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Why Do Chinese Girls All Call Me ‘Shuai Ge’? Explained by a Chinese Girl

‘Shuai’means handsome. ‘Ge’ means older brother.

‘Shuai Ge’ (帅哥)the direct translation will be handsome older brother.

If you’re a young foreign man in China and someone calls you “handsome,” don’t get too excited.

It’s most likely they want to practice their English.😜 “Shuài gē” is a term used for any young man whose name is unknown.

Here are the possible meanings when a girl calls you ‘Shuai Ge’ (depending on context) :

Professional settings like conference or meetings, ‘Shuai Ge’ sounds too casual.

Even the lady finds you super attractive, she shouldn’t say it. ‘Shuai Ge’ is used in more relaxing context.

It often implies the speaker is trying to butter up the person they are speaking to in order to get something from them.

  • You are at the local convenience store, possibly stocking up for a ”busy” evening ahead, and the cashier beckons you to the counter calling “shuai ge” would be one of the many possibile ways to address male customers and has little to do with your actual appearance.
  • You’re at a KTV, drinking your sorrows away. The attractive waitress who brought you your third beer just sat down beside you, put her hand on your lap, and called you that. Meaning: she probably wants your money.
  • If you are at a local restaurant or in a nice wine bar, a girl comes to you and calls you Shuai Ge. This means she finds you attractive and wants to get your attention.


The overuse of the term “Shuai Ge” has made it a bit corny to impress someone you find attractive.

Modern Chinese girls may choose other ways to express their liking for you.

Where do Chinese girls want to travel with a Shuai Ge?

Check out this list and make some mental preparation! ✨

What is the meaning when a girl calls me ‘xiao shuai ge’?

To add one more word “Xiao” in front of “Shuai Ge”, here are 3 possible meanings:

  1. “Handsome Young Man”: The most direct translation, where “小” (xiǎo) means “little” or “young,” and “帅哥” (shuài gē) means “handsome guy.” This is a common way to compliment a young man or boy on his appearance.
  2. “Cute Boy”: In some contexts, “小帅哥” can lean more towards “cute” than strictly “handsome,” especially when referring to boys or teenagers. It’s a term of endearment that highlights both the youthful charm and attractiveness of the person.
  3. “Little Brother” or “Younger Brother”: Though not as common, in some contexts, especially depending on the speakers’ ages and their relationship, “小帅哥” could be used in a more familial or friendly way, akin to calling someone “little bro” in English, emphasizing a friendly affection rather than focusing solely on physical appearance.

These days a new modern phrase ’Xiao Xian Rou‘ among the young Chinese is replacing Xiao Shuai Ge.

Its direct translation is “young fresh meat” but it really means “young charming boy”.

These are the photos of yong fresh meat you can see if you search ’xiao xian rou‘ in Chinese biggest search engine: Bai Du.

Check if you are considered one of the Xiao Xian Rou in China? 😜

What’s the equvilant word for girls?

It’s ‘Mei Nv”. (美女)

It is a culturally accepted way of referring to someone as attractive, in much the same way that American baby boomers may use terms like “sweetheart” or “darling” to refer to virtually anyone.

However, those who have been exposed to more western values and sensibilities may find this phrase to be somewhat annoying.

If they attempt to challenge its usage, they are likely to be met with confusion and misunderstanding.

Ultimately, the phrase “Mei Nv” is used primarily by strangers, salespeople, or distant acquaintances/coworkers.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

How do you pronounce Shuai Ge?

shuai sounds like shwhy. Check out this video:

Shuai Ge

What is handsome in Cantonese?

The cantonese handsome is called 靚仔 Liang Zai. The Cantonese beautiful is 靓女 Liang nv.

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  1. “Mei Nv” was the first word I learned in the street in Beijing. Great memory, lovely people there. I really enjoy the posts! Thank you!

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