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Christmas Food In China-No. 1 Will Surprise You

Christmas is not a traditional holiday in China, but in recent years it has become more popular among the young generation.

As a result, Christmas food in China is a mix of traditional Chinese cuisine and Western-style holiday foods.

For example, roast turkey, ham, Christmas pudding and gingerbread cookies are becoming increasingly popular in China during the Christmas season.

It is not common for Chinese people to have a specific Christmas meal, and they usually just continue with their regular meals.

However, there is an increasing trend of Chinese people celebrating Christmas and experimenting with different Christmas foods.

1. Apple

Why apple? 1 🤷‍♂️

Silent Night was introduced to China by foreign missionaries.

Liu Tingfang, a professor of psychology at Peking University and a Christian missionary during the Republic of China period, translated Silent Night into Chinese.

In accordance with the principle of faith, Liu Tingfang did not translate the song directly as “Silent Night,” but instead translated it as “Peaceful Night” to convey the spirit of “peace and tranquility” expressed in the song.

This song became widely popular in China. Liu Tingfang’s translation made the song not only a religious song, but also a song that can be accepted and loved by the general Chinese public.

And “Peaceful Night” sending apples, eating apples, this is also unique to China, because the “苹” of the apple and the “平” of the peace are homophonic, so Chinese people associate apples with the auspicious meaning of “peace”.

So there is the custom of sending apples on Peaceful Night.

Sending apples represents the sender’s wish for the recipient to have a peaceful and safe new year.

2. The Chinese Eat Western

During the holiday season, many Western restaurants and hotels serve special Christmas meals featuring traditional dishes such as turkey, roast beef, and cranberry sauce, along with various vegetable sides.

These meals are particularly popular among tourists visiting on vacation, with many international hotel chains offering Christmas buffets that are in high demand and require reservations months in advance.

Additionally, department stores, bakeries, and larger grocery stores often sell festive treats such as Christmas cookies and peppermint drops.

It is worth noting that international chain grocery stores tend to have more of the Western-style Christmas foods and treats than other establishments.

3. House Hot Pot Party

Hot pot parties, also known as “huoguo” in Chinese, have become a popular social activity among young Chinese at Christmas.

These gatherings involve a large pot of simmering broth placed in the center of a table, where guests cook a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables to their liking.

House hot pot parties are a great way for friends and family to bond over a delicious and interactive meal.

Many young Chinese people enjoy hosting hot pot parties in the comfort of their own homes, as it is a fun and casual way to entertain guests.

4. KFC or Pizza Hut

These restaurants have become popular options for Christmas celebrations because they offer a familiar, convenient and affordable way for people to experience a Western-style Christmas meal.

Additionally, these restaurants are well-known brands and have become a symbol of Western culture in China.

It is worth noting that this trend is not limited to KFC or Pizza Hut, people also celebrate Christmas in other Western restaurant chains.

Wonder what pizza Chinese like to order?

5. Seafood Buffet

Seafood buffets are popular in China, they offer a wide variety of seafood dishes and it is a common way to celebrate special occasions.

Some Chinese people may choose to go to a seafood buffet as an alternative to traditional Christmas meals, as it offers a more diverse and unique dining experience.

Additionally, seafood buffets can be a great option for Chinese people who are looking for a way to celebrate Christmas with their friends and family in a more casual and relaxed setting.

However, it is worth noting that, this trend is not as popular as celebrating Christmas in Western restaurant chains.

6. Roasted Sweet Potatos

Street vendors can be found selling the warm, sweet treats as a tasty and inexpensive alternative to the typical Christmas fare.

This tradition has become especially popular among young people and in urban areas.

Final Words:

In China, Christmas is not a traditional holiday and the way it is celebrated may vary.

Some may adopt Western-style celebrations. Some eat sweet potatoes and apples.

Some dine in western restaurant chains like McDonald’s or KFC, or even having seafood buffet.


Why do Chinese eat KFC for Christmas?

The Chinese eat KFC for Christmas is because the company has successfully positioned itself as a festive alternative for people who may not celebrate Christmas in the traditional Western way.

KFC’s Christmas menu, which typically includes a bucket of fried chicken and sides, is also seen as a convenient and affordable option for families and groups to enjoy together.

Who is Santa known as in China?

In China, Santa Claus is known as “Shengdan Laoren” (圣诞老人), which literally translates to “Christmas Old Man.”

This is the standard translation for Santa Claus in Chinese.

Santa Claus is not a traditional figure in Chinese culture, and his image and the idea of gift-giving associated with him have been introduced through Western influence, primarily through commercial and media exposure.

What’s the history of Christmas in China?

Christmas is not a traditional holiday in China and has a relatively short history in the country.

The celebration of Christmas in China has been primarily influenced by Western culture through commercial and media exposure.

In the early days, Christmas was mainly celebrated by foreigners living in China and by Chinese people who had been exposed to Western culture through studying or traveling abroad.

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