Tea website for more detailed information on the origins of each specific tea.

is numi tea good?

Yes, Numi Tea is generally well-regarded for its quality and variety. Many people enjoy the flavors and benefits offered by Numi Tea’s organic and ethically sourced blends. The brand’s commitment to sustainability, real ingredients, and unique blends often receives positive feedback from tea enthusiasts.

However, individual preferences vary, so what one person finds “good” might differ from another’s opinion. If you’re interested in trying Numi Tea, it’s recommended to explore their range of flavors and blends to find the ones that align with your taste preferences and health goals.

numi tea benefits

Did you know that drinking herbal blends like Numi Tea can actually lower your chances of chronic diseases like heart problems and cancer?

Numi Tea acts as a health booster, packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that fight inflammation, protect your cells, and strengthen your immune system.

Numi Tea’s special mix of herbs and spices is great for digestion. It can help your tummy work well, ease bloating, and keep things moving smoothly.

Plus, each Numi Tea flavor has its own benefits. For example, turmeric tea fights inflammation and soothes stomach troubles, while ginger tea calms nausea and aids digestion. The refreshing Moroccan mint tea also helps your stomach feel good and supports digestion.

Including Numi Tea in your diet is a smart move. Its many health perks make it a must-try for anyone who wants to boost their health and feel great.

Republic of Tea or Numi Tea

AspectNumi TeaRepublic of Tea
QualityGenerally positive reviews on qualityMixed reviews, varying quality
VarietyOffers variety of bagged and loose-leaf teasOffers blends and full-leaf options
Local AvailabilitySome users mention local availabilityCatalog and free samples available
Specialty BlendsPraised for specialty blends like Chocolate Pu-erhOffers fruit-infused and unique blends
Loose Leaf OptionsLoose leaf options availableLimited selection of loose leaf teas
PriceGenerally considered reasonably pricedSome blends seen as overpriced
Fan LoyaltyMentioned as a fan favorite for bagged teaSome users have a baseline preference
Specialty OfferingsKnown for flowering teas and unique blendsOffers Pu-erh and unique creations
Comparison ReferenceSome users compared to Republic of TeaConsidered a starting point for tea
User ExperiencePositive experiences with taste and qualitySome disappointment with certain blends

Please note that this comparison is based on limited user feedback and personal opinions. Individual preferences can vary, and it’s always a good idea to explore both brands to find the one that aligns with your tastes and preferences.


Does Numi tea have heavy metals?

Numi Organic Tea adheres to the prevailing standards set by the US FDA concerning heavy metals. While the certificates verifying this compliance remain confidential, it can be confidently affirmed that all teas offered by Numi Organic Tea satisfy the existing standards mandated by the US FDA.

Does Numi have Microplastics?

Numi’s tea bags are also made with trustworthy ingredients. They use biodegradable, unbleached Manila hemp fiber, which is different from the plastic material found in the tea bags mentioned in the microplastics report.

Is Numi tea Ethical?

Yes, Numi Tea places a strong emphasis on ethical practices. The company is committed to sourcing organic ingredients, supporting fair labor practices, and promoting sustainability. They work with farms that prioritize environmentally friendly and socially responsible approaches to cultivation.

Additionally, Numi Tea is a certified B Corporation, which means they meet rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Who owns numi?

Numi Tea is owned by Reem Rahim Hassani and Ahmed Rahim, siblings who co-founded the company in 1999. They started Numi Tea with a vision to provide high-quality, organic teas while maintaining a focus on ethical and sustainable practices.

The Rahim siblings have been instrumental in shaping Numi Tea’s commitment to quality, authenticity, and social responsibility.

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